Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 150

Episode Title
Amazoness! Kagami no Urakara Kita Akumu
[Amazoness! The Nightmare That Comes From Behind the Mirror]
Air Date
Guest Chara
Gara Gara Musume (Nakayama Manami)
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.24
(The OP is updated with the soldiers in super forms, the Amazoness Quartet, and a new ending scene)

Zirconia is talking to a woman in a mirror. The woman, Queen Neherenia, says that the mirror that Pegasus is hiding in must be golden from the influence of the golden crystal. She tells Zirconia that the new task is to find the Golden Mirror, and Zirconia says that there aren't that many left who have beautiful dreams that they haven't checked. Neherenia tells Zirconia to use the four girls well, but to keep an eye on them and she disappears.

[OP and Title Screen]

Chibiusa and Momo are at the Crown Game Center and are looking at a poster Motoki is putting up. Usagi and Mamoru walk in and Chibiusa and Momo are talking about a girl that went to go see it. Usagi asks what IT is, and Chibiusa points to the poster. Mamoru wonders, the Dead Moon Circus. Chibiusa starts rubbing against Mamoru and says that she has a favor to ask him and Usagi starts pulling on her cheek and says no. Usagi says that if he wants to go, they should go alone without any annoyances.

Momo asks if they're in love, and Usagi says that they're melting in love, and Mamoru tells Usagi that she's sticking to him. Momo says it's nice and she wants a boyfriend that wants to melt in love with her. Usagi says that when she grows up she'll find a man that will want to melt in love with her, and Momo says that she wants to be an adult soon. Some girls are playing a shooting game in the back and Motoki says that he's never seen them before.

One girl says that they're being paged and they have to go. They walk out and just before one leaves, she says that Momo must have misunderstood. Another says that adults have to worry about what society thinks when they want to dream. One says that it's not fun to be an adult and another one says that it's better to be a child. They walk out saying, "Never, never be suspicious of dreams within the dreams of dreaming kids." Motoki says that kids nowadays are so mean sometimes. Usagi says it's because they don't have boyfriends that want to melt in love.

In the circus tent, all of the freaks are saying the same phrase the girls were. A boy says that he found it, and an old man says that he finally found out that he can only dream when he's asleep. Some others say that at that time, the boy became an adult. One of the girls says that a prince that you love could be a toad. Another girl says that even though he tries to look like a prince, he still sounds like a toad. Another freak asks why adults try to make their dreams come true. Another girl says that they can't make their dreams come true, and they end up asking for things that they can't afford. Another girl says that if that's the case, then eat them up while they're good.

The whole circus starts to say the phrase and Zirconia comes out and tells them to be quiet. The girls transform into the Amazoness Quartet, CereCere of flowers, PallaPalla of balancing balls (PallaPalla has the blue ball so that means that PallaPalla is the one that actually killed the Amazon Trio), JunJun of acrobatics, and VesVes the animal trainer. They tell Zirconia that they're busy and if she wants to tell them something, to hurry up. Zirconia asks how their jobs are going and JunJun says that they haven't done anything yet. CereCere says that they don't have any reason to follow her orders. Zirconia asks if they're serious and JunJun asks what she'll do if they are.

Zirconia is about to do something when VesVes realizes this is fight and attacks Zirconia. VesVes starts to get the upper hand but Zirconia overpowers her and throws them back to the far end of the tent. Zirconia realizes that it would be a problem if they all attacked her at once, but then she says that finishing them off is like playing with a baby. Zirconia give them a picture and it's of Momo and VesVes recognizes her. The other girls say that the fight was her fault and she should go and get her. VesVes goes and meets up with Momo and Chibiusa on the sidewalk.

VesVes gives them a book of tickets to the circus and they wonder where she got them all. VesVes tells them to have fun and leaves and then thinks to herself the phrase.


At the circus, the girls are impressed because it's so big. Usagi says that this is the first circus she's been to. Minako says that she's seen some circuses, but this is the first time she's been so excited about one. Rei tells them not to get too excited and that they have to remember that they're Momo and Chibiusa's bodyguards. The Quartet is above and PallaPalla finds Momo. VesVes asks how they'll get her out alone and CereCere says that she'll take care of it.

The circus starts and there's lots of acts and everyone is having a good time. Then, a thing that looks like a bear starts to swing. She's swinging and sometimes, CereCere replaces her on the swing and Momo thinks that she's seeing things. The movement of the swing hypnotizes her and CereCere spreads some flowers that puts Momo under a spell and she starts to walk outside.

Chibiusa gets worried and gets Usagi. Momo is outside and she stops suddenly and wonders how she got out there. The quartet says that it was nice of her to come and the girls realize that they're a new enemy. They hold up their sticks and then VesVes does her new style of getting dream mirrors. She shoots her ball at Momo and it hits her in the back and pops out her dream mirror in the front. It's not the golden mirror and the soldiers appear.

The Quartet says that they're the sailor soldiers that Zirconia was talking about. CereCere says that they're glad to meet them, and PallaPalla says that she's not glad at all. VesVes calls for a Lemure, Gara Gara Girl (Gara means Hiss so it's a snake woman). VesVes tells her to eat up Momo's dream and she does and Chibimoon gets mad. Chibimoon goes and sticks herself in the snake mouth of the lemure and tries to reach for the mirror. Jupiter says that they can't attack now, or else Chibimoon will get hurt.

Gara Gara spits Chibimoon out and Mars hits her with a Fire Soul. Chibimoon does the Twinkle Yell and the Quartet gets to see the real Pegasus. Sailor Moon finishes Gara Gara off (with a new end scene with new colors and a cracking mirror effect). The Quartet leaves and Chibimoon puts the dream mirror back into Momo.

Some massagers are massaging the Quartet on their beds. JunJun says that searching for Pegasus is going to be hard with the soldiers around. CereCere says that she can't stand it already, and PallaPalla says that she wants to play more. VesVes says that if they don't want to, she'll get the next target. They all start arguing and say that they want the next target. PallaPalla says that the Pegasus was beautiful and they all agree. CereCere says it's too much for Zirconia to handle and VesVes says that they shouldn't let her have it.

Zirconia is talking to Neherenia and says that the Quartet might actually think of keeping the Pegasus' power for themselves. They may become dangerous soon too. Neherenia says to leave them alone, let them do what they want but just keep an eye on them. Zirconia starts to object and Neherenia asks if Zirconia doesn't want to follow her orders. Zirconia apologizes and Neherenia (we see her from inside the mirror now) says that Zirconia should just keep quiet and follow her orders. Because she is the true queen of the moon, Queen Neherenia.

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