Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 169

Episode Title
Noroi no Makyou! Akumu ni Torawareta Mamoru
[Cursed mirror! Mamoru caught in a nightmare.]
Air Date
  • Summary by Ross TenEyck
  • Additions and editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.06.22
A schoolgirl is in her room; the curtains are drawn, and everything is dim. She is staring vacantly into a mirror. The silhouette of Neherenia becomes visible in the mirror, but the girl doesn't respond.


In the Tomoe house, Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru are watching the news on the TV. There were reports of a lot of girls losing energy. Hotaru listens gravely, and then says, "The darkness is coming to the white moon." Michiru looks in her talisman-mirror, and gets a brief image of Mamoru. They all know that it must be related.

Elsewhere, we hear schoolbells, and see Usagi and Minako running frantically up some stairs, as they are late for school. They come to a landing, and a guy with long hair is staring vacantly into a mirror. Usagi yells at him, "You'll be late!" then she and Minako take off up the stairs again. Behind them, one of the guy's eyes flashes with golden light.

Makoto and Ami are in a classroom. They hear footsteps and know that it must be Usagi and Minako. Usagi and Minako, seeing them, screech violently to a halt. They are worried that the teacher will come, but Ami and Mako say that the first class has turned into study hall. There are many girls taking the day off, so the teachers are having an emergency meeting.

Elsewhere, the girl we saw earlier is still staring into her mirror.

Later, the four girls are in the bathroom. As they come out, Makoto stops short, and Usagi bumps into her from behind. In the hall, a girl is staring into the mirror of her compact. Usagi goes up to her and talks cheerfully at her, but the girl doesn't respond. Finally, Usagi takes the compact and looks at it, perhaps trying to see what's so fascinating about it.

As Usagi looks into the mirror, a cloud of dark energy gathers around it and starts to swirl out towards her. Makoto sees this, and knocks the compact out of Usagi's hand to the floor, where it breaks. The girl who had been staring at it slowly goes to her knees and touched the compact; she seems dazed, and tries to fit one of the broken pieces back into place. Makoto apologizes, and offers her own compact as a replacement, but the girl ignores her.

"Without this compact, how am I supposed to go on living?"

As the girl stares at the broken mirror, her eye flashes gold; Usagi notices this, and suddenly remembers Mamoru's eye flashing. She realizes that Mamoru and this girl have both been acting in the same dazed, zombie-like fashion.

Mamoru is in his apartment; he has evidently been buying mirrors, as there are dozens of them leaning against the walls, many still wrapped. As he is hanging another mirror, the bell rings, and a voice calls out, "Chiba-sempai?" Outside, Mamoru's friend rings the bell several more times, then gives up and walks away. Mamoru had promised to go to an off-line meeting of their PC network members. As he does, Usagi sneaks around the corner and up to Mamoru's door. She holds down the bell for a long time, but there is no answer. Fortunately, Usagi was prepared for this, "I have the symbol of the love between us, the spare key!" She opens the door and calls, but there is no answer.

Inside, Usagi is a little surprised that it is very dark, and also because there are mirrors all over the place. Mamoru is in another room hanging a mirror; Usagi opens the door and sees him standing in front of it. His eye flashes, and the silhouette of Neherenia appears in the mirror. Usagi cries out and rushes forward, but she steps on a mirror lying on the floor and breaks it.

Mamoru says, "Who is it?"
Usagi says, "Mamo-chan.."
Mamoru says, "Don't come into a person's room without permission."
Usagi says, "I'm sorry, I was just worried about you."
Mamoru says, "You don't have to worry about me."

Then Mamoru kneels down and caresses the mirror she broke, but gets a glass splinter in his finger. Usagi tries to kiss it better, but he pulls abruptly away from her.

Mamoru seems to somewhat recover himself, and apologizes to Usagi. Mamoru says that he isn't feeling well, and that he needs rest. Usagi says that she brought some food that her mother made, and put it on the kitchen table.

