Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 156

Episode Title
Yume wo Miushinawanaide! Shinjitsu wo Utsusu Kagami
[Don't Lose Your Dreams! The Truth-Reflecting Mirror]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.25
Chibiusa is drawing a picture of Usagi and Luna says that it looks just like her. Usagi is getting bored of sitting there for so long. Chibiusa says that she would buy her some meat dumplings if she did this, and Usagi says that it's not fair that she takes advantage of her weak spot. Usagi gets up to see the picture and is horrified and asks if Chibiusa thinks this is what she looks like. Luna says that she thinks that Chibiusa has a good sense. Usagi says that she's not that ugly and Chibiusa says that Usagi hasn't looked in a mirror lately.

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Usagi and Chibiusa are walking through a park and they're both chowing down on their meat dumplings. Usagi warns Chibiusa that she redraw the picture. Chibiusa says that she bought the food for her so the deal is off. Usagi is about to get in a big fight with her when they both see an artist painting a woman's picture. They go up behind him and see the picture and it looks just like the woman. Usagi says that this is the right way to do a portrait. The man says that he's done and the woman looks at it and says that it's nothing like her. The woman is very snobby and says that her eyes and nose are much more beautiful.

The man says that it looks like her and Usagi says that it looks just like her. The woman says that it's none of her business and to stay out of it, she's not that ugly. Chibiusa says that she's heard this before. They're both very angry and the man says that it looks fine to him, but if she doesn't like it, he won't charge her. The woman says of course he won't and she leaves. Usagi and Chibiusa worry that they've disturbed the man's business and hide behind a tree. He says he'd like to paint their portraits, but they say no. He says that he won't charge them, it's for them praising his work.

In the circus tent, the Quartet is chasing Zircon around because he's given them a lot of false information. They say that if it doesn't work harder, they'll eat it. Zirconia says that they're the ones who have to work harder and Zircon flies up to her. Zirconia gives them a picture and they say it's a painter, and CereCere takes it. Later, JunJun asks why she wants to get a painter so much. CereCere says that she wants a portrait of herself and this is a good way to get one.

In the park, the man is painting Usagi's picture, but Usagi is holding a meat dumpling. Chibiusa starts to yell at her and Usagi says that she looks more vivid when she eats. The man says that it looks very good, and Usagi says it is and eats it. Then she farts, and the man falls over. He says that it's just because he hasn't eaten for a few days. Chibiusa asks if Usagi has anymore food but Usagi ate the last one. At home, Usagi and Chibiusa are trying to cook something for him when it catches on fire and Usagi wonders why her mother isn't at home at times like these.

Usagi gives him a really nasty looking plate of stirred rice. He just stares at it and she says that if he doesn't want it she can make something different. He says that he'll take it and starts to shovel it down. Usagi says that he must be really hungry and he stops and excuses himself, but Chibiusa says that it's all right as long as he doesn't mind really bad food. Then, she asks why he hasn't eaten in so long. He says that he often fights with his customers, or their not satisfied with his work and he gets paid for less than half of what he does. Chibiusa asks why he doesn't make the portrait a little better than the person. He says that he would probably make more money if he did that, but it would leave an empty feeling inside. He says that his dream is to make many works, not to have lots of money and be famous. Usagi thinks to herself that he's a real artist.

Chibiusa says that she wants to show him something and shows him the picture of Usagi. Usagi grabs her hair and tells Chibiusa to put it back because it's embarrassing. He says that it needs a little more effort and Usagi says that she told her so, but he also says that there's a lot of love in it, and that she must really like her sister.

Chibiusa is doing a self-portrait when Pegasus appears. He says that a mirror always reflects the truth, and asks how Chibiusa sees herself. She says she doesn't know. She says that there are a lot of people who can't see their true selves and Pegasus says that that's because when people look in the mirror, their mind twists the image.

At the shrine, the girls are admiring Usagi's portrait, and Usagi says that she might have prettier eyes. Ami asks if he's always in the park and Minako says that she wants a portrait too. Mako says that she's had pictures taken of her, but a painting is different, and Usagi pops up and says that maybe her nose is prettier. Minako says that they should all go to the park and Usagi pops up again and says that maybe her skin is a little rosier.


