Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 145

Episode Title
Prima wo Nerae! Usagi no Ballet
[Aim for Prima Ballerina! Usagi in the Ballet]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.23
Chibiusa and Usagi are standing outside a ballet club. They see an ad for a ballet called Gizelle. Beginners and newcomers are welcomed and Usagi and Chibiusa say that this is their big chance to be ballet stars.

[Title Screen]

At the cafe, the girls are surprised that Usagi joined a ballet club. Usagi says she's in a ballet called Gizelle. Ami says that's the one where Gizelle is betrayed and dies and becomes an angel, and saves her love from attacking spirits. Mako asks if Usagi's going to be Gizelle. Usagi says no, but she got a role that's perfect for her. She hears it shines beautifully. Minako asks if Chibiusa got a part but she says it's too hard for a kid. Rei says that there must be something wrong if Usagi's in a romantic story like this (I love the shirt she has on).

Usagi says that it's her abilities and the pros can see real talent. Mako wonders what they'll think when they see Usagi and the others do too. Usagi is lost and confused. At the ballet club, Usagi and Chibiusa are in the changing room and Usagi finds a tack in her shoe. She's sad that someone would put such a thing in there. She says that she'll never give up, no matter what the obstacle. Chibiusa reminds her that she put the pin in there yesterday.

In the ballet room, Chibiusa and Usagi are practicing when Chibiusa sees that Usagi's belly is sticking out of her costume. Then, the teacher says that it's all wrong. They say they're sorry but he's talking to someone else. He's talking to Kiriko, the girl who's going to play Gizelle. He tells her that Gizelle is an angel and she has to have more heavenly movements. Usagi wonders if it's really that strict to be a pro.

Fish Eye is in the changing room in a costume and he says that he's always wanted to wear a leotard at least once. The teacher says that it's time to start class and that he wants Kiriko to stay after to work on her act. He says that there are some new members and they come in. Guess who it is, it's the other girls and Fish Eye, of course. The teacher tells them to get started and to go to the bar.

He tells them to do a Plie (Usagi and Chibiusa can barely do it) then stretch and then return. He goes over and tells Mako to straighten her back and she falls over. He tells everyone to put one leg on the bar, and Chibiusa can't reach. He tells them to balance and he tells Rei to straighten her leg and she kicks him. He gets up and sees Fish Eye and thinks she's perfect, the other girls say she's good too. Rei says that she looks so cold, like something not from earth. The teacher realizes she'd be perfect for Gizelle.

He asks her to stay after class and that he's expanding his image of Gizelle. Kiriko hears this and gets very mad. She says she's quitting and says that she has the same fate as Gizelle, being betrayed and dying for someone that she believed in. She runs out and Fish Eye says that he gets to be prima ballerina, and the teacher's heart. At the end of class, Usagi says she's too tired and the girls leave without her. Chibiusa and Usagi hear some girls talking and they say that someone new is playing Gizelle. One asks what will happen to Kiriko, and the other doesn't know.

Usagi and Chibiusa are walking home and they see Kiriko standing on a bridge. Kiriko tells them that maybe she overreacted, but Usagi says she has a right to be mad. Kiriko says that she means some other times too, she fights with the teacher a lot. But he's not the kind of person who would change a ballet because of an idea. She says that maybe he didn't want her to be Gizelle because of her lack of skill. Chibiusa tells her that she liked it when Kiriko was dancing, it made her feel happy.

Kiriko says that the teacher can't often judge when he's involved with the ballet, but he really is enthusiastic about it. Chibiusa asks if Kiriko likes him, and she says yes. Kiriko tells them that Gizelle is betrayed by her love and is killed, but she still tries to save him because she loves him so much. She says that she wants to be like Gizelle. She wants to help the teacher even though she's not the one who can get his love. Chibiusa says that she can do it and Kiriko says that Chibiusa is making her feel better. Usagi says that she shouldn't give up and Chibiusa says that a constant effort might actually get Usagi a good grade on a test.

