Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 162

Episode Title
Yami no Shingenchi Dead Moon Circus
[The Center of the Darkness, Dead Moon Circus]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.27
A review from the last episode, Pegasus tells the soldiers they shouldn't fight the Dead Moon yet.

[OP and Title Screen]

Jupiter asks if he means that they don't have enough power or something. Pegasus says that the Dead Moon can't be defeated by force. He says that the Dead Moon thrives on abandoned dreams, and as long as people give up on their dreams, the Dead Moon will never die. Sailor Moon asks who he is, and Pegasus says that he is the guardian of Elusion, Helios. Elusion sealed the Dead Moon in the past, but the seal has been weakened, and they awoke.

He says that Queen Neherenia is creating the darkness in this world, and to seal her again, they need the power of the golden crystal. He says that the golden crystal is in his horn, and is said to have the power to destroy planets. The soldiers say that they can defeat the Dead Moon with Pegasus' help, but Chibimoon says that Pegasus can't use the power by himself. She says that Pegasus has been searching for the person who can release the power, but he can't find them. Pegasus says that the golden crystal is a secret among the guardians of Elusion, but he broke the rule and told Chibimoon about it.

He thought that she could release it, because when he was thrown into the darkness, she gave him light. He says they don't have much time left, and he disappears. Vines come out of the ground and cover all the buildings and Mamoru falls down. Inside the mirror, Helios is glowing, Neherenia says that his soul is talking to someone. She gets mad because even though he's like this, he still dares to disgrace her.

Mamoru is in bed and can barely breathe and the others are in his room. He says that he heard Pegasus' voice before. It said that because he's the guardian of the earth, his body is reflecting its current situation. Chibiusa says that she wishes she could release the power of the golden crystal. Minako says they should go to get rid of Neherenia. They leave, but Usagi stays behind. Mamoru apologizes for sending her off alone, Usagi says that his her pain. She says she'll make him feel better, and save the earth.

At the circus, the freaks are dancing around and Chibiusa tells them to stop. They clear out and make a straight path right to the circus. Mako wonders if this is an invitation to go in, and the Quartet comes down on ropes and says she's right.


PallaPalla says they were expecting them, and Rei says that they shouldn't wait, and they transform. CereCere says that they've reserved front row seats for them, but only if they can get in and they disappear. The Lemures start to attack and the soldiers fight back and get to the circus. The Quartet's inside and PallaPalla says they're strong, and CereCere says that the Lemures are too weak. They start to fight about who let them come here and Neherenia appears. They say that they want a stronger power so they can really get the sailor soldiers. Neherenia agrees and charges their stones with dark power.

The girls get inside and they start to go up on a platform. Mercury says that she remembered something, a dream of a Pegasus from when she was little. The others say they had the same dream, and that everyone probably has that dream when they're small. Chibimoon says that it's not a dream for her. Jupiter says that Chibimoon really likes Pegasus and she's forgotten that feeling. They say that when they told themselves that a Pegasus is only a fairy tale creature, they can only see him in a dream.

The girls get to the top and the Quartet appears and they start to attack. JunJun starts hitting balls at the soldiers and Jupiter tries to catch them but she drops one and it blows up. CereCere starts to swing and throws flowers at them and PallaPalla starts to follow Mars around on a big ball. Mercury says that they're acting much different now. VesVes throws some weird stuff at Sailor Moon and Chibimoon and the soldiers get them out of the way and get caught in it. The Quartet wonders which one they should get rid of first and the Crystal Carillon appears.

Inside the mirror, Helios' body is glowing, his host must be near. Neherenia sees the host and sees that it's Chibimoon. Chibimoon does a Twinkle Yell and Sailor Moon does the Moon Gorgeous Meditation at the Quartet but Zirconia blocks it and saves them. Zirconia says that he knows that Pegasus is an illusion, and that he can only live in a beautiful dream when in the real world, so they'll have to capture the beautiful dreamer. She shoots Zircon with her stick (It looks like she's playing golf) and it takes out Chibimoon's mirror and Pegasus goes into the mirror.

The Quartet is really impressed, they finally get to see the golden mirror. Chibimoon says no and pulls the mirror back into her, but then Zirconia traps her behind a mirror. Mamoru is in his bed still and knows that something's happening to Chibimoon. Zirconia laughs and says that Pegasus and the Golden Crystal are now theirs.

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