The man is picking up his easel and things when a limo drives up and CereCere comes out. She says that she has good news for him and that she wants him to paint her portrait. She starts to laugh and tells him not to be so excited (which he's not) and says to at least listen to her. She says that she doesn't want to talk about it here though, she wants to go back to her mansion. She says that she'll buy him some new supplies, and he says that it's not a good idea to act so rich when she didn't make the money by herself.

He tells her to ask someone else, and she realizes that he'll be tougher than she expected. She starts to tell him how her dead father's dream was to support struggling artists like himself, and she wants to live out that dream for him. She tells him that she's like him to come to her mansion to paint whatever he wants as much as he wants, and then starts to cry. She turns around and thinks to herself that she's got his heart.

The girls are walking through the park and the man's gone. The girls are disappointed, but Rei goes crazy and accuses Usagi of hogging his painting all to herself. The girls tell her not to be so serious and she says that if the painter doesn't meet beautiful Rei, who else will they have for inspiration. Then she says that they have to split up and look for him. Usagi and Chibiusa are walking and Usagi gets tired and sits down. She says that the only clue she has is the painting, but there's no address or anything. Chibiusa says that there's a letter on the back.

"To Tsukino Usagi, thank you very much. I've fallen down many times from hunger, but it was the first time for me to be invited to someone's house for a meal. I'm so shy that I feel sorry for not expressing my gratitude to you. But I'll never forget for the rest of my life, the taste of the rice you made for me. Thank you so much." Chibiusa says that she wants to see him again and Usagi says they'll keep looking because she hasn't thanked him for the picture. They're about to leave when they see Luna walking along a wall.

Luna tells them that she feels something evil coming from the mansion. Inside, the man is painting CereCere's picture. She asks if she can see how it's going. He shows it to her and she says that it's nothing like her. She has much prettier eyes and says to draw it again. He says that he doesn't have to and she says that maybe he's misunderstood. She says that to draw the best, a painter needs the best environment, and she has that. She asks again if her eyes are prettier. He says that he didn't come to paint false pictures. She says that it's fine with her if he wants to go back to the poverty, and whether his dream comes true depends on him.

She asks if art can grow in poor conditions, like without food. And she asks what he'll do. He says that he'll repaint it. Luna, Chibiusa, and Usagi are outside and Usagi says that Luna will get in trouble if she goes inside. Luna says that it's fine if she's alone, she's a cat. The painting is done and CereCere is impressed. The man says that he doesn't feel well and wants to go lie down. She stops him and says that she has one more thing for him to do. She transforms and shoots for his mirror, and the girls see her. Just before she shoots, Sailor Moon and Chibimoon appear. CereCere calls them the Bump and Dent duo and Sailor Moon calls her rude and Chibimoon says that Sailor Moon's right, even though that Sailor Moon is Bump, it's not her fault. They start to fight and CereCere asks them if they like billiards.

Sailor Moon asks Chibimoon what it is, and she says that you hit a ball with a stick. CereCere says that she's right and shoots for his dream mirror. It's a blank and CereCere is mad because it's not even a beautiful dream. Chibimoon says that's not true and she says that she's sure he has a beautiful dream. CereCere says that she doesn't want such an ugly mirror and calls for a Lemure, TogeToge, a rose, to get rid of it.

TogeToge says that it looks bad and she doesn't want to eat it. CereCere gets mad and says that she won't let her be so selfish and shoves the mirror in her mouth. They start to fight and TogeToge says that she's against violence and Chibimoon says that this is their chance. Chibimoon calls for Pegasus and CereCere shoves the mirror in but then, realizes what's happening. Sailor Moon gets rid of TogeToge (even though she hasn't done anything yet) and CereCere says that she lost, but she won't lose next time, and leaves.

Sailor Moon tells Chibimoon that they should give back the dream mirror now and Chibimoon sounds a little depressed. Sailor Moon tells her not to worry because she knows that he has a beautiful dream. He wakes up and says that they saved him, he must have had a dream. Chibimoon asks if it was about being rich and he says that he would feel strange if he had something he wasn't used to. He says that he has to stop fooling himself and start front the beginning.

Rei is getting her portrait done and she says it's nothing like her. Usagi says it's just like her and Rei tells him to draw more seriously. Usagi tells Rei that she should carry a mirror around all the time and Rei starts to strangle her. Chibiusa says that she has something to show the man. She shows him the picture of Usagi, which she got a good grade on. She says that she wants him to keep it because he was the one who praised it. He asks what it's called and she says that it's their secret, "The person I love."

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