Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 163

Episode Title
Kagami no Meikyu! Toraerareta Chibimoon
[Mirror Labyrinth! Trapped Chibimoon]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.27
The sun is being covered even more and inside the tent, Zirconia and the Quartet disappear. Sailor Moon says that she'll get Chibimoon out of the mirror and tries to break it but it disappears and she falls down. Zirconia's voice says that Pegasus' host is now theirs.

[OP and Title Screen]

The soldiers are walking through the tent and there's a fork in the way. They go one way and Mars says that she feels something evil ahead. Inside the mirror, Chibimoon is freed, and Pegasus' globe appears. She calls for him and nearby, his body glows. Finally finding him, the globe disappears and she knows that it's Helios, the boy from the crystal forest. She says she'll get him out, but Neherenia says that she won't and ties her up in spider webs.

Chibimoon asks why she does such terrible things to Helios and Neherenia says that she'll never know how she feels. She tells the story, she was an evil queen on a small and dark planet. She always watched the moon's prosperity and brightness, and was jealous. She wanted the Silver Millenium somehow and learned of the existence of the golden crystal, that could let her rule the moon and all of space. The golden crystal was protected by a boy on earth in a place called Elusion.

She went to Elusion and when she saw the boy, she realized she wanted the boy too. She said that they could use the power together and rule together. Helios said that if you have a beautiful dream, you can have this crystal, but if you don't, you'll be punished as someone with a poor mind. She went up to the crystal, but it burst into flames, and she couldn't get the crystal. Soon after, the White Moon Queen sealed her into the darkness. But the queen looked for a chance, and sent her family to earth during the eclipse. Chibimoon says that Helios did nothing to her, and Neherenia says that she's right and that she should be punishing the people of the White Moon.

She electrocutes Chibimoon and calls for Zirconia. She praises her for finding the host and says to get rid of the sailor soldiers. The Quartet is in their room and they say that they're bored. VesVes is making something like a telescope and she says that they have to have something to do. The telescope spies on Neherenia and the other girls say that she shouldn't spy on the queen. PallaPalla makes a Chibimoon doll and CereCere opens a hole in the wall. JunJun replaces the real Chibimoon with the doll.


The girls are still walking through the tent when the come upon room full of mirrors. Sailor Moon stops at one and the other girls say to hurry up. She leaves but the reflection stays and gives her an evil look. Zirconia is in a room with lots of candles and casts a spell to get the Sailor Soldiers. They all find themselves alone in the mirror room, Jupiter goes up to a mirror and the reflection starts to talk to her. It says that she shouldn't be a soldier, she really is a gentle girl, but if she keeps fighting, she'll be farther away from the pretty girl she wants to be.

She tells her to give up and come inside so they can have a sweet dream together. Mercury's reflection has grabbed her and asks if she's given up her dream because she's fighting so much. Venus' reflection says that she's having such a hard time keeping the peace that no one appreciates her anymore. Let's forget about those people and live for our dream. Mars has lots of reflections and they all say that the enemy is strong and there's no guarantee she'll win. She really wants to run away.

Sailor Moon sees the other girls walking off and she sees a reflection of herself behind her and gets scared. Her reflection says that she knows it's scary, and they should have a dream together (Zirconia is controlling all the reflections in case you haven't figured it out). The reflection is about to grab her and she remembers Mamoru and Chibimoon and steps away from the mirror. The reflection asks if she hurts or something, and Sailor Moon asks if she can see the pain in her heart. If the reflection can't see that pain and she doesn't know that Sailor Moon likes herself as she is now, then the reflection isn't really her. Sailor Moon does a Moon Tiara Action and Venus does a Love and Beauty Shock and Mercury does an Aqua Rhapsody and all the mirrors are destroyed.

They see Zirconia in the mirror and say that they still believe in their dreams but right now, they have a much bigger dream. Zirconia says that they won't get out alive and the mirror shows the Quartet's room. They've taken the Pegasus out of the mirror and they try to get on for a ride, but they fall through and they remember that he's just an illusion. He doesn't listen to them and PallaPalla puts a bridle on him to make him obey.

They wonder if they can get the golden crystal out and they try but the flames come back and keep them away. PallaPalla gets mad for him burning her and she binds him tighter. Chibimoon wakes up and asks what they did, and they say they did nothing and that they should leave him to his fate. Chibimoon won't let that happen and goes through the flames and breaks the bridle off and the flames stop. Zirconia gets mad at them for trying to steal Pegasus and traps them in mirror and puts Pegasus back in the golden mirror and the image disappears in the mirror that the soldiers are watching.

In another dimension, PallaPalla says that Neherenia will get them out soon. JunJun is thinking about Chibimoon, and wonders if they're missing something. Chibimoon is trapped in the spider webs again behind the mirror, and the sun is about to be totally covered.

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