Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 141

Episode Title
Koi no Arashi! Minako no Futamata Daisakusen
[A Love Storm! Minako's Big Two-Timing Project]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.22
(New ED featuring "Rashiku Ikimasho" and a new animation with all the soldiers going shopping, Chibiusa playing with the cats and Chibiusa in a forest with Pegasus watching.)

Chibiusa is dragging Mamoru through the streets to go shopping. Usagi runs up and grabs him and starts dragging him to see a movie. Usagi says that he's going to see the movie, Chibiusa says he's going shopping. "Movie, Movie!" "Shopping, Shopping!" Then Mamoru sees Minako and so do the girls. She's with a handsome man (Hawk Eye) and Usagi says that she has something to tell everyone.

[Title Screen]

Rei can't believe it and says that she always thought that she'd get a boyfriend before Minako did. Luna says that it's healthy to have a boyfriend and Mako and Rei say that they must be very unhealthy girls. Ami says that she didn't mean it and Artemis sighs. He asks what he was like and Chibiusa says he looked gentle and tall. Diana says that he looked like a wild guy with long hair. Usagi says that that wasn't him and sees that Diana is looking out the window, she looks out and the girls squish her against the window.

Minako is with Tiger Eye too and Usagi and Chibiusa say that wasn't the guy she was with yesterday. Artemis knows what's going on but won't really tell. Minako walks in and she's very happy. Chibiusa asks who that guy was. Minako says that it was Mr. Torajima, and he wants to be a rock singer. He asked her out on a date to the Live House, and then she gets dazed and says, "It's a sin to be this beautiful." The other girls are shocked at her and Usagi asks who the guy was the other day.

Minako says that was Mr. Takano, and artist. He said that he's fascinated with her and that he wants her to be in his next work, it might be a nude, and then, "It's a sin to be this beautiful." Rei knows what's happening and Ami can barely say the word. Luna gets embarrassed and says that she's two-timing. Minako says that they're both kind and she can't pick which one is better. She says that finally her chance for love has come around and starts laughing hysterically.

Artemis says that she can't hear anyone and Diana asks Usagi what a two-timer is. She starts to tell her but Artemis stops her and tells her not to tell his child of such things. Minako says, "Love at 15!" and laughes even harder.

At the bar, Tiger Eye transforms and asks how Hawk Eye is doing. He transforms too and says that he could finish her any time but wants to have fun until the end. Tiger Eye tells Hawk Eye to admit his defeat. They both trade insults and start to argue when Fish Eye comes in and tells them not to fight over him. He goes up to Hawk Eye and gets really close to him and says not to fight over him. Tiger Eye yells at him and says that they're not fighting over him, and Fish Eye is shocked.

Tiger Eye says he'll prove he's a better soldier than Hawk Eye. Hawk Eye tells him that he's the one that's always disrupted by the Sailor Soldiers. Tiger Eye says he can say the same about him and they make a little bet. The one who loses has to leave. Fish Eye tells them to stop again and they tell him to shut up, this is a serious fight to get the girl that Zirconia targeted. Fish Eye sees the picture of Minako and says it's a bad choice just as Minako's trying on clothes (He sounds a little like Artemis).

Artemis says that she should be careful because they still don't who the enemies really are. Minako interrupts him and asks his opinion about a dress. He leaves and says he's had enough and Minako tells him she knows what he's trying to say an not to worry. Then she goes on a mental trip and says that she's named after the goddess of love and beauty and she's entitled to this love. Artemis says that she's clueless.

Chibiusa is talking to Pegasus and says that adults are sometimes so strange. She doesn't know how someone can love two people at once. She says that if there's one person for everyone, they can only really love that one person. Pegasus says that maybe she'll need more experience before she finds her destiny. Chibiusa says that growing up sounds so hard.

Minako is walking to her date and Artemis is following her. She calls for Mr. Takano but realizes that Mr. Torajima is there too, she forgot she made a date with both of them. Artemis says to himself that he told her so. Chibiusa comes up behind her and says he's worried about her. He denies it and Luna comes out from behind Chibiusa and says, "Now he's lying about it." He knows that means that everyone else is nearby, and they come out from behind a corner.


