Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 157

Episode Title
Pegasus ga Kieta?! Yure Ugoku Yuujo
[Pegasus is Gone?! Swinging Friendships]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.25
Chibiusa, Momo, and Kyusuke are in the park looking at a swan and its cygnet. Momo tells Chibiusa that they come to the pond here every winter. Kyusuke says that they fly all the way from Siberia. Above them on a hill, they hear a scream and a boy is riding a bike with wings. It's about to hit the kids when it lifts off, but then it falls, scaring off the swans. The kids realize that he's in their grade and Kyusuke knows his name, Hiroki.

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Hiroki tells them that it's his dream to fly on a hand-made airplane. Kyusuke wonders when he says airplane, if he means the bike. Hiroki says that it's not a bike, it's a plane called the St. Louis. Kyusuke says that bikes can't fly, if they did, people would be in them in the air all the time. Hiroki says that it can fly, and he designed it, and made it, so it's possible. Kyusuke says it can't fly because he saw it fall a few minutes ago. Momo hits him on the back of the head and says that Kyusuke can't understand a boy's romance.

Chibiusa says that it's cool and that she loves it when people are so wrapped up in something that they love like this. She wishes him luck, but Hiroki says that this is his dream, and he wants to make it come true by himself. He picks up broken bike and carries it away.

Pegasus says that Hiroki's probably wondering too, he's not sure how to fly the plane, so he's become too serious thinking about it by himself. He says that maybe he needs friends to share his dream. Chibiusa says that she hopes he can be his friend, and they're going tomorrow to help him. Pegasus says that he wants to see it too, but he says that he lives in a dream world, and he can't fly away. Chibiusa asks where the dream world is, where he is. He doesn't say anything, but then Chibiusa gets an idea on how he can see the plane.

Usagi walks up the stairs and hears Chibiusa talking. Chibiusa gets mad because it's a lady's room and she didn't knock. Usagi asks if she was talking to Mamoru in that love-love tone. Chibiusa says she wasn't and Usagi calls her a liar because Mamoru's line is busy when she calls, and she heard a man's voice from the room. "Isn't it terrible, Mamoru and Chibiusa..." Chibiusa reminds her that Mamoru told her he'd be on the internet all day. Usagi is confused and Chibiusa says that Usagi's the one who told her. Usagi leaves laughing and Chibiusa says that Pegasus is her little secret.

In the circus, Neherenia asks if Zirconia has found the golden mirror. Zirconia says that the girls aren't as useful as she expected. Neherenia says to be ready for the sailor soldiers and don't make the same mistakes again. The Quartet except for VesVes are taking a bubble bath and they see the next target, Hiroki. JunJun says that he looks dull, and CereCere takes it. PallaPalla says that she wants to go, and CereCere says that they should settle it with Jan-Ken (Rock-Paper-Scissors). VesVes comes and says that she'll take care of it because it already has her name on it. She takes the picture of her on the back, meaning it's for her. VesVes says that she'll go and they don't have to interrupt their bath time.

At the park, Chibiusa has Pegasus in a picnic basket and shows him the plane. He says that it's great that Hiroki made it all by himself. Chibiusa says that it was broken yesterday and he's rebuilt it so fast, he's really great. Usagi comes up and asks who Chibiusa's talking to. Chibiusa asks how she knew she was here, and Usagi says never to underestimate her connections. The girls and the other kids are there too. Minako asks if that's the plane and Kyusuke says it's just a bike. Hiroki yells at him that it's a plane (from halfway across the park!) and Kyusuke says he has good hearing. He takes off and goes down the hill but doesn't lift off until the very bottom. But the wing rips and he falls in the pond.

Hiroki looks at his design and wonders why it won't work. Usagi grabs it and gives it to Ami. She looks at it and says that it's very good, except for a few things. He needs to increase the air/power inertia, and strengthen the wings. Mako says that he needs more power too. Rei recommends making it a two-seater and Usagi says that she wants to help, but Rei says that she's too heavy for it. Chibiusa says that she'll ride, but Hiroki says that it's his dream and he wants to do it alone. Kyusuke says he'll never make it if he keeps thinking like that. He tells Hiroki that the Wright Brothers could fly because they relied on each other. Kyusuke says that they should do their best and Hiroki and he shake hands. Mako says it's nice, a friendship between boys.

