Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 152

Episode Title
Honoo no Jounetsu! Mars Ikari no Chou Hissatsuwaza
[Burning Passion! Mars' Furious Deadly Attack]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.24
Usagi and Chibiusa are looking at a wedding dress through a store window and Usagi says that she wants to wear a dress like this when she marries Mamoru. Chibiusa says she wants to too but Usagi yells at her and says that Mamoru's her boyfriend. Usagi says that it's a dream for all girls to wear a beautiful wedding dress. Chibiusa asks if it's Usagi's dream to be a bride, and Usagi says yes and asks Chibiusa the same question. Chibiusa says of course, and Usagi says she also wants to be a flight attendant, a kindergarten teacher, an actress, and a model. Usagi realizes that RanRan comes out today (A play on words for RunRun, a magazine that Takeuchi Naoko's stories are sometimes in). She runs into a store and picks up a copy and Chibiusa sees something and shows Usagi. It's a magazine article about Rei and her shrine.

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At the shrine, love charms are more popular than ever. Some people start to get in a fight and Rei tells them not to fight, "Oh, what will I do?" The other girls are behind a tree watching and Usagi starts to mock Rei. Minako says that magazines are so powerful. The people leave and she says goodbye to them all and some of them say they'll be back tomorrow. Rei says she'll be waiting and Usagi comes up and mimics her again. Ami starts to read from the magazine that the love charms work because they come from the mysterious shrine girl, Rei's hands. Usagi asks if she's the mysterious shrine girl, and Rei starts to tell about when the publisher came to the shrine for an interview.

Mako says that Yuuichiro usually sells the charms, but Rei says the publisher asked what the most popular thing here was and she said it was the love charms. Rei says that for now she can be the mysterious shrine girl. And if the shrine gets really popular, she can be famous for spreading love all over the world and could start selling her music. With some funny music in the background, Rei says that her dream is to be a business woman and fly around the world. An international success life! Usagi asks what that has to do with anything and Rei says it has a lot to do with things but not for a mediocre girl like Usagi. Rei says that she has beauty (bibou) and Usagi says she must mean sleepiness (nebou). Rei says that she's not the one who's late to school everyday, and Usagi says that she's only late 3 out of 5 days. The other girls walk away to let them finish their fight when a girl walks up.

The girl says she's looking for the mysterious shrine girl. The girls realize she means Rei and she's sitting behind them bickering like a 3 year old. Ami asks who the girl is and she says that she's Nanako, she read the magazine and thought that she could be a shrine girl too. She says that Rei is gentle and mysterious and she admires that. Rei and Usagi are sticking their tongues out at each other and Rei says not to admire her. Nanako runs up to her and says that she wants to be a shrine girl and Rei tells her the only thing she has to do is sell charms. Nanako says she'd be happy to and Zircon flies out of a bush.

Zirconia is talking to Neherenia and tells her that the day she will rule is coming very soon. Neherenia disappears and Zircon gives her the picture of Nanako. Zirconia appears in the circus and yells for the girls. They jump around her and say that they're practicing a new entrance. They say that they have to try new things so their customers won't be bored. JunJun says they're not like Zirconia, always appearing from a puff of smoke. Zircon goes down and gives the Quartet the picture of Nanako and they're a little suspicious.

The next day, Rei and Nanako are passing out love charms and one man comments on how pretty Rei's little sister is. Some men leave and say that the shrine girls were great and normal girls are so much less interesting. The girls hear that and say that there's 5 pretty girls right in front of them. Ami wonders if the charms really do work and Minako gets the wrong idea. Usagi says that if they did work, Rei would have lots of boyfriends. Chibiusa says that she's really popular with the men. They all say that they want to help Rei with the charms, but Chibiusa says that Rei told her that Nanako works so hard that she doesn't need anyone else. Mako says that Nanako's the perfect shrine girl in that wig.

A handsome man walks up and the girls go crazy over him. Minako says that they have to be moral though because they're still under 18. Usagi says that maybe they should group date first. The man says thank you and Ami tells him to be careful as he leaves. Mako asks what he wanted and Ami says that he was looking for the Juban Hawaiian Center. Nanako is helping Rei sweep up leaves and tells her that Rei's future will be great because she's beautiful, mysterious, and gentle, she won't lose her way. She tells her that Rei's the perfect shrine girl and she wants to be like her. She says that she wants to have the same future Rei does and she wants to be with her all the time. She says she wants to be Rei's sister and asks if she can call Rei her big sister. Nanako leaves and Rei kind of likes the sound of "my sister."

