Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 155

Episode Title
Kyoufu wo Koete! Jiyu he no Jump
[Over the Fear! Jump to Freedom]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.25
Zirconia calls for the Quartet and they tell her to be quiet or her blood pressure will rise, PallaPalla says that they're playing hide and seek. She screams for them to come out and PallaPalla falls from a rafter. VesVes throws a net over her head and says that she caught her. Zirconia asks where JunJun is and PallaPalla says that she went out to play and VesVes says that it's a lot better than hearing an old woman preach. Zirconia gives them a new target and they don't like it. Zirconia asks when they'll find the golden mirror and VesVes says that it's not their fault that they can't find it. Zircon knows that they mean it and it hides Zirconia's head. PallaPalla says that she doesn't like the boy in the picture so she'll give it to JunJun. Then they fly away to go back to playing and Zirconia wonders if they'll really be able to control the world. There's a view of the picture and it's of Kyusuke.


At Chibiusa's school, the kids are getting ready for an athletic meet. JunJun wonders if they're going to make a circus to compete against them. Kyusuke is above a sign and sees Chibiusa going home. He calls to her to come and help but she doesn't answer and he wonders what's wrong with her.

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Chibiusa is walking and she sighs. The girls, except for Ami and Rei, and Mamoru walk up. Mamoru asks if she's going home, and Mako sees the sign for the athletic meet. She says that they're so exciting and Usagi says that she's excited for Mako's great lunch tomorrow. Minako says that she remembers when her favorite crush ran in athletic meets and she used to scream for him with a loud voice. Chibiusa thinks about how easy-going they are.

Someone says that it's too dangerous and Kyusuke says that it's fine and he jumps on a rope and jumps off the sign (which is about 50 feet in the air). All the girls get scared and he lands and says that it's a perfect score (A little message comes up and says never to do this). Then the coach comes up and scolds him and says that he told him never to do that and to see him in his office later. Kyusuke goes over to Chibiusa and asks why she didn't offer to help.

Minako says that Chibiusa looked a little depressed. Mako asks if she likes athletic meets and Chibiusa says she does but there's a box horse in the obstacle relay. Mako asks if she's bad at the box horse and Chibiusa says she is and Usagi says to get over it, it's just the box horse. Minako asks if she's all right saying that and Usagi is confused. Mako asks if she can do the box horse and Usagi gets mad and says of course she can.

Chibiusa tells Kyusuke that he should be practicing, but Kyusuke says that sports are a combination of sense and talent and you don't need practice. And he says not to ask him for help because he's not going to tell her. (This is one of the funniest scenes I've seen in all of Sailor Moon so far) Mamoru says that athletic meets remind him of his school days and Chibiusa asks if he can coach her. Usagi grabs her cheeks and stretches them out and Chibiusa slaps her away. Usagi says that they're going shopping and there's no time to waste.

Chibiusa asks Mamoru again and Usagi grabs her face and puts her down to her eye level and says no again. Chibiusa blows up and asks if she cares if her future daughter gets embarrassed and Usagi starts to laugh and says that it's a challenge, an ordeal, do it yourself. They start to fight and Mako says that Usagi doesn't have any money left so they can't go shopping anyway. Minako says that they'll all train for the box horse together and Chibiusa is really happy and Usagi says that she won't. Chibiusa says that they should start right away and Usagi says that she won't do it and Minako says that it's just not Usagi's day and Usagi calls them all traitors.

JunJun is sitting on top of the school and is still wondering if they're going to open a circus or something when she sees Kyusuke about to practice on the box horse. He has a flashback of the first time he tried to jump a box horse. He tripped and fell and slammed into it. Then he imagines what his classmates would say if he couldn't do the box horse. He says that he's an all-around athlete and he can do anything and he starts to run toward it but stops.

JunJun wonders what's wrong with him and Kyusuke hears her. She jumps off the roof and runs down some chains of flags and jumps again and lands on a jungle gym. He says that she's great and she says that he's bad at the box horse. She offers to coach him and he's really happy.