Minako tries to sneak behind a tree where the guys won't see her. Artemis and the girls are in a bush watching and he asks why they came. Diana says that it's her first chance to see a rare and unique two-timing and then she gets pulled out of the bush. Artemis asks if that's true and they say no, they're just worried about Minako, Artemis is doubtful. Usagi is holding Diana behind her by her tail so that she doesn't say anything else.

Minako tells herself that she has to calm down, and that she shouldn't break a date for any reason. She goes to Tiger Eye and Artemis says that she's finally sold her heart to the devil. She goes up to Tiger Eye and says that she ran a long way and she needs something to drink. He goes to a store to get her something to drink and she goes over to Hawk Eye and drags him to a movie.

They go in and Minako gets someone else to hold his hand as she leaves. She runs back to Tiger Eye and says that she was in the bathroom. The girls are still watching and Diana says that a two-timer needs a lot of energy. Artemis says she'll mess up pretty soon. Rei says that when it comes to love, Minako is really powerful. The movie's about to end and Hawk Eye is about to make his move. He leans over to talk to Minako, but it's some old lady and he jumps up and screams, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Minako realizes that she's left him in the theater too long and tells Tiger Eye that she has to call home.

She gets to Hawk Eye and tells him that she's been with him the whole time and that she has to go to the bathroom. Now she's running back and forth between guys and eventually she collapses. Artemis tells her that she has to stop. Usagi says that she should tell them the truth. Minako says she will because as the saying goes, "She who runs after a tortoise and a hare will catch the tortoise!" The girls say that's something totally different and Minako says it's all right because today, she's totally different. She runs off and the girls wonder what's different about her today.

Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye are talking about not attacking each others girl. Minako comes up and Tiger Eye says that she's just in time, she has to pick on. They keep yelling at her to pick one, pick one, pick one! Minako says that she doesn't want to betray her feelings and that she wants both of them. The guys get mad and say that they can't forgive a target that couldn't choose which one to go out with. They transform and she says that they deceived her, they remind her that she deceived them.

They put her on two tables and both do the "1, 2, 3." Then they fight over who gets to see her dream first. The girls see them fighting and Diana asks if this is the rare and unique two-timing. Usagi says, "It's not." Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye go into Minako's dream at the same time and Minako worries that her mirror will break. They both come out and say that it was a great dream.

Then the Sailor Team appears and Hawk Eye calls for a Lemure, Gittanko. Tiger Eye calls for another, Bakkonko, a smaller version of Gittanko. Gittanko throws a see-saw at the girls and one end buries itself under them. Sailor Moon yells at them and says that a see-saw isn't something that you throw around. They both jump on the other end and all the soldiers are up in the air.

Bakkonko flies up and blasts all the soldiers and they all fall down. Tiger Eye tells his lemure good work and Hawk Eye argues that it was his. They get in a big fight and Minako wakes up and hears them. She gets really mad at them for fooling her pure heart and she breaks off the tables and transforms.

Sailor Venus appears and Hawk Eye gets mad at her for not coming with a group. Venus gets mad and says that she won't forgive them. Tiger Eye tells her not to get so emotional about it. Then she starts shooting Crescent Beams everywhere, even at the other soldiers. Chibimoon does a Twinkle Yell and Sailor Moon does a Moon Gorgeous Meditation (with a new music cut). Hawk Eye and Tiger Eye leave and Venus asks the others to forgive her.

At the bar, Tiger Eye says that they should postpone the rest of the match. Fish Eye says that if it was a draw, they should both leave. They get mad and he says it was only a joke. Minako is on a bridge and it looking out at the city. Artemis comes up and says that everyone's waiting for her. She says that she's sorry that she let them deceive her so easily. He says that she was deceiving them just as well. Then he tells her that maybe she'll find real love after she has a little more experience.

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