Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 160

Episode Title
Otona ni Naru Yume! Amazoness no Touwaku
[Dream to be an Adult! The Amazoness' Bewilderment]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.26
In the circus tent, CereCere says that Zirconia is really mad. One of the freaks says that that's why she has so many wrinkles. JunJun says that she has more wrinkles than skin. VesVes says that if they stretched them out, they'd reach the tips of her toes. Zirconia tells them all to be quiet and PallaPalla says that she's bored. Zirconia gives them an ad for a Coming-of-Age Ceremony (Coming-of-Age is 20 and in Japan, they invite all the people who are turning 20 that year to celebrate). VesVes says that it says that they get together so they can talk about dreams. Zirconia tells them to go, before she gets more wrinkles.

[OP and Title Screen]

Minako tells everyone that she got a part-time job, and everyone is surprised. Usagi says that she wants to make a lot of money and only have to work a little bit. Rei says that there's no job like that and Mako says that the real world isn't that easy. Minako says that it's not a good paying job, but if they do it together, it'll be fun. Usagi says that she really wants to do it, but Rei gets suspicious and says that the work is probably hard and she wants them to go and help her. Ami says that she didn't mention pay either, so they must be low. Minako says not to worry about it and pushes them off.

They get to the Juban Civic Hall and Ami sees the sign and asks if it's volunteer work. Mako says that volunteer means without getting paid and Usagi says that she wants to get paid. Then, some men walk up and they say that Minako brought some friends with her. Minako says that she wants to help as much as possible. They leave and the Quartet walks up and PallaPalla says that she found it. Usagi says that there's more people now and that they can work for free, but the other girls drag her in.

PallaPalla is painting something and VesVes asks why they have to work. JunJun says that they have to stay so they can get all the targets tomorrow. Chibiusa says to move it out a little more and the Quartet looks at her. Usagi is on a rafter trying to put a cloth out on the middle. Usagi says that she can't go and Rei says that she should just pretend she's on a balance beam. Usagi says that a balance beam is all right, it's just the height.

Rei says that she can do it, and Mako says that it's a balance beam, just 5 times longer. Rei starts to go and gets scared too. JunJun gets out to the middle and asks what they want her to do. Rei says that she has to take this cloth and put it in a pattern. JunJun says that they should bring the cloth out to her but they say that if they could have gotten out there, they would have. VesVes takes it and jumps to the other side and CereCere yells and says that they're not supposed to draw attention to themselves.

JunJun tells her to come up and she jumps up. Mako wonders if they're gymnasts or something. The cats go up to Minako and ask if she needs any help and she says that they have more people helping. The Quartet finishes and say that they're a part of a circus, and that's why they can do all that stuff.

Ami walks in and the girls tell her that they're done. PallaPalla says that she doesn't like it, and it looks weird. The girls scold her for not helping and they realize that looking from below, it looks a little strange. Ami uses her computer to find a ratio that would look good and PallaPalla is totally lost. Ami says to move the one on the right, 9 cm and VesVes fixes it and PallaPalla says it looks better.

JunJun and Chibiusa put up a sign and the rope it's hanging on comes loose. They try to hold it on the pulley but it's too heavy. Mako comes and rolls it back up and sets it and says that it should stay now. Rei and CereCere are doing flower arrangements. Rei's is beautiful and CereCere realizes that hers aren't anything to mention.

Minako and Usagi are filling balloons with helium and PallaPalla says that she wants one. They give her one and tell her not to tell anyone. The Quartet is in the audience seats taking a break and PallaPalla brags about what she got. VesVes says that she's so childish, and JunJun says that the girls are really nice.

Later, everyone is admiring the work they've done and they say that the ceremony should be perfect. PallaPalla asks what coming-of-age is, and the girls are surprised that they helped out even though they didn't know what they were helping for. Minako explains that it's the day when you become and adult and CereCere asks why you would celebrate being an adult. PallaPalla says that she doesn't want to be an adult, and the others say that growing up is something bad.


People are starting to fill the hall and Ami, Usagi and Chibiusa are watching. The Quartet appears behind them and they're surprised that they came today. JunJun says that they're looking forward to the ceremony, and Chibiusa says that they said they don't want to be adults. CereCere says that they're interested in the adults' dreams.

An act starts and Rei says that a speech is next so Usagi and Minako are ready with a podium. CereCere comes up and asks why they want to be adults. Usagi says that she wants to marry Mamoru and make her hot soup for him. Minako says it's too small and that she wants to be a big star. CereCere says that she's under the spotlight all the time and that she hates soup. She says that sometimes adults get in trouble for things they don't know they did, so she wants to be a kid.

Mako's just finished putting chairs out on stage and JunJun comes up and asks Ami and Mako why they want to be adults. Ami says that she's going to be a great doctor, and Mako says that hers isn't as great, and says that she's going to open a bakery or something. JunJun asks if it's fun for them to help other people and Ami says that it's good when people think that you're needed for something. Mako says that people are happy to help other people. JunJun says that if that's an adult's dream, they're all crazy.

VesVes and CereCere are downstairs laughing at Rei. She told them that she wants to be a business woman and they laugh because she's going to be working really hard. VesVes says that it's weird to want to work. Rei says that when you help society, you're a responsible adult. They start to laugh even more and Chibiusa tells them to stop. They ask if she wants to grow up too and Chibiusa says that she wants to be a nice lady.

VesVes says that when you become an adult, you have to lose the dream you have now. CereCere says that adults are poor creatures that can't live freely. VesVes says that when you're a kid, you can do what you want, there's no obligations to do things. CereCere says that if you do something wrong, you just say you're sorry and you're done. They both say, "Never be suspicious, adults are the end of kids." There's a scream upstairs and all 4 girls know something's happening. JunJun and PallaPalla have let loose a Lemure, BiriBiri man, an electrical catfish.

VesVes and CereCere come and yell at them for going ahead without them. JunJun says not to complain about little things and to get the dream mirrors. PallaPalla says that she can take care of it and calls for her toy soldiers. The shoot balls out of a cannon and get all the people in the hall, and they're all blank. JunJun says that BiriBiri can eat all the mirrors, and he eats them all. The soldiers appear and the Quartet calls them one-patterned and PallaPalla says that she doesn't like them.

BiriBiri is about to do something, when he short-circuits from eating too many mirrors. The girls start to fight about who's fault it is when the soldiers know they have a chance. They start to attack and PallaPalla sees them coming and they all run. Mars goes after VesVes and Mercury goes after PallaPalla. JunJun throws a big ball at Moon and Chibimoon and CereCere gets on it and chases them, when Jupiter does an Oak evolution and gets JunJun and Venus attacks CereCere. Chibimoon sees PallaPalla hide in the audience and they know they can go get her.

They catch her and the Quartet crowds around them and tell them that they're trapped. They tell the other soldiers to stay put or else they'll do something bad to Moon and Chibimoon. Tuxedo Mask appears and says to stop fighting and find hope in tomorrow's peace. PallaPalla says she doesn't understand and CereCere says that she doesn't know if even he knows what he's saying. Tuxedo Mask says that he can't hide his intelligence and tells Chibimoona and Sailor Moon to go for it. Chibimoon does a Twinkle Yell and Pegasus appears, just as BiriBiri gets up.

Sailor Moon does the Moon Gorgeous Meditation and gets rid of him. The Quartet disappears, and during the ceremony, Minako wonders where the girls went. Mako says they probably went home, and Usagi says they'll meet again. Neherenia says that this opportunity only comes once every 100 years, and that she'll have to do this herself.

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