Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 143

Episode Title
Pegasus wo Shinjiru Toki! 4 Senshi no Super Henshin
[When They Believe Pegasus! The 4 Soldiers' Super Transformation]
Air Date
Guest Chara
Aki (Ono Ayako)
reporter (Ishikawa Hideo)
Robert (Tanaka Mayumi)
mawashi tarou (Ikemizu Michihiro)
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.23
It's a rainy night and a man is driving a truck when Pegasus comes down and the man crashes.

[Title Screen]

Some kids are playing soccer and one kid makes a goal. Chibiusa and her friends are up in the window watching. One girl says that Robert is so nice, Chibiusa doesn't know who he is. Momo tells her that he's in a different class and that he's really popular with the girls in 6th grade. After school, everyone is walking home (complaining about how much homework they got) when Robert comes up and asks Chibiusa if she wants to go out with him. He says he'll be in Soccer Club until 4:00 and to let him know then. Momo starts telling Chibiusa how lucky she is. Kyusuke just says that a woman is a woman, Momo takes it wrong and says that Kyusuke likes her too, she's a popular girl.

Chibiusa is talking to Pegasus and is telling him about Robert. She asks what he thinks she should do, and he says that this is one that she'll have to decide herself. Usagi is downstairs getting some food when she sees the news. Pegasus is attacking people and cars all over the city, Usagi says she has to tell everyone.

At the bar, Fish Eye finds the picture of Robert and says that the younger ones are his favorites. He loves how fresh and smooth his arms and legs look, with a character that's privileged to boys at his age.

At the cafe, Rei is reading the newspaper about Pegasus and the other girls wonder what it means. Usagi is pigging out while they're talking so seriously and Rei gets mad. Chibiusa comes in and Mako asks if she got asked out today, Chibiusa gets mad at Usagi. Mako asks how she's going to answer and the other girls say that they're here for her if she has questions. Usagi says, "Unfortunately, none of these girls have boyfriends now, except for me!" Rei starts to strangle Usagi and Chibiusa speaks up.

She says she doesn't know yet. They ask if she likes him, and she says yes, and Mako says that she doesn't have anything to worry about then. But she doesn't know because she only met him today, and they tell her that she might not know until she starts dating him. Mako says that when she feels like she wants to be with him all the time, that's love. Chibiusa says she gets it, the feeling when she wants them to stay together all the time, or she wants time to stop when they're together. Minako says that maybe she already is in love with someone.

Chibiusa denies it and goes after Usagi's food, but she sees the newspaper and says it's not true. She says that Pegasus would never do these things and Ami asks if she knows something about Pegasus. Chibiusa says that Pegasus has always come to help them and would never do anything like this.

At the school, Robert is waiting for Chibiusa when Fish Eye comes up. Fish Eye says that she's a little bored and wants someone to play with. Chibiusa is walking to school and Usagi is following her. Chibiusa knows she's there and starts yelling at her, the girls are even farther behind and say they should keep even farther because Chibiusa has an acute sense or something. Ami says they shouldn't be spying on her like this and Minako says that this isn't for interest, it's because they're worried about Chibiusa.

Fish Eye tells Robert that she likes soccer. She wishes that the muscular players would shoot the ball right into her heart. Robert asks if she has anything else better to do, he doesn't have time to keep talking like this. Fish Eye gets mad and says that he's the one who wants to stay around him because... Robert is leaving and Fish Eye gets mad and transforms and takes out his mirror.


Chibiusa and Usagi see Robert and transform. Pegasus isn't there and Sailor Moon and Chibimoon appear on top of a jungle gym or something. They jump off, "Deadly Double Sailor Kick!" Fish Eye moves out of the way and asks what's so deadly about it and then calls for a Lemure, Mawashitaro, a carousel horse. At first he's a Pegasus and then he turns into a man in a horse costume. Chibimoon says she knew it wasn't the real Pegasus and does the Twinkle Yell. Mawashitaro makes 4 horses come out of the ground and starts to spin, and so do the horses. They make a dome over the soldiers and Pegasus tries to get in but he can't. Fish Eye says that they can't use their attack if they can't get Pegasus' power.

The soldiers are outside the dome and try to break through but can't. Fish Eye says that if he defeats Sailor Moon, the rest of them will be easy and he starts to throw knives at them. He keeps missing and asks why they aren't hit. "It's because you're really bad at it!" The others try to break in with their bodies but are just thrown back. Sailor Moon and Chibimoon try the Double Kick again but just bounce off the spinning lemure's body. Jupiter wonders what to do and Pegasus says to become Super Sailor Soldiers.

They're hesitant because they don't know if he's a friend or an enemy. Pegasus tries to break the dome with his head and the soldiers see him trying to save them. Chibimoon comes to the edge of the dome and tells the others to believe her Pegasus. They accept him and say to give them his power. All of their star sticks are changed into crystal sticks and each transforms into a new suit, including longer back ribbons, shorter front ribbons, heart brooches, star chokers, and shoulder caps (Mercury gets three earings for some reason).

They each attack the dome and each one breaks a horse and the dome is destroyed. Sailor Moon gets rid of the Lemure and Fish Eye leaves. Pegasus thanks them for trusting him and flies away.

Later, Chibiusa tells Robert she can't go out with him. Robert says that this is his first time to be rejected, and he asks if she likes someone already. She just looks up into the sky and looks at a star. The girls are behind a bush and can't hear what they're saying. Ami and Usagi say that they should go and Minako says that they don't know what she said yet. Usagi says that she thought that it was enough and Rei asks if she's hiding something. Usagi says no and her pager beeps, it's Mamoru at the movie theater.

They made a date and she hasn't shown up yet. Mako can't believe that even Chibiusa is farther than they are. Minako says not to give up, the summer isn't over. There's still lots of chances to meet cool guys at beaches, ones that call them cute and are handsome and cute. They all yell they want that boyfriend and Chibiusa gets mad at them for spying.

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