Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 161

Episode Title
Ugoki Dashita Kyoufu! Yami no Joou no Mashu
[Coming Terror! The Dark Queen's Evil Approach]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.26
Neherenia is wondering to herself who's dream Helios is in. This opportunity comes only once in 100 years, and there's no time to waste. She calls for Zirconia, and asks where the golden mirror is. She says she can't wait any longer and tries to break out of the mirror, but a light burns her hand. The light of the world diminishes her power, if only she could get out. If she had the golden crystal, she could get out, and put the world under the darkness. Neherenia starts to fill the circus with spider threads and the outside too. They'll turn the world to darkness so that she can rule.


Chibiusa doesn't want to do the marathon today, but Ikuko-mommy says that it will be a good day, and if she gets to the end, Usagi said she'd buy anything for her. Chibiusa wishes it would rain, and Mom says that it will be a good day because there's dew drops on a spider web (an old Japanese saying). She sends Chibiusa off and then wonders why there's a spider web in this season.

[Title Screen]

The marathon starts and Chibiusa goes by and the girls are disappointed because it was over so quickly. Mako asks if they should go to the finish line to cheer for her, but Minako says that Mamoru is there, and that they can go to the cafe and wait for her. They leave and a spider thread comes down. Usagi says that it's sad running in a marathon on a Sunday morning. Mako says that it's nice to run with all your strength, and Rei asks if Minako ran a lot when she played volleyball. Minako says of course, but she doesn't dare run now. Ami says that she's not a good runner and Rei always thought she was a good runner. Ami says that she likes swimming slowly better, and maybe she's lazy. Usagi says that someone who carries their books even when cheering in a marathon is definitely not lazy. Another spider thread comes down and Ami walks right through it.

At the finish line, Diana sees that Chibiusa is in first place. Chibiusa wins and Diana says that she's really proud of the future princess. Mamoru says they should go, Usagi and the others are waiting at the cafe. Just then, Mamoru gets hit by a spider thread and falls down. He tries to shrug it off as nothing, but Chibiusa knows there's something wrong. More and more spider threads are coming down.

Minako is playing a fighting game and the girls are watching. Ami says that they should go, it's getting kind of late. Usagi says that she's worrying too much, and then sees something. She says that maybe Ami is worrying a little too much, a gray hair. Ami looks at it and says that it's more like a spider thread. She wonders where she got it during the winter, and Usagi finds a big spider web in the top of a wall. Rei says that she couldn't have gotten it from up there and Mako wonders if Motoki ever cleans the place.

They leave and Usagi notices that it's a little dark out. Minako makes a joke about clouds and spiders (In Japanese, they're both pronounced Kumo). Rei says that it's not really cloudy, but Ami says that it's just because they came out of a brighter place.

At the cafe, Chibiusa yells at them for being late and reminds Usagi of her promise to buy her anything she wanted. Rei says that it was Usagi's fault because she wanted to stop by the arcade to kill some time. They go outside and Mamoru gets hit by another spider thread. He falls again and Usagi asks what happened and Chibiusa says that it happened before. She finds the spider thread and Ami asks for it, so that she can analyze it. Unazuki comes out and asks what they're doing on the stairs still and Usagi says they found a spider thread. Unazuki says that that's the fifth one she's found today.

Minako notices that it's really starting to get dark and more spider threads come down. Neherenia says that this is perfect for her, and she'll cover those shining people with the shadow of the New Moon. She calls for Zirconia and tells her to take advantage of the darkness and find the golden mirror so she can get the golden crystal, there's no time to waste.


Chibiusa wakes up the next morning and it's still dark out and the city's covered in spider webs. Pegasus appears and says that they're bringing the darkness here and that he has to leave. He says that he has to find someone who can release the power of the golden crystal and that if he doesn't, the Dead Moon will destroy this world and Elusion. Chibiusa says that she can find that person, and that he can't leave. He says that he's putting her in danger, and that if he doesn't leave now, it'll be sadder for her later. He starts to leave and Chibiusa grabs the globe and says that he told her that he needs the light of her dream, and that he'd always be with her as long as she believes in her dream.

Outside, the girls know that the enemies have done this and Ami tries to find their headquarters. They find out it's the circus and they go to check things out. They go and the hear some girls laughing. The Quartet is catching piles of mirror and they're all blank. They're complaining that there's too many and even a Lemure would have a stomach ache if it ate this many mirrors. Usagi asks what they're doing and CereCere says that this is their job and if they value their lives, not to bother them.

They all transform and the girls realize that the girls they met before are actually the enemies. Usagi says that it can't be true and they aim for the new pile of kids and take out the mirrors. None of them are gold, and CereCere says that they should put all these blank mirrors in the garbage or something. Usagi gets mad and says she won't forgive them and grabs her brooch.

[BGM - Sailor Team no Theme]

They all transform and the Quartet is shocked to learn that they're the sailor soldiers. The soldiers all do the "In the name of the moon, we'll punish you" and JunJun wonders why they should be punished. Venus says that they won't under stand until they get severely punished and Jupier does an Oak Evolution and the Quartet dodges it and Venus does a Love and Beauty Shock but VesVes just traps it into her ball.

[End BGM]

CereCere shoots tiny balls out of her ball and the soldiers are kept busy while PallaPalla does a spell, "Ball Control!" She controls them all with her doll that looks like Sailor Moon and says that now it's time to die, and tries to pull the arms apart. Just before the doll snaps, the red rose comes and knocks the doll out of PallaPalla's hands. Tuxedo Mask comes and says that they blocked out the sunlight that all living creatures cherish. He jumps down but then falls down. PallaPalla cries that she got cut and Zirconia calls out to them and says to get back inside, the greatest event of the century is about to start.

They disappear and Mars wonders what they mean. The dream mirrors go back into all the children and Sailor Moon still can't believe those girls are the enemy. Tuxedo Mask is in pain and he says that since those spider webs appeared, he's felt a pain inside. Just then, the sun starts to get covered up. Mars wonders if it's another eclipse and Mercury says that the next one should be much farther in the future. Chibimoon wonders if this is a spell from the Dead Moon. The soldiers say they can't just let this happen anymore, and they should go and fight. Just then, Pegasus appears and says that they shouldn't go against the Dead Moon yet.

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