Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS episode 149

Episode title
Yume no Kagami! Amazon Saigo no Stage
[The dream mirror! Amazon last stage]
Air Date
  • Summary by Hadrien Lataste, 1997.05.17
Fish's Eye is in pajamas, in Usagi's room. Usagi gives her some coffee (in fact, Usagi doesn't know that this girl is Fish's Eye). On the table, there is a photo with Usagi and Mamoru (Fish's Eye recognizes the boy she has attacked -Mamoru- in the photo). Usagi explains her that he's HER boyfriend and she'll never anybody attack him. At this time, Fish's Eye remarks that it's exactly the same speech that Sailor Moon said during the fight (SMSS Episode 148), she understands that Usagi is Sailor Moon.

Ikuko-Mama asks Usagi to go and do some errand. Because of that, Fish's Eye heards Chibiusa's voice. He follows her till her room, and he sees that Chibiusa speaks with Pegasus in the chalice! He's shocked.

When Usagi comes back to her house, she asks her mother where is the girl (=Fish's Eye). Mother replies and says that she has left the house.

In Dead Moon Circus, Fish's Eye has came back, and says to Zirconia that he has seen Pegasus, and he thinks that they shouldn't attack beautiful dreams anymore. Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye are astonished, but Zirconia tries to kill Fish's Eye. Tiger's Eye helps Fish's Eye. Zirconia asks Zircon to say him who is the person who is talking about Fish's Eye (because, at the end of the last episode, we saw Zircon, in fact, which has followed Fish's Eye at Usagi's room): Zircon shows a picture of Usagi. In spite of Fish's Eye disapproval, Zirconia puts Hawk's Eye in charge of finding Pegasus in Usagi's dream, and gives him a sort of energy ball, to capture Pegasus. Hawk's Eye goes away, but he's followed by Fish's Eye, who has decided to escape, and by Tiger's Eye. Zirconia, alone, laughs. We can see in the dark 4 shadows (girls), that Zirconia calls "his little girls". He says them that the end of the trio will be near and that they have to help him to find Pegasus. All the 4 girls have a sort of ball (red, green, blue and yellow, one for each one). One of the girls throws a ball, which is going in a sort of clown's hat...

Usagi and the 4 other girls are in the city, looking for the girl (=Fish's Eye). Usagi, alone, goes in the park, but she meets a boy, who immediately transforms into Hawk's Eye. He extract her dream mirror, but Fish's Eye, then Tiger's Eye appear, and Fish's Eye says to the 2 others that Usagi is Sailor Moon!

Hawk's Eye decides to explore Usagi's Mirror, but at this time, the clown's hat appears, and a monster, " Mister Magic Pierrot" appears too. He fight against the trio, and explores Usagi's Mirror, but he doesn't find Pegasus in it!

The monster throws lot of spades to the trio, but one of the spade manages to touch Usagi's Mirror, which is broken!! Fish's Eye thinks that Usagi's dream (wedding with Mamoru) is broken. One of the spade hurts also Hawk's Eye, who collapses, then dies.

Fish's Eye and Tiger's Eye, who have understood that the monster is one of the Dead Moon, decide to use the energy ball given by Zirconia (which was aimed to capture Pegasus) to rebuild Usagi's Dream Mirror. They make appear also Chibiusa, who had been captured by Hawk's Eye.

Tiger's Eye and Fish's Eye collapse. Usagi and Chibiusa awaken and transform. They are saved by Super Sailor Mars, who uses her "Fire Soul" (not a really new attack sequence... '_';;) and the 3 other girls. Super Sailor ChibiMoon calls Pegasus, and Super Sailor Moon uses her the "Moon Gorgeous Meditation to defeat the lemure.

Then, Fish's Eye and Tiger's Eye collapse, and die. They transform back in animal form (Fish, Hawk and Tiger, they are all dead). Suddenly, Pegasus uses his power and transform them in their human form (as they were in the trio). They awaken all, and a dream mirror appear in front of them: Pegasus gives them the capacity of dreaming (that they haven't before as we see in SMSS 148: they didn't have dream mirror). The trio is happy. They disappear, and transform into sort of 3 energy ball, which symbolize them. Pegasus takes the 3 mirror and the 3 energy balls, and disappears. In Pegasus kingdom, in a sort of forest, we can see the 3 balls, Pegasus let them live now in his kingdom...

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