Usagi says, "Call me when you feel better," and leaves. But as she turns back to peek in the door, she sees Mamoru staring into the mirror again.


At Rei's temple, Usagi is talking to the girls and Chibi-Usa about Mamoru; she's worried. Rei remembers the mirror that she anti-evil- scrolled in the last episode, and the fight with the shard-demons. She thinks that the current problems are all related to the mirrors.

Makoto says that it must be what Haruka was talking about, and then the Senshi turn around to see Hotaru and Setsuna standing in the gateway of the temple.

At this point, things get a little funky. We see:

  • Hotaru and Setsuna talking to the Senshi
  • Blowing cherry blossoms
  • Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto running
  • Sailor Moon and the other Inner Senshi running, superimposed over city skyline at night, with falling stars in the background
  • Hotaru and Setsuna talking to the Senshi some more
  • Mamoru standing in front of a mirror with the silhouette of Neherenia in it
  • Usagi in her bedroom (the scene from the last episode)
  • Hotaru and Setsuna talking some more

Hotaru and Setsuna explain about the danger that is approaching. They say that Haruka and Michiru were already headed towards Mamoru's place, and they they should go there as soon as they can. Then the girls transform and run to Mamoru's apartment.

Outside the building, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are facing several of the shard-demons. They attack using their sword and mirror talismans and the shard-demons are broken but regenerate. Then Sailor Pluto's Dead Scream attack hits the shard-demons, they shatter again, and Pluto, Saturn, and the Inner Senshi run up. The Inner Senshi and Sailor Chibi-Moon run into the building, while the Outer Senshi stay outside.

Inside, the Senshi are waiting for the elevator. The door opens, and their is a Neherenia-silhouette that resolves itself to be one of the shard-demons. It attacks, but Sailor Jupiter blasts it with her Jupiter Oak Evolution. Sailor Venus suggests that they take the stairs instead, and everyone agrees dubiously. Sailor Venus says that her daily exercise (running to school late) really comes in handy at a time like this.

Running up the stairs, Sailor Moon suddenly remembers the silhouette of the shard-demon in the elevator, and the silhouette she saw in Mamoru's mirror. She slows to a stop, stunned by a sudden revelation. The other Senshi ask her what's wrong, and she tells them that the enemy they're facing is Neherenia. After a moment of shock, everyone takes off up the stairs again, Sailor Moon yelling "Mamo-chan!"

In Mamoru's apartment, there are mirrors everywhere, all of them reflecting a dull red glow. The Senshi burst into the apartment, and see Mamoru standing in front of a mirror, caressing it; his eye flashes again. Sailor Moon runs up to him, but Mamoru slaps her brutally away. Chibi-Usa rushes to Sailor Moon, and yells at Mamoru ("Mamo-chan, how could you?")

Neherenia appears in the mirror, openly this time, not as a silhouette. She says, "I'll destroy everything you love, like this!"

She reaches out of the mirror, grabs Mamoru, and pulls him in with her. Sailor Moon rushes to grab him, but she's too late, and just bounces off the mirror. Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury attack Neherenia with their Flame Sniper and Aqua Rhapsody attacks, but without effect.

Sailor Moon rises to her feet with a determined expression, and says, "Mina, onegai!" Everyone contributes their power to her, and she transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. Neherenia summons several shard- demons out of the mirrors, but Sailor Moon destroys them with her attack (which still doesn't have a name.)

Sailor Moon demands that Neherenia return Mamoru, but as she does, she suddenly powers down and returns to being Super Sailor Moon. "Why am I returning to normal? Why can't I stay like this?"

Neherenia laughs and turns to leave, holding Mamoru in her arms (still inside the mirror, of course.) She turns to taunt the Senshi one last time, and Mamoru's eye flashes. "At the next dawn, his heart will be mine. Can you come get me by then, Sailor Moon?"

Neherenia laughs evilly, and disappears. Sailor Moon hurls herself at the mirror, screaming "Mamo-chan! Mamo-chan!" in a heartbroken voice.

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