Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 170

Episode Title
Unmei no Ichiya! Sailor Senshi no Kunan
Air Date
Guest characters
Ami's friend (Uwagawa Emi)
mirror paredory (Nakamura Keiko)
  • Summary by Ross TenEyck
  • Additions and editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.06.29
Flashback to the previous episode, with Neherenia pulling Mamoru into her mirror. She taunts the Senshi, laughs evilly and disappears.

Suddenly, Sailor Chibi-Moon's outfit starts flashing with light. Everyone is shocked at this -- including the Outer Senshi, who have come into the room -- and then Sailor Chibi-Moon transforms back into Chibi- Usa and faints.


At Rei's temple, Chibi-Usa is lying in bed, still unconscious. Ami, Rei, Minako, and Makoto are sitting around a table in the room; the door is open to the outside and Usagi is sitting on the steps, with Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru standing looking on.

Setsuna talks about Small Lady, and says that if Mamoru doesn't come back, Small Lady wouldn't exist any more. Cherry blossoms blow by, and suddenly Usagi starts crying and runs down the path. She stops halfway down the path, and stand there, crying. The others tell Usagi that it's a trap, and say that they would go fight Neherenia. But Usagi says, "I can't. I can't just sit and wait. I have to go help Mamo-chan."

In any case, Usagi's tears fall onto her brooch, which suddenly starts to glow. It turns into the Eternal Sailor Moon transformation brooch, and Usagi transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon (without help from anyone else.) As she does this, Rei realizes what she intends to do, and leaps over the table and runs to catch her. She's too late; Sailor Moon finishes transforming, and flies directly up into the sky and disappears. Rei crashes to the ground where Sailor Moon had been; then is helped to her feet and yells "Usagi no baka!"

Hotaru says, "Let's go after her. We have a duty to protect the princess."

Chibi-Usa comes out of the room, and says something, probably to the effect that they have to go after Sailor Moon. Next we see, everyone has transformed and is standing in a circle, preparing for the Sailor Teleport.

Rei says, "We have to save the prince and princess.." and there is a brief image of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Ami says, "To save everyone in the city.." and there are images of people lying dazed in the streets, and the Tokyo skyline at sunset. The Senshi all start to glow, and then the Sailor Teleport activates and they disappear. The cats run up to where the Senshi disappeared from, and wish them luck.

Usagi (not Sailor Moon) is floating unconscious in space; she comes to, wondering where she is. She hears Neherenia's voice, then a mirror appears, with Neherenia inside it.

Neherenia says, "You know this is a trap. You love him that much? I saw you throw yourself to save the one you loved before. But miracles don't happen twice." (There is a flashback to the end of SMSS, with Sailor Chibi-Moon and Sailor Moon falling from the building and being rescued by the Pegasus.)

Neherenia disappears, and Usagi is in a blizzard. She struggles to her feet, and we hear Neherenia's voice saying, "If you don't come to me before dawn, his heart will be mine. Come to me."

We see a long shot of a typical Evil Villain's Castle, then inside; Neherenia is sitting on a throne, surrounded by mirrors and spider webs. Mamoru is sitting against the side of the throne, still looking dazed. Neherenia is drinking something from a goblet, watching Usagi in one of the mirrors. Suddenly, several other mirrors show images of the other Senshi flying through space.

The Senshi, still holding hands in a circle, are flying headlong through space. Sailor Chibi-Moon starts to flicker again, as she starts disappearing again; but she remembers several happy times with her mother and father, and is determined not to fail them. Sailor Saturn, holding her hand, tells her she'll be all right.

Neherenia is much put out to see the Senshi approaching; she hurls her goblet through on of the mirrors, which shatters, but instantly repairs itself. The shards appear in front of the flying Senshi; they yell at each other to hold on tight, but to no avail. When the shards hit, the Senshi are separated, and spin off into the void. We see Sailor Chibi- Moon, Sailor Saturn, and Sailor Pluto in one group; Sailor Mars and Sailor Neptune in another; Sailor Mercury and Sailor Uranus in yet another; and finally Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter (remember these groupings.)

We see a place with lots of ruins, broken columns, and so on -- not unlike the ruins of the Silver Millenium. Sailor Uranus falls to the ground. She gets to her feet and looks around, when she hears a noise. She gets ready to fight, but it turns out to be Sailor Mercury.

