Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 167

Episode Title
Akumu no Hana wo Chirasu Toki! Yami no Joou Fukkatsu
[The time has come for the nightmare to be scattered! The Queen of darkness revives.]
Air Date
Opening Song
Sailor Star Song (Hanazawa Kae)
Ending Song
Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto.. (Mizuki Arisa)
Guest characters
voice (Horie Mitsuko)
  • Summary by Ross TenEyck
  • Additions and editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.06.22
  • Additional information by Brad Lascelle, 1996.06.24
We see Hotaru, still a baby, in a crib outside a house; cherry blossoms are blowing in the wind, and everything is bright, happy and sunny. Hotaru seems fascinated by the blossoms; as she stares at them, she has a vision of Sailor Moon, in her (not yet existing) Eternal outfit, standing on top of some big spiky thing.

Sailor Moon says, "I'm the one that wraps everything. I'm the senshi born from everyone's love, Eternal."

Tomoe-sensei, with white hair, appears and picks up Hotaru. Then he turns around and sees Setsuna standing behind him. Setsuna says, "Hotaru, I've come to pick you up."


Usagi is in a park, looking up at the sky; she hears her name called and turns around to see the other four Senshi. She runs to them; everybody seems to be in high spirits. They are wearing new school uniforms, as they were going to Juuban High School.

Usagi says, "I'm happy that I can be with everyone."

Minako was happy to be going to the same school as Usagi, Mako, and Ami. Usagi and Minako were both happy that they will have someone who will get low scores with them. Mako was happy that the tests were over. When Rei comments about that, Ami, Usagi, and Minako point out that Rei's school is an elevator system, so she didn't have to take the entrance tests like the others.

Rei is still going to T*A Private Girls' School, so her sailor suit is the same grey one as before.

Mamoru and Chibi-Usa show up, and everyone says Hi; then Chibi-Usa announces that it's time for her to go home to Crystal Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Neherenia is satisfied that she can remain beautiful forever in her place. But a voice appears and says that it's a waste to keep such beauty locked up.

Neherenia says, "Who are you?"
The voice says, "I'm the one who will grant your wishes."

Then the owner of the voice broke the seal, and Neherenia was freed.

That night, the five Senshi, the cats, Mamoru and Chibi-Usa are in the park to say good-bye to Chibi-Usa and Diana as they leave. Artemis is draped backwards over Minako's shoulder; when he turns around, we see that he's sobbing over the departure of Diana.

Chibi-Usa pulls out her Time Key, and goes through the magic words to open the door through time. A beam of light appears and shoots up to the sky behind her; she pauses to say her final good-byes to everyone.

Neherenia, floating overhead, sees the beam of light; a disc appears in front of her and she sees images of Chibi-Usa, the Senshi, and Mamoru. Neherenia remembers the events at the end of SMSS, where Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon dive off the building; presumably, she recognizes the Senshi in their civilian identities.

Neherenia says, "It can't be! They can't be alive!"

The voice tells Neherenia that she should be the queen of earth. Neherenia gets madder and madder. "I can't forgive them."

Prompted by the disembodied voice, Neherenia screams and produces her own soul-mirror. The voice says, "Shatter it. Then your revenge will be complete."

Then Neherenia shatters the mirror. The mirror explodes into thousands of tiny shards, which start to fall towards the ground.

In the park, Chibi-Usa is about to step into the beam of light, when falling stars appear in the sky (actually the mirror shards, of course.) Everyone looks up; most of them seem to think they're pretty, but Rei has a bad feeling about them.

Mamoru says, "It's strange that there's so much."
Ami says, "There's too many."

As everyone is looking up, Mamoru gets one of the shards in his eye. Usagi asks him if he's OK, and he says he's fine, but as he does, his eye flashes with an odd golden light. Usagi sees this and is puzzled; but at that moment, Chibi-Usa's light beam flickers and goes out. Chibi-Usa and the others are shocked by this, and wonder what could have caused it.

[CM break]

We see a tall building at night; in the background, shards are still falling. Inside the building is an aquarium; Haruka and Michiru are here. They talk for a while, teasing each other gently, then step outside, into a courtyard area on top of the building. There are several other people here, mostly couples necking on the benches. The shards are still falling.

Michiru looks in her talisman-mirror, and gets a brief image of something covering the moon.

Michiru says, "I felt an evil energy coming close to the moon."
Haruka says, "The enemy?"
Michiru says, "I don't know. It disappeared right away."

Several of the people on the roof get shards in their eyes and cry out in pain; as Haruka and Michiru are looking about, another shard falls and cuts Haruka's hand. Michiru kisses the wound, then spits out a glass shard into her handkerchief. Haruka sees at and knocks it away, where the shard begins to grow. It quickly grows into a female figure, somewhat reminiscent of Neherenia, with a really irritating giggle. Several other mirror paredory appear around the rooftop, and surround the two.

Just as the mirror paredory are about to attack, Sailor Pluto's Dead Scream attack blasts them all into fragments. Sailor Pluto appears, holding the baby Hotaru.

Sailor Uranus says, "Is it really you, Sailor Pluto?"
Sailor Pluto says, "There is a big warp in the time-line."
Sailor Uranus says, "That's Hotaru, isn't it?"
Sailor Pluto says, "I borrowed her from Professor Tomoe."
Sailor Uranus says, "Why?"
Sailor Pluto says, "It's getting close to the time, when we need her power."

Then the glass fragments start to regenerate into more mirror paredory. Sailor Pluto puts down baby Hotaru in a flower bed, and Haruka and Michiru transform. The three Senshi attack the mirror paredory -- hand- to-hand, this time -- but the fragments keep regenerating. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are wondering what to do, when one of the mirror paredory -- in blatant violation of the Time-Out-For-Soliloquies rule -- leaps at Sailor Uranus and knocks her off the roof. Sailor Neptune grabs her by the hand, and is trying to pull her back onto the roof, when Sailor Pluto screams, "Hotaru!" Sailor Pluto is being held by several of the mirror paredory, and one of them is about to kill baby Hotaru.

This proves to be a tactical error. Baby Hotaru looks up at the mirror paredory with big, innocent eyes; then generates an enormous blast of energy and disintegrates it. The Saturn-symbol appears on her forehead, and there's some rather nifty choral background music. We see Sailors Neptune, Uranus and Pluto floating in space. The senshi uniforms of the outer senshi have been modified and upgraded to parallel the similar enhancements the inner senshi acquired from Pegasus in episode 143 of SuperS (heart brooches, star chokers, longer bows, etc).

"A new power is born."

Then energy surrounds them and they appear back on the roof. They do a combined World Shaking-Deep Submerge-Dead Scream attack, and all the mirror paredory are disintegrated for good.

Sailor Neptune says, "Is it a new enemy?"

The three Senshi hear a voice behind them and turn around; it's Hotaru, who has somehow grown to an apparent age af about four.

Hotaru says, "The time for reform has come."

Once again there is an images of Sailor Moon standing on the big crystal spiky thing; then there's some thunder and black lightning, and Sailor Moon is now trapped in vines that have grown up around the big crystal spiky thing.

Hotaru says, "The princess is in danger."

Up above the Earth, the disembodied voice laughs evilly.

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