Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS episode 146

Episode title
Juubangai no Kyuujitsu! Mujaki na Oujosama
[The Holiday in Juubangai! The Simple Minded Princess]
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  • Summary by Kristopha Hohn
    Plotline double-checked by Melonie Hohn
The episode begins at the Tsukino house, with Diana and Luna watching a television newscast. The news anchor was saying that Princess Lubina of the "Amethyst Kingdom" said she was sick, and then mysteriously disappeared from her hotel room right before an upcoming conference in Japan. Luna said, "Poor thing" (referring to the princess) and Diana agreed with her. Diana then said that it reminds her of a couple of times that the future king and queen became mysteriously sick and then they would disappear right before important banquets and meetings. Luna was shocked, asking if the king went along with the queen, which Diana answered with a yes. Diana then asked if something was wrong, and Luna answered that there definitely was.

Meanwhile, Usagi and Chibi Usa were walking down a street, Chibi Usa carrying a bag and Usagi carrying a very large bag. Usagi was pleading with Chibi Usa for her to carry at least some of the packages in it, but Chibi Usa was saying that Usagi shouldn't have bought so many things if she knew she wouldn't be able to carry them all, and she shouldn't have spent all of her allowance at the arcade. She then thought for a second and said that she would carry some if Usagi would give her some of her allowance. Usagi then built up energy and yelled out to Chibi Usa, "Don't you have enought allowance already!" Chibi Usa replied, "Yes I do!" Then they started to argue a lot with alternating "carry carry" and "no no." Then a pretty woman with short blond hair walked up and came between Chibi Usa and Usagi, saying that there is a better way to handle this dispute. The woman then saw a man walking up and placed her hand gently on his face, stopping him, and asked him to kindly relieve Usagi and Chibi Usa (not using their names, of course) of some of their packages. Another man came by in the opposite direction and she stopped him also in the same manner, and asked him to do the same courtesy for the girls. The men, as well as Usagi and Chibi Usa, became red-faced with anxiety and Chibi Usa and Usagi gathered their things, said good-bye and sped off at high speeds, leaving the woman and nervous men stunned. They ducked around a corner, saying how weird the experience was.

Elsewhere, in the circus tent of the Dead Moon, the Amazon Trio were going over more photographs. We hear Hawk's Eye say, "She's a real princess." Tiger's Eye was looking at the photograph that Hawk's Eye was speaking about, but he was thinking that the woman in it was too old for his taste, and he passed it on. Hawk's Eye stopped it with his glass and picked it up. She will be his next target, and this target is none other than the woman Usagi and Chibi Usa encountered, the Amethyst Princess Lubina.

Now, back at the Tsukino house, we hear Chibi Usa yelling out to Usagi that they will be late for the festival if she doesn't hurry up. They meet at the front door and open it, only to find the same woman they encountered earlier. She introduces herself as Lubina, and Usagi and Chibi Usa introduce themselves. Then Lubina says to them, "Please." Usagi and Chibi Usa look confused, scratch their heads, and ask, "Please, what?" Lubina answers, "Please be on your way." So the three then walk together to the festival. Diana, upstairs and looking through a window, recognizes the woman as Princess Lubina.

The scene changes to the festival square, and the scenes change periodically, showing Lubina enjoying the different portions of the festival, and behind, to the side of her, or wherever, we see Chibi Usa and Usagi looking bored at just watching Lubina do everything. Then they lose sight of Lubina and go out to search frantically for her. Meanwhile, Lubina is admiring the balloons being sold at a balloon stand, and near her, a small child is yelling at his mother to buy him at a balloon. His face gets redder and redder with each yell (and so is the balloon stand's owner's face), until Lubina takes a balloon from the rack and gives it to the child, much to the mother's displeasure. The child runs away and the mother chases him. Lubina looks satisfied, but then gets a tug at her dress by a young girl(very cute), who also wanted a balloon. Lubina gives her one as well from the stand's rack, and more and more children start appearing asking for one as well, and Lubina keeps giving them each a balloon. The stand's owner is happy because he has so many sales ("Thanks for doing business with me" he says). Lubina gets down to a rabbit balloon and accidentally lets go of it and it floats away. There is lovely music in the background and we see Lubina admire the freedom of the balloon, seeing it being able to go wherever it wants. Her daydream is broken by the balloon stand's owner, who requests payment for the balloons. Lubina, being a princess not having any experience at buying anything by herself, hands the owner a balloon as payment. The owner stares at her unbelievingly while Usagi and Chibi Usa finally find Lubina. They ask what was going on, and the owner, oblivious to them, spontaneously becomes angry and threatens to hit Lubina if she does not provide payment. Usagi and Chibi Usa instantly become frightened. He raises his fist and pulls it back, but is stopped mid-way by Hawk's Eye, disguised as a festival-goer. He says that one should not raise a hand to a woman threateningly and tosses the owner aside. While the owner nurses his fist because of the pain, Hawk's Eye goes to find out if Lubina is okay, but when he goes next to her ear and says silently "Princess Lubina" (in very good English) she pushes him into the balloon racks, freeing the rest of the balloons. She then says that she will never go back, and that she is free just like the balloons. Everyone around the scene applauded Lubina for that speech, and then Lubina runs away. Hawk's Eye gets up and is ready to go after them, but a large club comes down onto his head, a club wielded by the balloon stand's owner, who demands payment for the balloons. Hawk's Eye discreetly creates a 1000-yen bill and holds it up, but the owner clubs him again, saying that it wasn't enough. Chibi Usa and Usagi leave their attention from the scene with Hawk's Eye to find out about Lubina, and when they look into her direction, they find her missing again. Usagi comments on how strange tourists are these days, and the two girls go off to find her.

