Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 168

Episode Title
Saturn no Mezame! Sailor 10 Senshi Shuuketsu
[Saturn awakens! The 10 Sailor Senshi gather]
Air Date
Opening Song
Sailor Star Song (Hanazawa Kae)
Ending Song
Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto.. (Mizuki Arisa)
Guest characters
mirror paredory (Uwagawa Emi)
mirror paredory (Enomoto Mikiko)
  • Summary by Ross TenEyck
  • Additions and editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.06.22
Usagi and Mamoru are in a park, sitting on a bench; Usagi is holding the string to a mylar balloon. Usagi is talking excitedly, but Mamoru is responding in monosyllables. Usagi realizes this, and starts saying a lot of silly tongue twisters. But Mamoru just keeps replying, "Yes."

Then when Usagi confronts Mamoru, "You haven't been listening to me!" the sunlight reflecting off her balloon seems to be hurting Mamoru, especially in his eye that has the shard in it. He cries out and knocks the balloon away, where it floats off into the sky.

Mamoru seems to come to himself, and he apologizes to Usagi. She's worried about him, but he says he hasn't been feeling too well recently, and says good-bye. Usagi watches him walk away, and says, "Mamo-chan..."

Later, the five girls are in the cafe. They are saying how nice it is to have peace. Ami says that they can concentrate on school work. Rei says that she's studying English on TV. Mako says that she's watching that TV show too, and says that the announcer is very cool. Ami wasn't sure if Rei and Mako were really studying. But Usagi was just worried about Mamoru.

A car drives up to the Tomoe house, and Haruka and Michiru get out. The young Hotaru runs out to greet them, "Haruka papa, Michiru mama." Then she sees a butterfly go by and runs off after it.

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna -- who has come out of the house -- talk for a while.
"Hotaru has been growing at an amazing rate."
"Every morning, she's grown a lot."
"It's not just her body, it's her mind too."

Then they suddenly realize that Hotaru is missing. They run through the house, opening doors, until they come together in front of Hotaru's room. They look at each other, nod, and open the door.

Hotaru is inside, holding a glowing energy ball. Setsuna says that Hotaru is simulating the big bang. The ball quickly grows, then clears to show a starry sky, and then the solar system. Then we see the moon, then the moon superimposed over Sailor Moon looking away. Hotaru collapses, and the others rush up to her. Hotaru has a vision of a dark cloud engulfing the moon. Hotaru cries out that she's frightened ("Kowai!"), and Haruka holds her.

Outside the cafe, the other four girls are trying to cheer up Usagi, until they are distracted by a couple of cute guys walking by. Even Usagi notices them... but while the girls are ogling, a reflection of Neherenia appears in the window behind Usagi.

[CM break]

Mamoru is at home, working on his computer (it looks like he's programming in Basic). The phone rings, but he ignores it. His eye flashes with the golden light, and he clutches at it in pain, and throws the keyboard to the floor. He recovers, and looks ruefully at the keyboard. Looking at the dead monitor, he recalls Usagi's words, and remembers her from earlier at the park.

Usagi is in her room, worrying about Mamoru. A reflection of Neherenia appears in the window, and says that she's going to get Usagi. Usagi is startled ("Nani?!"), and looks out the window in time to see a crow fly out of the tree outside. She says, "Mamo-chan..." quietly again.

At the Tomoe house, Michiru comes into a room and tells the other two that Hotaru is fine.

Later, Usagi is asleep in her bed, and Neherenia looks at her from inside the mirror.

We see several views of the city at night... the silhouette of Neherenia is visible in every reflective surface, and we hear her laughing.

Hotaru is asleep in bed, and wakes up to see the reflection of Neherenia in her window. Then she hears a voice, and turns to see Sailor Saturn surrounded by light.

Sailor Saturn says, "Wake up."
Hotaru says, "Who are you?"
Sailor Saturn says, "I'm Sailor Saturn. I'm your protector. The time has some. You have to awaken."

Then Sailor Saturn touches Hotaru's forehead with a ball of light, and Hotaru remembers the events of SMS. The Saturn symbol appears on Hotaru's forehead, and she says quietly, "Watashi ha..."

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna are talking in a room, when Hotaru appears in the doorway. She has aged again, and is now the same age as she was in SMS -- her "real" age. The Outer Senshi are rather surprised at this.

Hotaru says, "The danger is approaching the princess. The darkness is approaching."

The next day, at Rei's temple, the Inner Senshi and Chibi-Usa are talking. Rei tells them what had happened the previous day. A mirror starts to tremble, and dark energy appears around it. Rei opens the door, and throws one of her anti-evil scrolls at the mirror, and it quiets down.

The girls say that they have seen a lot of people who are acting strangely near mirrors.

Outside, several shards suddenly appear and transform into mirror paredory. Minako yells for everyone to transform and they transform.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon do their little speech, "Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!" The mirror paredory attack, and the Senshi retaliate with their attacks (except for Moon and Chibi-Moon, who run away.) The attacks shatter the mirror paredory, but they regenerate instantly and surround the Senshi.

A rose is thrown at several of the mirror paredory, breaking them; Tuxedo Kamen appears leaning casually against a tree, and begins one of his trademark speeches. In the middle of his speech, however, he suddenly clutches his eye and cries out in pain. As the Senshi start to run towards him, all of them except for Moon and Chibi-Moon are seized by mirror paredory.

Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto appear in the gateway of the temple and go through their introduction speeches; then Sailor Saturn appears behind them, to the great surprise of the Inner Senshi. Sailor Uranus does a World Shaking attack, and the mirror paredory release the four Inner Senshi.

Sailor Moon says, "Why did you come?"
Sailor Pluto says, "Saturn told us about your danger."
Sailor Saturn says, "It's time for you to awaken as the real princess of the moon. Everyone must gather their hearts together."

Sailor Saturn starts to glow with energy. The three Outer Senshi also start to glow, followed by the four Inner Senshi.

Sailor Moon says, "I can feel everyone's power flowing through my body."

The combined power enters Sailor Moon's transformation brooch, and turns it into the moon article. Sailor Moon yells, "Moon Eternal Make Up!" and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon's wand also transforms into the eternal tial, and she holds it up and beams of light shoot out from it and destroy all the mirror paredory (no attack phrase, oddly enough...) Then Sailor Moon collapses and transforms back into her "normal" Super Sailor Moon guise. Sailor Saturn says, "This is Sailor Moon's real power. I have come to tell you this."

Later, Mamoru and Usagi are outside the door of his apartment. She asks him if he's really all right ("Mamo-chan... honto ni daijobu?") and he says, "I'll be all right if I rest." Then he goes inside. Usagi stands outside, looking worried.

Inside his apartment, Mamoru washes his face, then looks worriedly into the mirror. Mamoru says, "It feel weird. It's like my body isn't mine."

Neherenia's reflection appears in the mirror, wrapped possessively around Mamoru's reflection; she laughs evilly.

Neherenia says, "You're mine. The princess of the white moon, I'll take everything that you love."

Mamoru doesn't respond, but his eye flashes with golden light.

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