Chibiusa is talking with Pegasus and is wondering how Kiriko can't tell her love for ballet to the teacher. Pegasus says that she'll find a way soon, and that people who want the same thing, know that they are the only ones that can understand each other even though they fight. Chibiusa says that the grown-up world is so hard to understand.


At the ballet club, Fish Eye is practicing with the teacher. The teacher says that they should practice on stage soon because she's so good. The teacher stops and starts thinking about Kiriko. Fish Eye says that he feels sorry for Kiriko and that the teacher should know a little more about how girls feel. They want to be taken care of and helped by the people they love. Fish Eye starts to get close to him and asks him if he can see the teacher's dream when there's a crash from behind. Chibiusa and Usagi are spying and they fell down. Usagi says that she forgot her ballet shoes and that she didn't mean to spy. Chibiusa says that she told Usagi to watch from somewhere else. Fish Eye gets mad and leaves and the teacher says that Usagi and Chibiusa should go home too.

He stops Usagi before she leaves and he tells her that he wants her to come to the theater so she can rehearse her role. Usagi gets really excited and says she can't wait. The next day at the theater, Kiriko comes to help the teacher. Fish Eye and the teacher are inside practicing. After, he thanks Fish Eye and he says that now he can almost see Kiriko's Gizelle. Fish Eye asks if he's Gizelle, and the teacher says that it came out wrong. It's just that he's seen Kiriko practice for being Gizelle for so long. Fish Eye gets really mad and says that the teacher was using him in place of her.

The teacher says he has another role for him, but he says that it doesn't matter if he can't be the prima ballerina, the star, and he's so much better than Kiriko anyway. The teacher agrees, but he wants Kiriko to grow as a ballerina through this role. He wants an imperfect Gizelle which would bring more people than a perfected ballerina, Gizelle doesn't have to be cold looking.

Fish Eye says what's the use if it doesn't look beautiful. The teacher says that it doesn't matter if it can't impress the audience. He wants something to stick about the ballet in people's minds, that's his dream. Kiriko comes out from behind the curtain and says that she understands and gives the teacher a big hug. Fish Eye gets mad a transforms and says that deception is for his exclusive use and throws a water ball at Kiriko and takes out the teacher's dream mirror. Usagi and Chibiusa are backstage and transform.

Fish Eye checks the mirror and there isn't anything and the soldiers appear. Fish Eye calls for a Lemure, Kurumiwario, a nutcracker. Chibimoon says that she doesn't want to get involved today and the Lemure tells them to stop talking. Fish Eye leaves and the lemure says that the conditions for a star ballerina is 90% sweat and 10% talent. He lifts his leg up and tells the girls to do it too. They wonder if they should get rid of him right away and he screams at them to stop talking and he starts to spin. The girls are really impressed.

He says that it's their turn to be the stars of the ballet and he throws a tutu on Sailor Moon. He gets mad because her belly sticks out over it, Chibiusa says that she looks too big. He starts to spin them and the tutu breaks and they get dizzy. He says that they need more practice if they get sick with that little turning. He says that the warm up is over and Chibimoon wants to go home. He tells her to shut up and that he has to train them more. He shoots a nut out of his head and then shoots pieces of at them.

He says that he has nothing left to teach them and the girls are happy because it's over. Then he says that they will dance in hell but then the red rose comes. And Tuxedo Mask says, "You are a strange doll that disturbs the dance of the summer. Tuxedo Mask won't forgive you!" The Lemure says, "Taxi and Mast?" Tuxedo Mask says his name again and the girls finish him off.

Kiriko and the teacher hug and Usagi wants to too. She gives Tuxedo Mask a big hug and he says that maybe she should go on a diet. She gets mad because he was watching the whole time and didn't do anything. Chibimoon says that she shouldn't be so dependent on other people. At the ballet, all the girls are watching the beautiful ballet, but they can't find Usagi. Chibiusa whispers where she is and she's inside the moon.

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