Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 144

Episode Title
Kirameku Natsu no Hi! Shiokaze no Shoujo Ami
[Sparkling Summer Days! Ami, the Girl of the Sea Breeze]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.23
[Title Screen]

Everyone is at the beach and Minako is using her binoculars to scope out the guys. She finds a really cute one and Usagi takes the binoculars and says he is but he can't compare to Mamoru. Mako takes them and says he's cute, he reminds her of her old boyfriend. Rei can't find him and looks for more when a guy comes up right in front of her. He asks if they want to go for a swim. Rei says that they're not her type and they all agree. Usagi calls for Shingo who comes out of a sand mound and scares the guys off (He acts like a pimp).

He asks why he has to do this and Usagi says that Mamoru couldn't come so he has to guard the pretty girls. Shingo asks, "What pretty girls?" Ami comes up and says that it's a really responsible job. Shingo blushes (He likes her) and Chibiusa asks to Shingo to swim but he goes by himself. Minako says it's because Ami's so nice to him, Rei says that's good in an older woman. Usagi doesn't know what they're talking about and neither does Ami but Chibiusa does.

In the circus tent, Zirconia gives the Trio a picture of Ami. They get disgusted and say she's a little cute. Hawk Eye says that she must be really straight forward about likes and dislikes. Zirconia says just to obey her orders and says that nothing would be left if they didn't have their power to get women. Tiger Eye says that it won't be hard for him to get this girl and he says that he swears on the pride of the Amazon Trio. The other two look at him.

At the beach, the bar music is playing on a radio in a noodle stand. Hawk Eye asks if he's all right about this and Fish Eye asks what he'll do if he doesn't get the girl. He says that any girl is easy to get when he takes advantage of her weak spot. The guy in the stand changes the station and Tiger Eye yells at him and the man yells back because it's his radio. Tiger Eye says that's what happens when he gets serious.

The girls are getting ice creams and Chibiusa gets a green tea flavored with sweet red beans. Usagi says that sounds good and Chibiusa says it is. Ami and Shingo get theirs and start to walk off when Tiger Eye bumps into them. He apologizes for spilling their ice cream and asks them to his private beach. The other girls come up and they're all in love. Shingo comes up again and tries to protect them when Minako pushes him out of the way and asks if he really has a private beach. He recognizes her as the two-timer from a few months ago.

Ami says that it was nice to ask but it was part her fault too. He says that it's just a part of his apology but she leaves. The other girls leave too and Tiger Eye gets really angry. Later, he says that she's far from cute, stubborn as he expected. The others make fun of him and he says that the harder it is, the more fun it is for him.

The girls ask why Ami didn't want to go. Ami says it was because she didn't know who he was. Rei says they wouldn't know until they started to talk to him. Ami says that they shouldn't rush into things like this. She says that if there's someone for her, she knows she'll meet him sometime in the future, and she'll feel something when she meets him. Chibiusa wonders about a destined partner and thinks of Pegasus.

Usagi starts to tell the story of when she and Mamoru first met but Minako stops her. Rei says that Ami might not be able to find her destiny if she doesn't have contact. Shingo gets an idea and goes out on a raft ride with Ami. Shingo tells her that he was surprised that she wanted to be a doctor. She says that she has a small family, so she might want one like Usagi's. She might put her dream on hold, and have a family instead of a job for her big family.

Tiger Eye swims up near them and says that it's the perfect time to get her since she's just about alone. He starts to laugh but some water goes in his mouth and he starts coughing.


The girls are playing volleyball and Fish Eye wonders how Tiger Eye is doing and Hawk Eye says he doesn't care. The man from the noodle stand says that the tide is changing. Ami and Shingo's raft is really far from shore and Shingo is worried that they might not make it back. Ami says that if they go in turns they can. Then a shark fin comes close and they get scared but Tiger Eye comes up on a dolphin.

Tiger Eye says it's nice to see her again. Shingo asks if he's a dolphin trainer and he gets mad. Tiger Eye says that he really wanted to apologize for what he did before. Shingo says that he shouldn't have chased her out here, if he chases her too much, she'll hate him. Tiger Eye says he doesn't have time for kids and rips a hole under Shingo and he falls through. Tiger Eye says that they're finally alone but Ami dives in after him and gets Tiger Eye all wet.

Ami swims down to get Shingo and brings him up. On the beach, it's getting late and the others are looking for Ami and Shingo when they find the raft they were in, ripped up. In a cave, Ami starts giving Shingo CPR and Tiger Eye asks why she's doing that. Ami says that he's a good friend and she wants to save him. Tiger Eye asks what she means by friend and Ami asks if he has friends. Tiger Eye wonders if he has anyone that would devote themselves like this for him. Shingo wakes up and realizes Ami woke him up and blushes.

Tiger Eye says that it doesn't matter, once he has Pegasus, he won't need friends, and transforms. He puts Ami on the table and takes out her dream mirror and knocks Shingo away. Shingo gets up and is about to hit Tiger Eye with a small log when Tiger Eye catches it with his whip and hits Shingo with it. Tiger Eye is about to look into her dream when the soldiers appear. Shingo is happy that Sailor Moon came and then faints. Tiger Eye calls for a lemure, Ponko.

Ponko eats two balls and bangs on her chest and asks which ball, red or white. Chibimoon says white and Ponko says "wrong!" and the red ball pops out of her head (A little thing comes up and says never to try this at home). She throws the red ball at the soldiers and it explodes. She does it again and Mars says that she doesn't know. Ponko says that when you don't answer, it gets super big. She pops a huge blue ball out and throws it at the soldiers. They all can't get up and Tiger Eye looks in Ami's mirror.

Tiger doesn't find anything and leaves and Ponko says that the end of the show is coming with her silver ball. She's about to pop it out when the red rose comes and Sailor Moon and Chibimoon are happy that he came for them. Ponko says that now she has an ultra super deluxe special gold ball, but then she realizes she doesn't. Ami says to cover her mouth and Sailor Moon covers her own mouth. Tuxedo Mask throws his hat in Ponko's mouth and Ami tells Chibimoon and Sailor Moon to do it.

Chibimoon calls for Pegasus and Sailor Moon does a Moon Gorgeous Meditation (with a weird sound when the kaleidoscope starts). Later that night, Shingo wakes up and asks where he is. Ami says that Sailor Moon got rid of him. Shingo was sad because he couldn't do his job but Ami says that if he wasn't so brave, Sailor Moon wouldn't have shown up when she did. Everyone watches the fireworks and eats watermelon and Minako is depressed because they didn't find any guys. Usagi says she'll bring Mamoru next time and Chibiusa does too. Ami and Shingo are standing next to each other outside and they watch the fireworks together.

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