Sailor Moon SuperS episode 165

Episode Title
Crystal no Kagayaku Toki Utsukushiki Yume no Chikara
Air Date
  • Summary by Jason Huhn, 1999.06.16
Dozens of Dead Moon Circus tents were flying around and falling apart as Super Sailor Moon was in the arms of Sailor Chibi Moon who is still unconscious. A huge boulder from up above was breaking and was about to fall on the Sailor Senshi, but Sailor Jupiter uses her Oak Evolution to shatter the boulder. Then they heard a voice laughing. It was the awakening of Neherenia, the queen of the Dead Moon.

Back at Mamoru's apartment, Luna, Artemis and Diana see Mamoru still in bed tossing and turning saying Usako. Then back in the line of fire for the senshi, Sailor Venus used her Love And Beauty Shock, Sailor Mercury used her Aqua Rhapsody and Sailor Mars used her Flame Sniper to attack Neherenia, but none of them had any affect on her. Neherenia used the golden crystal on the senshi to attack them all.

The Asteroids were all watching. They all needed to find a way to steal the golden crystal and let Super Sailor Moon use it. Pallapalla had an idea and handed a small pineapple to Junjun. Meantime, Super Sailor Moon didn't want to quit. She wanted to defeat Neherenia and all the senshi joined hands and shouted, "SAILOR PLANET ATTACK!" But it was no good, Super Sailor Moon and the others were losing strength.

Back at apartment, Mamoru, was still in bed. But the cats all hear a voice. It was Ellios' voice calling for Prince Endymion. Mamoru was in a dream where he was Prince Endymion, and sees a strange place where it looked so familiar to him. It was the Golden Kingdom. A sacred place protected by his family. Suddenly, the bushes began to surround him and it all set to black. Then he sees a guy at the beam of light. It was a guy with a unicorn horn on his head. It was Ellios.

[CM Break]

The blackness returned to the kingdom with the garden around them. Mamoru realized it was the Pegasus that saved Sailor Moon all this time. Ellios told Mamoru that his mission was to protect the dreams of people and he likes dreams so much. He runs off to help Super Sailor Moon by giving Sailor Chibi Moon a kiss to make her all well again. Neherenia tried to attack Ellios, but it was too late. Chibi Moon was revived.

But Neherenia said still had the Golden Crystal, or did she? She opened her hand and to her surprise it was the small pineapple. One of the Asteroids Vesves, secretly switched the two. Vesves tosses the Golden Crystal to Super Sailor Moon to help defeat Neherenia. Sailor Jupiter told her to do it quickly. So she did just that. Super Sailor Moon uses her Golden Crystal, but it wasn't working. Neherenia said that it only works on her evil power or people's beautiful dreams. Ellios told Sailor Chibi Moon that the power of dreams still exists. So Sailor Chibi Moon had an idea. She went up to the Golden Crystal and said this.

Chibi: Everybody, can you hear me?
Chibi: Everybody on Earth with beautiful dreams!
Chibi: Please, lend me your power!
Chibi: Right now, bad guys are invading this world!
Chibi: To ruin our world!
Chibi: If we let them do what they want... this world...
Chibi: ...where we'll realize our dreams, will be ruined!
Chibi: They're trying to infringe on everything, such as our important dreams and beloved ones!
Chibi: Please! Please, pray with me! Please, fight with me! Please, shout with me!
Chibi: Moon Crisis Power!

Then everyone in Tokyo were all saying the same words. "Moon Crisis Power." several times until the darkness around the Earth was dispensed. Neherenia couldn't believe the Golden Crystal was beginning to react. Ellios was released for the strangles that Neherenia used earlier. Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon said together one more time, "Moon Crisis Power!"

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