Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 159

Episode Title
Chibiusa no Chiisana Koi no Rhapsody
[Chibiusa's Little Rhapsody of Love]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.26
Pegasus is telling the story of how Elusion was attacked. Chibiusa asks how she can help to save his world. Pegasus says that they're after the golden crystal, and when they get it, her world will turn into darkness as his world is now. Chibiusa says that when they get the golden crystal, they can save him and Elusion.

[OP and Title Screen]

Chibiusa is talking to Pegasus and she asks what the golden crystal is, what kind of power it has. He says that he can't tell her yet, and she understands. Pegasus says that he'll tell her everything when the time is right. Chibiusa says that even though she's small, she wants to know anything she can do to help, she wants to help Pegasus. A light shines in the window and it opens to a place where there's lots of feathers.

Chibiusa appears in her princess dress and Pegasus appears a little farther away. The sky lights up with stars and lights and Chibiusa goes over to Pegasus and gets on his back. (Watashitachi ni Naritakute plays in the background) Pegasus flies in the sky and brings her over the city at night. He runs through some pink clouds and gets above them where there's a flock of birds. They fly by and then Chibiusa has wings and she starts to fly too. (End BGM)

Chibiusa asks if Pegasus remembers the first time they met. She says that since she met him in that forest, she feels like time has stopped and she's forever in a dream. The clouds open up and Pegasus and Chibiusa float down (Chibiusa's dress is way too see-through for me). Chibiusa asks if Pegasus believes in destiny and then the dream is over. Pegasus thanks her and says that he knows he can tell her everything, but not now. Chibiusa says it's all right, because she believes in him.

At the cafe, Usagi is telling everyone that she heard a conversation from Chibiusa's room. Chibiusa told her that she was on the phone with Momo, but she thinks she's lying. The girls know that it's something, and Usagi wonders what they mean. Minako starts to giggle and says that it's definitely something. Mako says that she has an older crush and Rei spits out her coffee and Ami says that's one way to explain it. Rei says that she's in love, and Usagi and Mamoru can't believe it. Ami wonders why she's hiding it from Usagi and Minako giggles and says that the first love is like that.

Mako wonders how old the man is and Rei yells at her and asks how she can tell that he's an older man. Rei says that she'll have to ask her about it. Minako giggles again and says that they'll have to give her advice about it. Usagi wonders what kind of man Chibiusa would like.

Helios is still trapped and Neherenia is trying to get the golden crystal. She calls for Zirconia and she appears. Neherenia tells her that the time for the Dead Moon's rule is coming, their age is going to begin. Zirconia says that it will be Neherenia that rules all of space. Neherenia asks if that will happen, why can't she find the golden crystal, and says that she doesn't want to wait any longer. Zirconia gets really scared and then is scared by the Amazoness Quartet's laziness.

They're still asleep and are having dreams. VesVes calls Zirconia a dried squid and CereCere says that she hates dried squid. PallaPalla says that she's scared, and JunJun says that they're all scared and the first to get away wins. Zirconia screams at them and they all wake up. She scolds them for sleeping until noon on such a day. JunJun asks what dried squid wants and Zirconia throws a picture at her, and says that she's tired of waiting.


Rei and Mako are out and they buy Chibiusa some food, and Chibiusa asks what they wanted to talk about. Mako asks how she's doing, and Chibiusa says they saw each other yesterday. Rei asks if there's something that she wants to tell them, and Mako says like about her crush. Rei gets mad and Mako says that it's perfectly normal. Chibiusa asks what they want and Rei asks if she's worrying about anything. Chibiusa says no, because the things she's worried about, she can't do anything about. Mako says that she should make some for the boy, and Rei says to write a subtle but aggressive letter. Mako says that it's not embarrassing to say that she loves her crush, and Rei gets mad again. Mako says that it usually happens and Rei says who's usual and Mako says that it's usual in the sense of the general public. Chibiusa wonders what's happening.

At an ice cream shop, Minako and Ami buy Chibiusa some ice cream. Minako says that if Chibiusa's worried about something, that she can tell them. Chibiusa knows that it's happening again and Minako says that she noticed that Chibiusa's been thinking about someone. Ami asks if she has someone that she likes and Minako asks what kind of boy he is. Chibiusa says that she doesn't know if she should say boy, and she doesn't really know. Minako says that she shouldn't two-time when she's not used to it. Ami asks if they've seen the person before, and Chibiusa says that he's a color of white. Minako asks what he looks like, and Chibiusa says that his face is vertical and long. And they get up and says that Chibiusa might be in love with a "horse-face". Chibiusa is starting to get tired of this.

At a fancy restaurant, Mamoru is eating with Chibiusa. Chibiusa says that the place looks really expensive, but Mamoru says that she can get whatever she wants. Chibiusa says that she's lucky that she can have a date with Mamoru in such a nice restaurant. The girls are in the back and they complain because they can't hear the conversation. A waiter comes up and asks what the girls want. They all say water and Ami says that she wants an apple juice. Usagi says that they have to get closer so they can hear. Mamoru wonders when Chibiusa will say that she doesn't want to date him anymore, Chibiusa says that he'll always be her boyfriend. The girls sneak up behind different things, statues, vases, pianos, and paintings. Ami is very embarrassed and asks for an apple juice again.

Chibiusa is in the park and the girls are watching her. There's a man across the pond feeding some carp and Chibiusa sees him. Minako sees him too and tells Ami to look at who Chibiusa's looking at. They realize it's the man with the white and vertically long face. Usagi asks if that's the one that Chibiusa's in love with and JunJun appears. She shoots for the mirror and the girls see it and appear and say some new things.

Moon: You're bothering the love of my only daughter! Mars: You're bothering the first love of a young girl! Jupiter: You're bothering the love of her older crush! Venus: You're bothering her love for two-timing! (Chibimoon starts to wonder what they mean) Mercury: You're bothering a case of textbook love!

Chibimoon asks who they're talking about and that they misunderstood her. JunJun says that they're noisier than usual today and calls for a Lemure, PakPak Man, a big fish. JunJun leaves and PakPak eats the mirror and jumps in the water. The soldiers go over to see where he went and he goes under. They can't find them and then he jumps up and crashes onto the dock. PakPak is at the bottom of the dock and Chibimoon is in the middle, slipping. She's about to go into his mouth when the rose comes and closes it.

Tuxedo Mask tells them to do it, and Chibimoon calls for Pegasus and Sailor Moon does the Moon Gorgeous Meditation. The man goes back to feeding the fish and Rei says that no one will bother her love now. Mamoru wonders if he's the man she loves because he's a lot older than she is. Usagi reminds him that they have an age difference, but Mamoru says their's is a lot bigger. Chibiusa says that they misunderstood and Mako says that she's been worried about her older crush. Minako says that it's two-timing and Ami says that maybe Chibiusa's a little too aggressive to have a first love now. Chibiusa yells for them all to be quiet and says that the one she loves, is a secret. She thinks to herself that one day, she can tell them about Pegasus.

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