Kyusuke starts suggesting changes in the design, and Momo says that it's nice to have a friend you can share anything with. Chibiusa wonders about that and looks down at the picnic basket. Later that night, Chibiusa asks if Pegasus and she are friends. Pegasus asks if she likes him, and she says she does, she knows she can share anything with him. But she doesn't now anything about him, he doesn't tell her anything. Pegasus says that he can't tell her anything yet. He says that he's here with her, and that should be enough. Chibiusa says that if they're friends, they can talk about anything, and says that Pegasus doesn't really think she's his friend. He says that if she doesn't believe him, he can't stay with her. He says to trust him, and the globe disappears.


Chibiusa is on a bridge and is thinking about Pegasus. She wonders why he didn't tell her anything, and that she thought they understood each other. Mamoru comes up and asks what she's doing out so late. He says that he'll take her home, on the way, she asks if he's ever fought with Usagi. She asks if they can say what they think to each other. He says that they don't have any reason to hesitate, and Chibiusa knows that Usagi isn't the kind of person who hides things. Usagi comes up and asks where Chibiusa's been and offers to take her home.

Chibiusa says no and says that Usagi is so dumb, she always spies in her room and watches what she does. Usagi says that she's worried about her, because she looks like she has a lot on her mind. Chibiusa says not to butt in, she has secrets she can't tell her, and she remembers that that's what Pegasus said. Usagi says that she'll wait for Chibiusa at home, and not to stay out too late.

The next day, Chibiusa is sitting on the hill, near the newly made plane. Hiroki says they'll fly today, and says that he remade it with Kyusuke's help. He says that he took Ami's advice and that it's great to have friends. He says that he's done more than he ever did alone, without saying much, they can trust each other. Chibiusa remembers how Pegasus said to trust him before he left. Chibiusa starts to cry and says that she's sorry to Pegasus, and Hiroki asks if she has a stomach ache or something.

VesVes appears wearing an old aviator jacket and floating on a ball. She says that in old days, people were attracted to the wide-open sky. She asks if he made that thing to fly, she doesn't have to make anything, she can fly wherever she wants. Chibiusa asks who she is and VesVes says she's a friend who loves the sky, don't be suspicious. Chibiusa says that she's suspicious because she's wearing such weird clothes. VesVes asks if she looks like a normal girl and the kids say no. She starts to imitate a girl and says that she wants to be their friend, and they see right through it. VesVes thought she was disguised pretty well.

Chibiusa says that she's really suspicious anyway because she's floating on that ball. VesVes says that there's nothing left to do but attack and she transforms and takes out Hiroki's mirror, which is blank. Chibiusa rolls down the hill and Hiroki asks if she's all right, and then gets hit. Chibimoon tells her to stop and is having trouble getting up the hill. "It's Hiroki's dream to fly in the sky and I can't forgive you for clipping that dream's wings!" VesVes asks if she's alone today and she introduces herself. VesVes asks again and Chibimoon says that she'll punish VesVes, and VesVes gets mad and says that she asked if she was alone.

Chibimoon says that she can take care of her by herself and takes out the Crystal Carillon and starts to attack her with it (It's even more pathetic than Pink Sugar Heart Attack!). VesVes gets even madder and calls for a Lemure, PaoPao girl, a dream eating elephant. PaoPao tries to knock Chibimoon over but she gets out of the way. VesVes tells her to eat the dream mirror and she's about to when the red rose comes. The rest of the soldiers and Tuxedo Mask appear and Sailor Moon says not to be so stubborn and let them fight too.

Mars attacks with a Flame Sniper and Mercury goes with an Aqua Rhapsody and PaoPao and VesVes are knocked down. Chibimoon starts to do a Twinkle Yell, but remembers how Pegasus disappeared. The others tell her to do it, but Chibimoon says that Pegasus won't come anymore. VesVes tells PaoPao that this might be her chance and she goes for Chibimoon. Chibimoon is just standing there thinking and Sailor Moon knocks her out of the way. Sailor Moon says that she has to believe in herself, and that they all like her. Chibimoon remembers how Pegasus said to trust him.

Chibimoon says that she's sorry for last night and does a Twinkle Yell. Sailor Moon does a Moon Gorgeous Meditation and PaoPao is destroyed. Pegasus is flying above them, and Chibimoon is happy that he came. He says that as long as she believes in her dream, he'll always be with her.

Hiroki and Kyusuke ride down the hill and they get off the ground and fly across the pond. Chibiusa thinks to herself that it's because they believed in each other. And then she thinks of Pegasus, "It's the power of belief. As long as you believe in your dream, I will always be with you." Chibiusa thinks that she believes in Pegasus, because the power of belief has brought them this miracle. Back at home, the globe is back where it should be, in Chibiusa's room.

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