Lubina, away from the festival grounds, takes several breaths, but then is startled by a shadow walking towards her. We see in about two seconds that it is Mamoru and she is about to run away from him when he announces her name, but he assures her that he isn't there to take her away. He then says that she is to consider how worried everyone that she knows must be about her, but she is to take the time that she needs to get away from everything. Usagi and Chibi Usa finally find her, and call out to her, saying how worried they were about her. Then they spot Mamoru and both say, "Oh, Mamo-chan." He greets them and says that he has to go, but he says that he will treat them both to something because of the festival. Usagi is happy about this and starts thinking about what Mamoru could give her (no thought bubbles appear though). Chibi Usa sighs and says that Usagi is acting very childish, and says to Mamoru that she doesn't need anything. Mamoru comments on Chibi Usa's maturity and then leaves. While Usagi and Chibi Usa fight, Lubina looks towards Mamoru's leaving prescence, gets "that look" and says "Mamo-chan-san" (since that is the only thing she's heard him being announced as). Mamoru walks around a corner and we then see Luna, Artemis, and Diana. Artemis is concerned about how Usagi will look after the princess and Luna says that Usagi has been known to treat some important things carelessly, but Mamoru (who picks up Diana, who smiles) says that Usagi will take care of her very well.

Later on, we see Usagi, Chibi Usa and Lubina all sitting on a hill, admiring the fireworks displays. Then Usagi asks Lubina to get up with them and follow what they are doing, and Usagi and Chibi Usa clap and say "Tamaya" (which is said during festivals to express happiness). Lubina then stares at the fireworks. We see Usagi and Chibi Usa clapping for a second, and then Usagi says, "Lubina-san, how are you enjoying this so far?" They both look in her direction and see that she is gone.

The scene changes and we see Hawk's Eye and Lubina standing. Hawk's Eye says, "Please, allow me to look into your dreams."

He then transforms into his standard circus suit with a snap and then does the "one, two, three" dream mirror extraction. On the opposite side of the fence surrounding the area, Usagi and Chibi Usa hear Lubina scream as her dream mirror appears. They run to the scene, see Lubina and Hawk's Eye, and Usagi then says to Chibi Usa for them to transform.

"Moon Crisis, Make Up!"

Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon appear on top of a large box and Sailor Moon says for Hawk's Eye to pause. The Double Moon do their standard speech and then Hawk's Eye, unimpressed, calls on a lemure. He says, "An elephant trainer and a ball, Elephanto-san." Out of the shadow, very large elephant appears (with a kind of poopy sound as it came up), and then when it fully appears, we see a ball spin out from behind it and onto its head, then nearly falling. Then Elephanto goes on and on about her family and how she was glad that her brother, another lemure named Gummario, was destroyed by Sailor Moon. Hawk's Eye grew more and more impatient after forming his escape portal, and finally formed a probe and used it to snap Elephanto back into the situation at hand. So, she leapt from the elephant's head and rolled towards the Double Moon. They jumped up and Elephanto rolled and crashed right under them. The Double Moon then came back down on top of Elephanto and she rolled with them on top of her. She rolled back and forth, and during this, Hawk's Eye looked for the Pegasus in Lubina's dreams. The Pegasus wasn't there, so, to prevent Pegasus from possibly hiding in her dreams, Hawk's Eye told Elephanto to kill the Double Moon and Lubina. Hawk's Eye then jumps up toward his escape portal, but Elephanto's elephant was already trying to get through it (only God knows how it jumped that high anyway), and so he bounces back and crashes on the ground. Hawk's Eye tried to force it through, and finally does so and he follows it through the portal.

After Hawk's Eye disappeared, the manacles, back board, and dream mirror all disappear from Lubina's prescence, and she falls faintly. Elephanto then re-aims herself to roll towards Lubina in order to run over her, and the Double Moon become really scared, calling out for Lubina to wake up. With a final "Lubina-san," we see the tell-tale signs of Tuxedo Mask coming. He throws one of his roses into the path of the giant rolling ball lemure, but instead of her halting to the prescence of the rose (just as Tuxedo Mask was about to start one of his famous speeches), Elephanto rolls over and crushes the rose (very funny). Tuxedo Mask, in disbelief, jumps to a position to the right of the monster and, with his cane, knocks Elephanto from under Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon and out of the way of Lubina. Elephanto crashes into a fence and painfully gets up and transforms into her humanoid form, except for her head which is just shaped like half of a ball. Just as she was about to attack, the Double Moon calls for Pegasus and destroy Elephanto.

Later, we see Mamoru's car driving down a street and stops on an intersection. Lubina gets out of his car and thanks him for the ride (she calls him Mamo-chan-san, since, again, it's polite). Usagi, also in the car, asks Lubina why she doesn't let Mamoru drive her all the way to the hotel. Lubina responds that its only down the street and she can walk. Mamoru wishes her all of the best and then he, Usagi and Chibi Usa say goodbye to her, and Mamoru drives off.

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