Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 151

Episode Title
Shin no Power Bakuhatsu! Ami Kokoro no Shirabe
[True Power Explosion! Ami's Preparation of the Heart]
Air Date
  • Summary by Joe Petrow, 1996.04.21
Ami is listening to some music, imagining herself in a shower of cherry blossom petals. Chibi Usa snaps her back to reality, and she realizes everyone is looking at her. Artemis says they are here to discuss the new enemy, and that they have to be serious. But Usagi and Chibi Usa get hold of the paper Ami was working on, and it gets passed around to the others.

Rei: "This doesn't look like studying!"
Makoto: "'I am always seeing nothing but your profile...'"
Minako: "Ooh..."

Ami played a musical composition that for everyone that she found on "Pasukon Tsuushin" ("Personal Computer Correspondance", an online service kind of like CompuServe) Ami was inspired by the music, and wanted to write the words that conveyed her feelings of the song. Usagi didn't know what "Pasukon Tsuushin" was, so Minako explained it by saying, "Personal Computer Correspondance is people who use a personal computer to correspond." Ami says she only knows the songs author by his initials, "NT". Chibi Usa says she'd like to meet the person who created this song, and Ami agrees.

The Amazoness Quartet are teasing the flying eyeball until Zirconia broke it up, saying that if they have time to play then they should be searching for the golden mirror. She gave them a blurry picture of the next target (probably blurry because the flying eyeball was still in shock) The Quartet complained that they couldn't identify who it was, but Zirconia made them go look for him. Pallapalla was able to extract music from the picture, which they could use to search for him.

Ami had written an e-mail letter to NT: "NT-san, today I played your music for my friends. They all liked it very much. So now I am writing lyrics for the music. I thought that it would be nice if I could write lyrics for the song as likeable as your music. Ami"

Ami received a sketch from her father. Though he never wrote any words with them, she was sure the sketch itself was a warm message. She says that should do her best because the blood of her artist father flows within her.

At the parlor Ami showed the lyrics she had written, but Ami was worried because she had never done something like that before. While Usagi and Rei were arguing, Diana came in and she she had heard the music.

The girls went to a nearby club, and found the man at the piano was playing the same music they had heard from Pasukon Tsuushin. But Vesves was also there, and realized she had found her target.

As NT-san was leaving, Ami and the girls got his attention. After a lot of prodding from the girls, Ami told him she had heard that music on Pasukon Tsuushin and was very moved by it, and that she had written lyrics for it, but wasn't sure if he would like it. NT realized she was the Ami he had been corresponding with, and was very happy because he had often wondered what kind of person Ami was. He introduced himself as Nishio Toshiyuki, and invited them all to come with him to where he works.

Nishio plays at clubs and teaches piano lessons with Kyoko. But Nishio said that they had a dream of being world-renowned composers. Ami began to doubt herself and her lyrics because while they were working so hard towards their dream, she had never written song lyrics before, and didn't know anything about it. So she said she wanted to fix it up a little more before showing it to them and left. But Usagi noticed tears in Ami's eyes as she was leaving. When the girls went after Ami, Nishio and Kyoko were confronted by Vesves.

The girls tried to convince Ami that she should show Nishio and Kyoko the lyrics that she had worked so hard on. But Ami was sure that since she didn't know anything about writing lyrics she would just be a nuisance, and ran away. The girls heard Kyoko's cries and went to help. Diana later came for Ami.

Vesves got the dream mirror out of Nishio, but it was not the golden mirror. The Sailor Senshi appeared, and Vesves brought forth her lemures. Ami came and told them to stop, but Vesves threw her ball at them and trapped them all inside a personal computer. Ami told them to stop, but Vesves shocked the girls in the computer, and the lemures ate Nishio's dream mirror.

Ami passed out, and was then floating down a shaft of blue light. She thought to herself that she wanted more power to protect everyone.

Voice: "Mercury...Sailor Mercury..."
Ami: "Who's calling me?"
Voice: "Please feel it...the true power sleeping within you."
Ami: "Who are you?"
Sailor Mercury: "I am you. Remember your dream. The feeling when you heard Nishio-san's music for the first time."
Ami: "My dream?"
Sailor Mercury: "And the sketches your father always sends to you."
Ami: "So that's it! What's important is the feelings from the pure heart!"
Sailor Mercury: "Now...let your heart grow..."

Ami then used Mercury Crystal Power to transform into Super Sailor Mercury, and used her Mercury Aqua Rhapsody attack to get them out of the computer. Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon teamed up to defeat the lemures and return Nishio's dream mirror.

Nishio and Kyoko read the lyrics. Nishio said the lyrics fit the music perfectly, and was very happy that such a great song had been made from his music. Ami thought to herself, "But I have to try harder, so I can realize my true dream..."

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