Usagi and Chibiusa are watching Nanako from behind a tree and say she's working hard. Artemis thinks it's a little strange for a girl her age to want to be a shrine girl. Luna says that Rei hasn't decided whether she's going to stay here at the shrine in the future. Usagi says she wants to go ask her and Luna says that this is Usagi's nosy habit. Usagi goes up and asks how Nanako's doing and Nanako says she wants to be like Rei as soon as possible. Her sister is a pure and beautiful girl, who prays for the love of others without considering herself and quietly spends her life here. Chibiusa asks Nanako if she has lots of dreams and Nanako says that there are two kinds of dreams, ones that can come true and ones that can't. She says that hers are the kind that can't. Usagi says that she's got to make her dreams come true by herself.

Nanako says that Rei's dream is to take care of her shrine and that she wants to stay single like Rei here for the rest of her life, so she doesn't have to chase her dreams. Usagi and Chibiusa wonder if that's really Rei's dream, to be single. Nanako says that she's right and that she wants to be single too like Rei. VesVes in on the roof and says that the target was hard to find because she had a wig on.


Usagi tells Rei that Nanako told her that Rei wants to be single all her life because she wants to stay at the shrine. The girls say that Nanako must have a view of a shrine girl as someone who only devotes their life to their religion. Minako says Rei's not the same and Rei says that's right and girls have lots of possibilities. Usagi says that Rei's still enjoying being a shrine girl now and Rei says that's because she gets people from all over the country to come and she gets to meet them. She says she'll get really excited when talent scouts come for her and the other girls say that sound more like her.

Minako asks her if she likes pretending to be a beautiful shrine girl and imitates Nanako and Rei says that she's just helping her dream. Chibiusa says that Nanako said she didn't have any dreams. She says that she wanted to stay at the shrine with Rei so that she didn't have to chase her dreams. Rei thinks that Nanako's dream was to be a shrine girl. Usagi tells her that Nanako said she has other dreams, but they're too hard to come true. Rei says that Nanako told her she wants to be a shrine girl, but she might have misunderstood about them.

Nanako is listening outside the door and hears Rei talking. Rei says that Nanako was just looking for the shrine as a place where she didn't have to chase her dreams. Rei says it's an insult to her for Nanako to say she wants to be a shrine girl when she has no dreams, it's a shrine girl's job to bring jobs to people. She says that girl without dreams isn't wanted here, and Nanako hears her. Nanako leaves crying and the girls tell Rei to follow her and Rei says it's no use now and the others go.

Nanako is crying near a tree and VesVes comes up. She asks if she really doesn't have any dreams, and Nanako says that she just lost a piece of hers. VesVes calls her a bad girl for not having dreams and says it's no use to cry. She gets mad because this is why they can't trust Zirconia's information. VesVes is about to leave when Nanako stops her and VesVes says she doesn't have time to spend with a dreamless girl. Nanako says that she didn't mean she didn't have any.

VesVes is interested now and Nanako tells her that her dream is impossible to make true. VesVes takes out her mirror and it's a blank and all the soldiers appear. VesVes calls for a Lemure, ManeMane Girl, a copying monkey. Venus tries to attack her but she attacks back and Jupiter tries it. The attack is returned again and Mercury goes for an Aqua Rhapsody but realizes it wouldn't be a good idea. VesVes tells her to eat her mirror and she does and turns into Nanako. She says that Nanako has a dream too, she wants to find a nice guy and fly around the world with a good job, an international success life. But Nanako is scared, she doesn't like herself as she is now. She wants to be like someone else, Rei, if she's like Rei she'll never lose her way. Rei goes behind a tree and transforms, "Mars Crystal Power, make up!! (This is actually the first time Rei has transformed all season)

VesVes tells ManeMane to quit it and Mars appears and says that she will chastise them in the name of Mars. VesVes tells Mars not to try to look good, she's too late, and ManeMane copies her. Mars tries a Burning Mandala and it's returned. Mars gets really mad and tells Nanako to listen, to imitate people means nothing, you have to keep your own way. Everyone has the power to make their dreams come true, and what's important is your will! ManeMane is a little confused and Mars does her new attack, Mars Flame Sniper and Chibimoon and Sailor Moon finish her off.

Later that week, there's no one at the shrine. In the new issue of the magazine, Nanako is on the cover. Nanako comes and wants to give Rei a present. She says that she knows now that she can make her dream come true, but she still wants to play Rei's little sister sometimes, but she's kidding. Usagi says that it looks like Rei lost, and Rei says that everyone has the power to make their dreams come true.

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