Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 153

Episode Title
Kyoufu no Haishasan? PallaPalla no Yakata
[A Dentist of Terror? PallaPalla's House]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.24
Neherenia is talking to Zirconia and asks if she's found the golden mirror yet. Zirconia says no and Neherenia says that she's rather impatient and can't wait much longer for Pegasus and her chance to have the golden crystal.

[OP and Title Screen]

PallaPalla is asking the other girls if they want to play with her. The others say they have better things to do and if you want to play play by yourself. Zirconia comes in and says that she has a job for them. CereCere says they're ready any time and that she gets hasty in her old age. Zircon comes back, but it doesn't have a new target. Zirconia says that Zircon's the only one that she can depend on. The girls start to laugh and say that they're willing to work but without a target they can't.

PallaPalla starts talking to herself and she's playing dolls. A woman is in a dentists office complaining of a toothache. The others wonder what happened to her and then the dentist says that if the woman can't stand the pain that much, he'll take off her head. PallaPalla gets this cool look on her face and rips off the doll's head. The other girls say that she might actually be a good worker. Zirconia tells PallaPalla to use her Ball Swing spell to make a trap for beautiful dreamers. PallaPalla asks if it will be fun and Zirconia assures her it will be and she can't wait to get started.

Usagi and Chibiusa are eating dinner and their mom offers dessert, ice cream or pudding, of course they want both. Later, they're watching TV and mom offers some more food. A lot later, mom asks if the girls want to come down for some before-bed tea. It's time for bed and mom tells them to go to sleep early because they have a picnic tomorrow, and don't forget to brush your teeth. She leaves and of course Usagi and Chibiusa don't brush their teeth.

During the night, PallaPalla takes her dentist dolls and makes a dentist office. She takes a bag of sugar and spreads it all over the city so all the kids get toothaches. The girls are on a picnic playing with a ball and Chibiusa has a headache. Mako says that if she has some ice cream, maybe she'll feel better. Chibiusa takes a big bite and screams in pain. Ami checks her teeth and says that she has cavities (they're huge!), and Chibiusa doesn't know what they are.

Ami says that it's a sickness that makes holes in your teeth from too much sugar. Minako says that the more sugar you eat the worse it gets. Usagi says that if you leave them alone, you're chin will melt and you'll die. Chibiusa gets scared and says that she doesn't want to die, and Ami says that if she goes to the dentist, it can be cured. Usagi says it's not that easy, the dentist is a horrible person to visit. If you think that you'll live to tell the story you're completely wrong, and she starts to laugh and Ami finds cavities in Usagi's mouth too.

Usagi starts to cry and Rei says to go to the dentist. Usagi says it's not that easy, the Juban Dentist is really scary. Minako says that it really is scary there, it's an old place that started operating about 200 years ago. The dentist there is really old and scary and likes to drill people, and no one knows what happens after that. Usagi gets scared even more and the other tell her that there aren't any other dentists in the area and good luck. Usagi screams no and she doesn't want to go.

They go home and their mom is waiting at the door. She says that Ami told her they have cavities. She's already made an appointment at the Juban Dentist and they should go right now. They scream again and they don't want to go.


Usagi asks if Mamoru will stay with her the whole time, and hold her hand when she's getting treated. Mamoru says he will only if they stop clinging onto him (Chibiusa is on his chest and Usagi's on his arm). They walk by a line of kids and they see a new dentistry. The dentist walks out and says that if they need treatment, to take a ticket and get on the line. Usagi's in love and says she definitely will and Mamoru gets suspicious and Usagi says it's just because it looks so much cleaner and the dentist looks a lot more dependable.

Inside, the dental hygienist asks how many people there are. Mamoru is blushing and he stutters and says "two!" Usagi gets jealous and Mamoru says that he'll be waiting outside for them. The woman tells her to go in the waiting room and Usagi's all bent over and Chibiusa tells her she looks terrible. In the waiting room, there's a buffet of candy and sweets. The hygienist explains that they'll be getting treated soon anyway.

Outside, Mamoru is practicing his apology for looking at the woman. He thinks of one, "Usako, you know that I don't notice any other girls but you, don't be silly!" Then he thinks that silly isn't the right word to use. He wonders why he's doing this because she was in love with the dentist before that.

The girls go in the exam room and there are lots of seats shaped like animals. There's a very large fish tank in the front of the room and PallaPalla is on the other side of it saying that they're the last targets. She hopes that they have the golden mirror because all the other kids were blanks.

Outside, Mamoru has come up with a new one, "Usako, you look great with your shiny white teeth. A hug and a kiss... That one's good" A street lamp goes on and he realizes how late it is and that none of the kids have come out. Inside, the seats have shackles and they strap down Usagi and Chibiusa and PallaPalla appears and has to choose which one to get first. She decides on Chibiusa but just before she shoots, the rose comes and knocks her off the ball she's floating on.

PallaPalla tells her assistants to go get him but he throws a rose petal storm at them and they fall down. He goes over and sets Usagi and Chibiusa free and they transform. Tuxedo Mask takes care of the assistants and says that PallaPalla is the only one left. She knocks him down and sits the ball on top of him. "PallaPalla doesn't like you so you have to die!" Then the sailors appear and do the "punish you" (and all the sound effects have an echo on them). PallaPalla calls for a Lemure, GariGari, a dentist drill. She traps Sailor Moon and Chibimoon on a wall and tries to use her tail to drill their teeth.

Chibimoon says that the sound makes her teeth hurt even more. They both start to scream and cry and they make sonic sound waves and shake the whole building. The fish tank breaks open and the house starts to crumble when Tuxedo Mask tells them to do it. Chibimoon calls for Pegasus and Sailor Moon does the Moon Gorgeous Meditation. The building keeps crumbling and PallaPalla leaves and so does the building. The dolls are on the ground and all the kids don't have toothaches.

Mamoru says that the toothaches were an illusion like the building and Usagi is relieved. Mamoru checks her teeth just in case and her teeth are still really black. They start to scream and Mamoru says that if they go to the dentist, they'll be fine. They know when he says dentist, he means the Juban Dentist and the old man is about to work on Usagi. Chibiusa gets scared of the building and Usagi tells Mamoru to keep his promise and hold her hand.

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