Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 147

Episode Title
Ummei no Partner? Makoto no Junjou
[A Destined Partner? Makoto's Pure Heart]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.24
[Title Screen]

Zirconia is showing the Amazon Trio's last failures and is very disappointed. They tell her that they search all the people that she asks for, but there still isn't a Pegasus in them. Zirconia says that they would never think by themselves and go and find a new way to find targets.

At the bar, Fish Eye says they can't find something from nothing, and Hawk Eye adds that all the targets are only mediocre. Tiger Eye says that he'll take all of the ones that are left on the table and says that since he realized he was so handsome, it was stupid to go after girls one at a time. Fish Eye says that it might be a good idea, quantity over quantity. Hawk Eye asks if he'll be able to handle that many girls and Tiger Eye says he will and leaves. When he leaves, he drops a picture, it's of Mako.

The girls are at a college where there's a school festival. Mako has a really nice dress on and is wondering if it's too flashy. Minako tells her that this is a university festival, no one can either be too flashy or too hungry. Mamoru, Unazuki, and Motoki walk up. Mamoru tells the girls that the dance party at this college is famous and Motoki says that many dance partners become couples after.

Unazuki asks if this is where he met Reika, Mamoru is curious too. The girls can't wait now and they go in. Inside, everyone is dancing under the bright colored lights, but Mako isn't dancing. Ami goes up to her and says that all the guys don't want to dance with her because she's too tall. Ami says that they should go out and show them what she's got. Everyone is amazed and Tiger Eye walks in. He's surprised too and finds out that she's not one of the group of pictures but decides to go after her anyway.

He stops the dance and the lights and goes up to Mako and asks her to dance. She's totally in love and is in fantasy where she's dancing in a ballroom with a handsome prince. The dance ends and all the girls want to dance with him and she asks if they'll ever dance again. He says they will but the girls leave with him and he says he'll be back. The other girls know that she's in love with him.

At an outdoor cafe, Usagi tells everyone that Mako is still in the gym waiting for that man. Minako says that Mako is the kind of girl that would go to extremes when she's in love. Ami says that Chibiusa stayed with Mako to keep her company. Tiger Eye walks by, still surrounded by the girls. He asks why Mako is still here and then says that he can't because he still has things to do with these girls. Mako says that she'll wait and Tiger Eye thinks to himself that he doesn't want to spend so much time with a girl that's not in his pictures.

The girls come up and say that he's terrible for leaving again, but Mako says that he said he'd come back and they'd dance again. Motoki says that the festival is tomorrow too and that they should go home. Mako says that she wants to stay here a little longer and wait.

Chibiusa asks Pegasus why Mako is so in love, she only met him today. Pegasus says that sometimes, people can fall in love at first sight, and he says that Chibiusa might someday too. Chibiusa remembers the first time she saw Pegasus, and he tells her that sometimes when you're in love, you don't know the consequences.

Usagi is downstairs talking on the phone and Chibiusa hears her scream. She goes downstairs and asks what's wrong and Usagi says that Mako hasn't gone home yet.


Mamoru drives up and find Mako sitting in the rain. Usagi comes out and asks why she's still here. Mako says that she wants to see him again and would regret it if she missed him. Usagi says that she doesn't know who he is or what he's like. Mako says that that's why she wants to see him again, it's her dream to dance with a handsome prince in a beautiful dress, and her dream came true. If she misses her prince this time, she might regret it for the rest of her life. The other girls come up and Ami says that she'll get sick if she stays in the rain the whole night.

They tell her that they'll stay with her and Mamoru and Chibiusa leave. The next morning, Fish Eye is in a beauty contest and he wins and gets really excited and Tiger Eye sees him. Fish Eye says that he forgot all about him and Tiger Eye wonders what he means. Chibiusa and Usagi walks behind a bush and Chibiusa sees the blond guy. Fish Eye gives Tiger Eye the picture of Mako and says that he was on his way to deliver it, but there were so many cute guys that he lost himself.

Fish Eye asks him if he opened his big mouth too much and failed on all the girls. Tiger Eye gets mad and tells him that he can easily handle 10 or 20 girls with his real power. This gets Usagi really mad and Chibiusa says that he's a girl's enemy, and Usagi says that he's just a lady-killer and they have to warn Mako.

Tiger Eye comes up to Mako and thanks her for waiting that long. Tiger Eye wonders to himself why he's so nervous, he's the one that's approaching her. Mako says that she's been waiting the whole time, believing that he would dance with her again. Tiger Eye asks why she believes in him so much and Fish Eye pops out of a bush and takes out her mirror himself. Fish Eye puts the other girls under a net and they can't move and Mako is shocked that Tiger Eye is one of them too. Tiger Eye says that it was her fault, she danced once and believed in him too much.

He looks in her mirror and doesn't find anything. Usagi and Chibiusa run up and transform. Fish Eye asks what Tiger Eye's going to do, and he says that he's going to leave. Fish Eye says that they have to finish the girls off too. Fish Eye says that it was his target and not to butt in. Fish Eye calls for a lemure, Shuffle-Flo. Fish Eye leaves and Mako falls down and Flo starts to shuffle cards and shoots them at Moon and Chibimoon. They cut some of Sailor Moon's hair and almost crushes her when he cuts up a part of the building. He cuts up a barrier that Chibimoon is behind, and a water fountain that Sailor Moon is behind.

He traps them to a wall and Flo says that Jokers are last, and he has a whole deck of them (They have Zirconia on them). Mako transforms (with no words or an actual scene, there's just a picture of her new stick) and uses a new attack, Super Supreme Thunder and electrocutes him. She tells Chibimoon and Sailor Moon to get rid of him and they do.

Later in the gym, Mako says that she might have been dreaming of the dance itself. Unazuki runs up and says that a nearby college is having a dance party next week and Mako says that she'll go. Mako says that she might have another chance to find a nice prince.

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