[CM Break]

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Mercury are in the ruin-place, calling for Sailor Moon and Mamoru-san. Mercury pulls out her computer and starts typing on it.
Sailor Uranus says, "Can you find anything?"
Sailor Mercury says, "No, no trace of them."

Then Uranus takes off running. She's very fast, and Mercury is impressed, and does her best to keep up.

Flashback - Ami remembers being a little girl (very cute) in school. A basketball rolls to her feet, and she picks it up. Two other girls come up, and talk to her (inviting her to play). Then a third girl comes up (says that Ami has to go to cram school), and the three other girls go off to play, leaving Ami all alone.

In the present, Sailor Mercury is trying to keep up with Sailor Uranus. Uranus remembers running with Sailor Neptune, thinking that Michiru was the one matching her running pace.

They come to a small cliff, and look over. To their surprise, the land here is repeating itself (this is hard to describe verbally; there are repeated "strips" of the same terrain, separated by narrow bands of nothingness. Think of a wallpaper bitmap tiling on your desktop.) Sailor Mercury pulls out her computer again; Uranus starts to walk away, but Mercury asks her to wait while she analyzes it.
Mercury says, "The more we move, the more we get taken by Neherenia's trap."

Suddenly, Neherenia appears in front of them. Sailor Uranus does a flying kick, but Neherenia simply floats up into the air and Uranus lands on her butt. Sailor Mercury does her Aqua Rhapsody attack, but Neherenia just bounces it back at her, and Mercury is knocked off her feet. Uranus goes to help her, then pulls her out of the path of the black lightning that Neherenia blasts them with.

Sailor Uranus starts to do her World Shaking attack. Mercury yells for her to wait, but Uranus throws the attack anyway. Neherenia reflects this one as well, and Uranus is blasted by her own attack. We see a shot of an eclipsed sun in the sky, then pan down to Neherenia laughing evilly.

Flashback - little Ami is in her room, reading books about basketball. Later, she's at school, diagraming a play for the girls we saw earlier.

In the present, Sailor Mercury gets to her feet and her visor appears. Mercury thinks to herself, "Yes, I have my way of doing things." She starts typing rapidly on her computer. Neherenia is unimpressed; she blasts Mercury with her black lightning, but Mercury just stands and takes it, still typing. Sailor Uranus wonders what Mercury is doing.

Uranus thinks, "Why isn't she fighting?" Then she yells out, "Fight, Sailor Mercury! Are you still a senshi?"

Flashback - a basketball game. The girls are running Ami's play, and score a basket, winning the game. Later, all the girls are surrounding Ami, congratulating her.

Mercury thinks to herself, "This is my way of fighting."

The present - Sailor Mercury falls to her knees under the barrage of black lightning, but continues typing furiously. Suddenly, the lightning stops; she looks up, to see that Sailor Uranus is standing in front of her, taking the attack in her place. Uranus tells her, "Hurry up. I can't keep this up much longer."

Suddenly, Mercury's computer screen shows a pair of crosshairs, which move from Neherenia to the eclipsed sun in the sky. Mercury yells at Uranus to attack the eclipse, and Uranus throws a World Shaking at it. There is a shattering effect, and "Neherenia" is revealed to be merely one of the mirror paredory. Uranus attacks it with her talisman sword, and it shatters.

Uranus asks, "Why did you know?"
Mercury says, "Neherenia's hair was blowing in the wind. It took some time to find her."

Mercury and Uranus are floating in space. Then mirrors appear behind each of them, and Neherenia's arms come out of the mirrors and drag them in. The last we see of them, they are floating, unconscious, inside the mirrors.

The blizzard -- Usagi is still struggling on, barefoot now for some reason. As she staggers forward, she calls out, "Mamo-chan! Mamo-chan!"

A forest -- Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mars are standing back to back. Sailor Mars throws an anti-evil scroll into the trees, where it vanishes into the distance. Both of them point confidently in opposite directions; but Sailor Neptune starts out the way she chose, saying, "What will you do?"
Mars says, "I'll go with you." Then Mars says very softly, "If it was Usagi, she would follow me.."
Neptune says, "You're good friends, just like Uranus and me."
Mars says, "Don't make us out to be the same as you."

Sailor Neptune starts to run, and Sailor Mars runs with her (keeping up without apparent difficulty.)

Suddenly, a flock of birds flies up out of the bushes, and Neherenia appears in front of them. Neherenia says, "I'll show you my evil power."

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mars are surrounded by a ring of fire. Neherenia laughs evilly.

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