Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 154

Episode Title
Yume Taiketsu! Minako to Makoto Zekkou Sengen
[Confrontation in Dreams! Minako and Makoto's Broken Friendship]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.25
Kyusuke, Momo, and Chibiusa are putting up posters for a bazaar at Honjo Kindergarten. Chibiusa asks if her "guardian" wants to help and Usagi gets mad because she only says "guardian" in public. Everyone sees a man helping kids across the street, it's Mr. Honjo, the head of the kindergarten. Usagi says he's too good for that. Minako jumps up and says that they'll definitely help the bazaar now. Momo asks if Minako's being a little too obvious and Kyusuke says that Mako's worse, she's absolutely dazed.

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At the bazaar, Mr. Honjo is thanks the girls and Minako says that it's nothing at all, and thinks to herself that he's great and it's even better that he's the head of the kindergarten. Mr. Honjo says that he wants to make a garden with the money they raise from the bazaar. Mako starts talking about what kind of flowers to put in the garden and Mako gets mad.

Minako goes up to him and asks if he likes children. She tells him that she wants to have 3 kids when she grows up, but if he insists on making enough for a baseball team she can do it (The other girls are embarrassed). Minako says that she likes kids too when one of the kids writes all over her face in marker. She gets mad at them and scares them off except the one that did it, he says that she looks a little more beautiful. Mr. Honjo says that he should leave them alone to do their work and takes the kid and leaves. Zircon flies out of a bush near a window.

In the tent, the Quartet's bored and Zircon flies back. Zirconia gives them the target and it's Mr. Honjo. Three of them start to fight over it when CereCere says not to get too excited over it. She says that sometimes you should be near flowers to calm down and takes out a flower. It opens and they all go to sleep and CereCere takes the picture and says that it's the super sleeping flower from the Amazon.

The girls are setting up at the bazaar and Mako is making a teddy bear when Mr. Honjo sees her. He tells her that maybe she should be a school nurse in the future. Minako comes in and tells him that she made something and she drags him off. It's supposed to be a sweater, but it looks more like a wasp's nest. The little marker kid starts to unravel it and Minako chases him around the school breaking everything down and finally busting up Mako's teddy bears. Mako gets really mad and Minako and the kid realize what they've done. Mako says that their friendship is over and the other girls are surprised. Usagi wonders if it's because they can't decide who'll clean up.

Minako is at home and says that she can't beat Mako with strength. Artemis tells her that she shouldn't try to get Mr. Honjo, just to help the bazaar and do what she can. Minako gets and idea and says that she'll sing her songs. She says that she'll get Mr. Honjo's heart with her songs, and then laughs hysterically. Artemis asks someone to help her.

At the school, a limo drives up and a red carpet rolls out and CereCere gets out.


Mako is making some food and Chibiusa asks if anyone's seen Minako. Mako says to leave her alone and Usagi says that Mako's still mad. Mako says that she's not mad. Usagi says that she is, about broken toys, messed up decorations, and ripped up teddy bears. Mako says that she's not mad and is about to break the metal spatula she's using in half. Rei says that she's almost putting up with it.

Then, Route Venus starts to play over the intercom and the girls go to see what's going on. Minako says "hi" to everyone (the girls make a funny sound, it sounds like "geu!" or something like that, it's really funny). Minako comes out and thanks the 5 kids that are watching her for coming (She's in a really weird outfit). She's going to start a karaoke of Moonlight Densetsu, when the kids say they've never heard of her and Minako gets upset and leaves. Artemis tells Mako to come with him to follow her and she does.

CereCere is walking through the bazaar and comments on how cheap it all looks. Mr. Honjo gives her a balloon and she realizes he's the target. Minako is standing under an elevated highway when Mako and Artemis come up. Minako says that Mako is lucky because her dream is really close to her, Minakos is 16 billion, 80 million light years away. Mako says that a dream to be a florist or a wife is just as far away as becoming a star. Mako explains that she wasn't always good at cooking and sewing. She had to struggle to get this far, and Minako says that she's struggling even more because her dream is so far away. Artemis tries to stop their fighting and they both yell at him.

Mr. Honjo and CereCere are alone in a room and he tells her about his dream for the garden. CereCere says that it's a small dream that matches a cheap bazaar. He says that it's the kids' dreams and that he wants it to grow because it's so small. CereCere says that she'll change that dream into a nightmare and transforms. She throws some seeds on the ground and the room fills with vines and all the people run out of the school. The girls see Mr. Honjo being attacked by CereCere and go.

Minako and Mako are still fighting and Artemis is covering his eyes. Mako says that Minako is too easy-going and plays too much with the kids, Minako says there's nothing wrong with that. Then, the little kid comes up and tells both of them to help the school, there's something wrong. CereCere takes out his dream mirror and it's blank and she snaps her pool stick, and the soldiers appear in a flower. CereCere thanks them for introducing themselves and says that she'll introduce her friend, JaraJara, a tulip with a pachinko machine on its belly.

JaraJara shoots pachinko balls at the girls and they trip and fall into a giant Venus fly-trap. It starts to close and the girls barely can keep it open. Minako and Mako arrive and try to transform when vines grab them. CereCere tells JaraJara to eat the dream and she does. Just then, the rest of the Quartet appears and are really mad and they start to fight. Mako is trapped in the vines and wishes she had more power. Artemis comes up and throws their sticks back to them. He says that they have powers sleeping inside just like Mercury and Mars, then he gets trapped by vines.

Minako thinks that they don't have time to fight, and Mako says that they have to protect everyone's dreams. They break out of the vines and transform, "Jupiter Crystal Power, make up!! Venus Crystal Power, make up!!" The Quartet is still fighting and Jupiter and Venus say they'll take care of them. "Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" Venus hits the Quartet. "Jupiter Oak Evolution" Jupiter frees the other soldiers and knocks JaraJara over. They both tell Sailor Moon and Chibimoon to do it and are friends again.

Chibimoon does a Twinkle Yell and Sailor Moon gets rid of the lemure. The vines disappear and so does the Quartet. Later, Mako has made a lot of stuffed animals and is selling them. Minako comes up and has tried to resew the teddy bear but didn't do a very good job, and cut up her fingers in the process. The little marker kid comes up and says that he wants it and that Dad will pay for it. Mr. Honjo comes up and pays for it and Mako and Minako realize he's a daddy. Mr. Honjo says that he spoils him too much and maybe that's why he's such a troublemaker. Usagi asks Chibiusa what that means and Chibiusa says that she never told Usagi he was single. Minako and Mako are very upset and embarrassed. Just before the kid leaves, he says that he really likes the tiger pufferfish and Minako and Mako yell together that it's a bear.

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