Sailor Moon SuperS episode 166

Episode Title
Yume yo Itsu made mo! Hikari, Ten ni Michite
Air Date
  • Summary by Jason Huhn, 1999.06.16
The Golden Crystal is reacting and the entire Dead Moon Circus was destroyed, except for the one the Senshis were all on and Ellios. Super Sailor Moon was still in Chibi Moon's arms 'til she was taken away by a force that is sending her to the sky, as did many pieces of the remaining Dead Moon Circus flying up towards the New Moon. Super Sailor Moon managed to grab hold and climb up. Neherenia was walking up some stairs and carrying Chibi Moon. She was thinking if she was the power of dreams. Super Sailor Moon runs up the long flight of stairs chasing Neherenia and saving Chibi Moon to the both reach the top of which was the remains of Neherenia's bedroom, now all open space and a mirror behind Neherenia and Chibi Moon on the ground in front of her.

Neherenia told her not to come closer and her face was turned away. Then when Neherenia turned to Super Sailor Moon, she grew old. She also said, "You're a reincarnation of the White Moon Queen." Sailor Moon didn't know if she seen her before. So she told her side of her story of when she was a young queen.


She was proud of herself and everyone loved her. But one day Neherenia was looking at the mirror and asked what her beautiful future of that dream would be. Then the mirror showed a reflection of Neherenia older as seen now to Super Sailor Moon. It was all scary to her. Then the mirror said to her, "Never... never be suspicious of dreams within the dreams of dreaming kids!" a few times. Then Neherenia said those words too and began her evilness with her servants later on as she turned them all into mirror monsters.

[End flashback]

Neherenia didn't want her to be ugly figure. Super Sailor Moon asked if that was why she was all alone forever, but Neherenia felt insulted and attacked her with a Zirconic monster from her chest to choke Super Sailor Moon's neck over the edge of the cliff. It was a long way down. Neherenia wanted Super Sailor Moon to die, but the Zironic monster returned back into Neherenia's chest. Neherenia didn't like the way Super Sailor Moon's eyes looked. She hated it so much. So she did the unthinkable. She tossed Chibi Moon over the edge and falling over 50,000 feet and approaching the bottom at a fast rate.

[CM Break]

Neherenia asked how Super Super Moon felt when she saw Chibi Moon falling. So Super Sailor Moon decided to fall right after her. Neherenia thought it was a foolish move and she gave up on her own dreams and future. Neherenia was getting closer to the New Moon and she decided to enter the mirror and admit she'd be alone forever. Neherenia returns back to her normal age, as the entire remains of the room, were all shattered and destroyed. The mirror with Neherenia inside flew up towards the New Moon. The last words from her were "Stay young and beautiful, I'll keep on living!" and gives out a laugh.

Super Sailor Moon was trying to fall faster for Chibi Moon. But the wind is preventing her from gaining any speed for Chibi Moon. So she decided to use the Golden Crystal and change into Princess Serenity. Sailor Chibi Moon was falling and falling and falling towards Earth, into the atmosphere. Princess Serenity manages to grab Sailor Chibi Moon, but they were still falling and falling fast. Serenity wanted Chibi Moon to wake up. Then she did wake up and said, "Let's realize... our dreams... together." Ellios heard Chibi Moon's voice and ran off to rescue them. Super Sailor Moon & Chibi Moon would be killed if they landed on the ground, but they didn't hit bottom yet. However, Ellios jumped off into the air and changed back into Pegasus and caught them both and took them to safety to a crossbridge.

Later at Tenth Hill Park, Pegasus changed back to Ellios and told his friends that he had to leave. He was now the guardian of the Golden Crystal of the sacred place Illusion. She couldn't stay in the world he was in for a long time. Mamoru understood. Ellios gave Chibi-Usa a sweet kiss on her hand and saying that he wouldn't forget her. Mako, Minako and Rei were all shocked to see Chibi-Usa fall in love with someone. Chibi-Usa screamed out "Look, a UFO!" Mamoru and the other girls turned away which was just a joke because Chibi-Usa came to Ellios and gave him a big hug. She will miss him so very much.

The Asteroids were looking behind a bush from a distance. Cerecere didn't think it was suitable to say good-bye to them. But Vesves said, "Well, if we get a chance, I'm sure we can see them again." Then the Asteroids all left the park. Ellios changed back into Pegasus and begin to fly off. But Chibi-Usa ran along because she wanted to tell him something. But it was too late.

Chibi: I didn't tell you about myself or my dreams!
Usagi: You can see him again!
Chibi: I know that I can see you again.
Chibi: Then, I'll let you know my dream, Pegasus!

And so the Pegasus flies off and into the heavens of the Northern Lights.

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