Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS episode 148

Episode title
Kyoaku no Kage! Oitsumerareta Trio
[The Big, Evil Shadow! The Trio Backed Up Against The Wall]
Air Date
  • Summary by Hadrien Lataste, 1997.05.17
In the Dead Moon Circus, the Amazon Trio is looking for a solution to beat Sailor Soldiers. Suddenly, Zircon (Zircon is the kind of bird which is ever with Zirconia), appears and give to the Trio a new photo, which is in fact a new target for them. Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye are looking the photo, but they seem horrified when they see that the new target is a man! Fish's Eye, who is very happy, decides to attack this man. We can see the man's face: it's Mamoru...

The 6 girls, with Mamoru are visiting a public aquarium. They are all admiring fishes. But Minako and Usagi start to speak, Mamoru goes away to see other fishes. In an other corridor, he met a beautiful girl (in fact Fish's Eye..., for people who would not know it, Fish's Eye is a boy, and not a girl...), who is looking through a glass, probably a glass from an aquarium. But, suddenly, the girl cuts her finger with the glass, making her blood. Mamoru helps her, with his handkerchief.

Mamoru, with his healing power (the same as he used for Chibiusa at the end of Sailor Moon S). Fish's Eye feels this power and seems a little bit afraid. Suddenly, Usagi, who was behind Mamoru, gets mad, and seems very jealous for that what Mamoru has done to the girl! Fish's Eye, who understand that Usagi is very upset, tries to make her again MORE jealous! But, suddenly, she sees, in Makoto's bag, Diana (Fish's Eye has already seen Diana in Episode 137), and is really very afraid!

She escapes from the aquarium, and takes refuge in a little street. He/She thinks that the power she has felt in Mamoru is the power of Pegasus.. Later, in the street, Fish's Eye, in girl, manages to find Mamoru. She tries to kiss him, but he doesn't want, because it's Usagi that he loves, and not this girl!

Fish's Eye is in a little room of the circus, thinking about that what he could do. Tiger's Eye arrives, and he asks Fish's Eye if he has found the target. He answers him that he has some difficulties with, but, suddenly, Fish's Eye, saying, "One, Two, Three!", tries to extract the Dream Mirror of Tiger's Eye. But, at the end of this operation, nothing appears, which means that Tiger's Eye hasn't got a Dream Mirror! This fact makes Fish's Eye and Tiger's Eye ask themselves some questions...

Later, Amazon Trio is with Zirconia, in the circus. Zirconia says them that they will speak to their Queen, the Queen Neherenia. We don't see her true face, but she says to the trio that they must find Pegasus, because he's the only one way for her to return to real life. Zirconia makes suddenly appear a mirror behind the Trio: he says them that if they lost once again, they will return in they real form; in the mirror, we can see shadows of a tiger, a fish and a hawk (Amazon are in fact animals, and the fact that Fish's Eye is really afraid of Diana is normal, because he's a fish). Zirconia says to Fish's Eye that it's his last luck to find Pegasus...

In a park, Mamoru is sitting on a bench, reading a book. Suddenly, Fish's Eye (in girl form) appears next to him. She tries again to convince him of loving her, but he refuses. The girl, in front of Mamoru, transforms in Fish's Eye, and extracts Mamoru dream mirror.

Usagi and Chibiusa, who are in late because they had a date with Mamoru, see this and transform. They appear in front of Fish's Eye, Super Sailor Moon says that Fish's Eye should be ashamed for attacking him, and that she will never let anybody attack this boy in the world, but Fish's Eye makes appear the lemure, who uses trampoline. While Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor ChibiMoon are fighting against the lemure, who makes them jump on trampoline, Fish's Eye examines Mamoru's Dream Mirror, but Pegasus isn't in. Fish's Eye, furious, want first to kill Mamoru with a dagger, but finally decides to let him living. He kisses Mamoru, (Mamoru is unconscious during this), and goes away. Moon and Chibi-Moon manage to kill the lemure. Later, it rains, Usagi is in the street, and sees the girl who was with

Mamoru in the public aquarium, alone, sat on a bench (in fact, this girl is Fish's Eye, but he can't come back to the Circus because he knows that Zirconia will retransform him into a fish). Usagi offers to the girl her umbrella... In the sky, we can see Zircon, which watches this scene...

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