At Juban Park, Usagi is bent over and Chibiusa is standing behind her and Mamoru in front of her. Mako tells Chibiusa that timing and her take-off are important. Usagi asks why she has to be the box horse and Minako shoves her back down and tells Chibiusa that she can start. Usagi says that they already made their joke. Chibiusa starts to run and Mamoru tells her to jump and Minako says to jump as if she was going to jump into the heart of her love. Usagi screams NO and comes up and Chibiusa runs into her.

Kyusuke is practicing and he keeps slamming into the box horse. JunJun says that she's told him so many times that timing and take-off are the important things. Then she says that his problem is that he hits the breaks just before he jumps. He tries it a few more times and keeps failing. He does it one more time and JunJun tries to get him to jump at the right time but he just stops and falls over. She says that it's getting too late and that she has to go. He says that he needs her for a little longer and that if she gets hungry, his parents own a restaurant. He says that he has to be able to jump over it by tomorrow and JunJun says to meet her here tomorrow morning, bright and early.


Chibiusa jumps onto her bed onto a picture of Mamoru and tells him to catch her in his heart. She lands on it and starts to wiggle her butt around and says that she doesn't really understand yet. Just then, Pegasus appears and asks her what she was doing. She says she was just doing a little image training and hides the picture of Mamoru. She says that she envies Pegasus because he can fly around whenever he wants. Pegasus says that he wishes he could fly again and says that Chibiusa can probably fly more than he can. Chibiusa says that's impossible because she can't even get over a box horse. Pegasus says that she can do it if she tries. Usagi yells up to her that she should go to bed early because the girls want to train her more tomorrow morning.

Kyusuke is out in the morning and still can't do it. He wonders if he'll ever be able to do it and JunJun appears and looks at the picture of the target and looks at him weirdly. She says that it's him and puts her finger in his face. She says that when she saw the picture, she knew she'd seen him somewhere and is really happy to help him now. She says that he's not bad in the running department and he tries to jump but he's just scared of the actual box horse. He says that he's not scared and she says that he doesn't have to be embarrassed. She says that the thing he has to do is get rid of that fear, and she has a quick way to get rid of it.

She says that if there's something a lot scarier, he'll forget about the fear of jumping. She puts him in a cage and puts a bear in with him and it starts to chase him. He runs up and gets over the box horse and realizes what he's done. He realizes that this isn't the time to celebrate and remembers the bear is behind him but it's gone and he wonders where it went. JunJun says that she made him see a little illusion and he said that it was a mean thing to do. She says that it worked anyway, and now that he got what he wanted, she wants something too.

She transforms and shoots for his dream mirror and it's another blank. All the girls appear and transform (with some cool new BGM). Sailor Moon says that they came here to train a friend and asks what JunJun is doing there. JunJun calls for a Lemure, Tobikiri Man, a flying acrobat. He goes over to eat Kyusuke's mirror and JunJun tells him to go get the girls after he's done. He starts to go for the girls and Mars starts a Flame Sniper but he flies by and reverses the flames on her. He knocks them all over and Jupiter starts an Oak Evolution but he's too fast and they can't use their attacks.

JunJun says that he's doing a good job and looks at Kyusuke before she leaves. Mars asks if Mercury has any good ideas. Mercury says that the only way to stop him is to stop him from moving. Chibimoon gets an idea and runs toward him and remembers what Pegasus said, that she can do it if she tries and she jumps over him and he falls to the ground. Chibimoon says that its their chance and Chibimoon calls Pegasus and Sailor Moon gets rid of the Lemure.

At the athletic meet, Chibiusa gets first place in the obstacle relay and Momo and Chibiusa are showing off the number of red ribbons they got (In Japan, you get a red ribbon if you win). There's a busted pole nearby (from when JunJun shot her pool ball) and it says that the student who bent the pole should surrender quietly to the principal. An announcement says that they boys obstacle relay is next and Chibiusa wishes Kyusuke luck. He jumps over the the box horse and gets first place.

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