Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 142

Episode Title
Himitsu no Yakata! Ai no Menu wo Anata ni
[A Secret House! A Menu of Love for You]
Air Date
Guest Chara
auto baiko (Nakayama Manami)
Mayako (Kawanami Youko)
Ohno (Sawaki Ikuya)
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.23
Chibiusa and Usagi are shopping for dinner and they start to fight about what kind of meat to put in the stew. Usagi wants beef and Chibiusa wants chicken when they hear an older woman arguing with the clerk. The woman insists the price is 117 yen and the clerk says that the sale ended the other day. The woman asks if it's too much to raise the price because she was a little late. The clerk lets her have it and the woman says she'll take two.

[Title Screen]

It's starting to rain and Mamoru sees the old woman on the curb. He offers her his umbrella and she asks what he wants. "What do you expecting from helping a stranger use your umbrella?" She walks away saying her house is just up ahead anyway. Mamoru starts to walk too and he almost gets hit by a truck. The cats are on the other side of the street. Diana says that Mamoru is so kind and that she's going to complain to the lady. She runs off and the other cats try to stop her but she goes anyway. She gets through the front gate and tries to get to the old woman but trips and falls near the woman's feet. The woman takes her inside and Artemis worries that she might forget she's not supposed to talk around strangers.

The woman is giving Diana a bath and dries her off. Artemis and Luna come up to the window and try to tell Diana to get out but the woman carries her off to the kitchen. It's a huge kitten and the woman has soup made already. She says that if she knew the guest was a kitten, she would have made a fish. It stops raining and Diana starts to eat the soup when she notices there's another plate. She wonders if there's anyone else in the house and the woman says that it's been a long time since she's had a guest. Luna and Artemis are outside and they can smell the soup but then they fart.

Usagi is at the cafe with everyone and is yelling at Mamoru for trying to give the old woman his umbrella (Luna must have told her). Minako says that Mamoru's over-kindness is his weakness, Ami thinks it's his strength. Mako says in Mamoru's case it's both. Rei says that even if Mamoru did try to get her, he never could. She says she's famous and lives by herself in a huge house, but she gets suspicious of people that approach her and call them real estate agents that want her house.

Usagi asks why Mamoru wanted the woman's house and Mamoru says that she misunderstood. Then Mako screams, because she sees someone in the cafe. She says that a man there is the head chef of a French restaurant called "Three Stars." Even though he's Japanese, he's ranked one of the top 5 chefs in France, Monsieur Ono. But then she says that such a famous guy couldn't be at such a small cafe.

At the bar, Hawk Eye finds the picture of the old lady and likes her. "She must have seen the bitterness and the sweetness of this world." Tiger Eye can't believe his tastes go that far. Chibiusa is thinking and Pegasus appears and asks what she's wondering about. She asks him why there were two meals ready at a single woman's house. Pegasus asks if she had a guest and she says that Diana didn't say there was anyone else. Pegasus says that maybe she's preparing for an important person at an unexpected time.

Chibiusa is talking to Diana on the way to the house, and she says that the house could be the enemy's headquarters. Diana says that couldn't be and the woman was a really good cook. They get to the house and see the man from the cafe. He starts to leave and bumps into Chibiusa, she asks if he's a famous chef. He says no, he's just a stupid traveler who can't find his way out of this city because of a memory of love at this age. Chibiusa says that her parents told her that no matter how old you get, love never changes in your heart. He thanks her and calls her a "Little Madamoiselle." Chibiusa is excited that he praised her. Diana jumps off her shoulder and says that he was just thanking her.

Chibiusa stands outside the house and the woman comes up and asks what she's doing there, then she recognizes Diana.


Chibiusa and the woman are talking and the woman wonders how Chibiusa found out her kitten was there. Chibiusa says that maybe Diana was well treated and wanted to come back. Diana is trying to say something but Chibiusa is covering her mouth. Chibiusa asks if there's anyone else in the house, because it's so big, the woman says that she's alone. She says that she got this house by working very hard so she could welcome many guests. The doorbell rings and the woman says, "They're here again."

The other cats lead Usagi to the house. Usagi says that if the woman that Mamoru wanted to share his umbrella with is beautiful, she'll punish him (And does the pose, too). They see two men outside the house, yelling for the woman to come out. The woman comes out and says that no matter how many times they come, she'll never give the house to them. One man says not to be so strong, it's dangerous for and old woman to live alone. The woman is insulted that he called her old.

Luna tells Usagi that they're mob agents and they want that house for some reason. Then, Hawk Eye comes up and gets rid of the men and they drive off. He asks if the woman's all right, and she asks what he's expecting. "What are you expecting from helping an woman that you don't know?" He's very surprised and she says that she doesn't know if he's one of them too. She leaves and thanks him but he gets very mad.

Chibiusa is watching from the window and says that she's so different outside. The woman hears her and says she has to protect her house. Chibiusa tries to apologize but the woman says it's all right, she knows her neighbors talk about her. They say she's a strange old woman who's saving money with no cause. Chibiusa tells her that she doesn't think she's strange, that she's nice to them.

Hawk Eye comes in and says that the agents had a good eye, this is a really nice house. She says that he's very rude and he tries to convince her that she invited him in for tea. He transforms and puts her up on the table and takes her dream mirror out. Chibiusa says that she can't transform now and Hawk Eye looks in her dream. There's nothing and he says that he can't forgive an old lady for ignoring him. Diana tells Chibiusa to transform and she attack Hawk Eye and scratches up his face. Chibiusa leaves and runs into Usagi outside and they transform.

Hawk Eye throws Diana into a pillow and is about to attack her when the soldiers appear. Chibimoon says that he's being charged with tressing and assault, "In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!" Hawk Eye asks who's assaulting, and calls them rude and calls for a Lemure, Auto-Biko, a woman inside of a wheel. She rides around on the ceiling and on the walls and almost destroys the whole room. Hawk Eye leaves and Diana brings a pillow over so that the woman can fall on it. Diana tells them to get out of the room or else it'll be destroyed.

They run outside and Auto-Biko breaks through the window and chases them. The red rose comes and she runs into a bush. She comes out of the bush and Chibimoon does the Twinkle Yell and Sailor Moon does the Moon Gorgeous Meditation (with new sound effects).

They put the woman on the couch and she wakes up. She asks who Usagi and Mamoru are and Usagi says that they're Chibiusa's family. The woman looks around and says that our dreams are destroyed. Chibiusa wonders what she means by "our" and a man comes in (The man from the cafe). He says that he had a dream 20 years ago to make this house into a beautiful restaurant. They both have a flashback when he left because he couldn't stand working in such a small place.

He says that even though he was ranked as one of the best chefs in the world, he never did find anything as good as the woman's soup. The woman says that her soup is always hot and ready for him and he asks if she could ever forgive such a selfish person. She says yes, but only if he keeps his promise to open restaurant in their house. He says he will and later that week, all the girls are eating there. Diana says that soon after, the house became a beautiful restaurant. The woman is cutting some meat for Mamoru and Usagi's jealous. Diana says that their dream finally came true.

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