Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 164

Episode Title
Golden Crystal Shutsugen! Neherenia no Maryoku
[The Golden Crystal Appears! Neherenia's Spell]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.27
Neherenia says that it's coming and Mamoru is in more pain. The sun is being covered more and Luna says that she remembers an old story about an evil witch that was sealed into the new moon. Artemis says that he heard the story too, and that the White Moon Queen sealed her, and that she couldn't get out. A long time ago, in the Amazon, the Quartet is running and PallaPalla falls down. The other help her up and they see something in a nearby pond. It's a mirror in the sand and the take it out. It starts to glow and Neherenia starts to talk to them.

[OP and Title Screen]

In the other dimension, CereCere is playing with a flower to find out if they'll get out soon. VesVes says her fortune-telling is always wrong. CereCere says that they'll get out soon but JunJun doesn't believe it and tries to get out herself but can't. PallaPalla says that Neherenia will get them out soon, and JunJun wonders if Neherenia is mad about them trying to steal Pegasus. VesVes says that she's not grumpy like Zirconia and she'll let them out.

Back in the Amazon, the girls wonder if it's a magic mirror, and Neherenia says that she can use magic. As a sign of her gratitude for waking her up, she wants to give them some round stones. Back in the other dimension, PallaPalla says that she's sorry and she wants to get out. Neherenia tells Zirconia that she'll get Pegasus out now, and that she should go and get rid of the soldiers this time.

Neherenia gets an evil smile on her face and shoots an energy beam through Chibimoon and takes the mirror out by force. Pegasus comes out of the mirror and Neherenia says that if he doesn't obey her, she'll kill the girl. Pegasus turns into a light ball and goes back into Helios' body.

Mercury says that she's found Chibimoon, she's just up ahead. Zirconia appears and says that she's been waiting for them and starts to multiply. She asks if they'll be able to defeat her if they don't have Pegasus to help. Helios wakes up and says that he'll never belong to her and he looks at her the same way he did when the golden crystal burst into flames. She starts to wrinkle and then blasts him into Chibimoon. Helios and Chibimoon hug and then Neherenia gets really mad and tries to keep them apart with spider webs. They grab each other's hands and Chibimoon says that it's the first time Helios called her Chibiusa, and they let go.


CereCere wonders if Neherenia is mad. VesVes takes a look to find out and she finds Zirconia with the soldiers. Jupiter does an Oak Evolution and the other soldiers destroy all the Zirconia's, and they're all mirrors, but then they come back and blast the soldiers. Mercury says that there must be a real one and she finds her, and hits her with an Aqua Rhapsody. VesVes says that the soldiers are doing really well, then they disappear into the mirror.

Zirconia asks Neherenia for more power and the Quartet appears. They get the idea that they're supposed to take over for Zirconia, but they get tied up in spider webs and their energy is taken and given to Zirconia. She thanks Neherenia for the wonderful new energy. Neherenia says to make sure to finish them this time. The Quartet wonders what she means, Neherenia says that they're power is the perfect energy to support the Dead Moon.

Sailor Moon tries to free them and Zirconia tries to blast the other soldiers. Mercury finds out that the energy is being taken through their stones, and they have to destroy them. VesVes says they can't, the Amazon Stones are the crystals of their dreams. If they break them, they'll grow up and not be able to use magic. Sailor Moon says that truly beautiful dreams won't be destroyed, once you've become an adult. Zirconia says that adults don't dream and blasts Sailor Moon.

CereCere starts to pluck her flowers and it says that she should destroy the ball. JunJun says that her fortune-telling is always wrong and they destroy the stones. The Quartet is freed and they say that they won't follow Zirconia anymore. Zirconia leaves and the Quartet tells the soldiers that she stays at the end of this path.

Inside the mirror, Neherenia takes the golden crystal out of Helios' horn. Mamoru and Sailor Moon both realize something's happening. Neherenia is pleased that she finally has the golden crystal, and Helios disappears. Neherenia says that this is nothing compared to the sadness she had to feel because of the White Moon Queen, and puts Chibimoon under an eternal sleep spell.

Zirconia comes to the mirror and sees the golden crystal in her hand. Neherenia asks what makes Zirconia happy, and she kisses up and says that it's seeing Neherenia in the mirror everyday. Neherenia asks if she knows what's the most pitiful thing about her, Zirconia doesn't answer and Neherenia says that she doesn't want to see Zirconia in the mirror anymore and now, she doesn't have to.

She breaks through the mirror and Zirconia disappears. The mirror breaks and Neherenia laughs hysterically (This is one of the best laughs I've ever heard a villian do) and says that the world is hers. The sun is totally covered and Sailor Moon and the other soldiers find Chibimoon asleep in front of the broken mirror. The tent starts to shake and outside, dark lightning strikes, and hundreds of smaller circus tents come down from the sky.

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