Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 172

Episode Title
Ai no Moon Power! Akumu no Owaru Toki
Air Date
Guest characters
child Neherenia (Yamazaki Wakana)
  • Summary by Ross TenEyck
  • Additions and editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.13
Sailor Chibi-Moon is holding Mamoru while Sailor Saturn is holding Neherenia at glaive-point. Neherenia laughs evilly, saying Mamoru can never wake up, and Chibi-Moon begins to fade in and out, becoming transparent.

Neherenia says, "Do you think you made it here by yourself? You're the final pieces for me to torture the princess of the white moon."

Suddenly, Neherenia vanishes, and a blast of energy knocks Saturn across the room. Chibi-Moon continues to hold Mamoru, crying, "Mamo-chan, wake up.." as she fades.

Elsewhere, Luna and Diana are on a sidewalk when Artemis runs up. He gasps out something, and we see scenes from all over the city, of people trapped in mirrors, mirror shade lenses, anything reflective. Luna looks at the sky worriedly, and says, "Usagi-chan..."

Usagi is struggling up the stairs, forcing her way through the thorns.

Chibi-Moon is still holding Mamoru. "If you don't wake up, I'll disappear!" Neherenia appears in a mirror overhead, and a torrent of black lightning hits Mamoru in his eye. Saturn leaps in and blocks the energy with her glaive. Neherenia appears across the room -- not in a mirror this time -- and gloats. Chibi-Moon fades some more.

Saturn says, "Then I'll have to release my power of destruction to end everything."
Neherenia says, "If you use that power, you will be destroyed too. Do it if you can."
Saturn says, "That is my destiny."
Neherenia says, "What good is that."
Saturn says, "I believe in the princess."

Saturn lifts her glaive up high, and Neherenia gives a you-wouldn't-dare sort of laugh Saturn holds firm, and Neherenia attacks. Saturn resists the attack, then her glaive begins to glow. Saturn lifts it high, then brings it down on the floor. There is a HUGE explosion, knocking down Usagi on the stairs outside and destroying most of the palace.

Neherenia gets up; there is a sizable hole in the floor where Saturns glaive hit, and Chibi-Moon is holding onto Saturn and she says that it's all right, and then falls to the floor, fading in and out. As Saturn is distracted by this, Neherenia attacks, knocking Saturn's glaive out of her hand. Neherenia strikes again, and Saturn is trapped in a mirror. The mirrors containing the other Senshi appear, suspended in midair.

A voice says, "Neherenia..." and Usagi staggers into the room.

Neherenia says, "Welcome princess of the white moon. But you were too late. If will be dawn soon. They will never awaken."

Neherenia laughs disdainfully, and sits in her throne, caressing Mamoru. Usagi sees Chibi-Moon lying on the floor, and rushes to her. As she holds Chibi-Moon in her arms, Chibi-Moon fades even more. Chibi-Moon says, "Usagi, I couldn't save Mamo-chan. But I believe in you." Finally, Chibi-Moon vanishes entirely in a shower of lights, and Usagi collapses in tears.

[CM Break]

Usagi is kneeling on the floor of the throne room, crying; and Neherenia is triumphant. Usagi turns around and, for the first time, sees the mirrors containing her friends.

Usagi asks, "Why?"
Neherenia says, "To get revenge on you. So you feel the loneliness that I felt."

Neherenia begins to speak; as she does, we see a dark mirror. In the mirror appears... Chibi-Neherenia! In the background, there is a chorus of voices, chanting, "Our beautiful princess Neherenia-sama."

Chibi-Neherenia reaches out to a mirror somewhere, and her eyes turn golden. We see a ballroom, and then a still of a teenage Neherenia, then the empty mirror again, and then the eclipsed moon.

Neherenia screams and blasts Usagi, over and over again. Usagi is hurled across the room by the attacks, finally being slammed into a wall. Neherenia picks Usagi up by the throat and begins to strangle here, when she is shocked to see tears in Usagi's eyes.

Neherenia says, "Stop it! Don't look at me with those eyes." and strangles Usagi harder, but Usagi continues to cry. Finally, Neherenia hurls Usagi across the room and collapses.

Usagi kneels where she landed, tears dripping unheeded from her eyes.

Neherenia says, "You should be mad at me. Hate me!"
Usagi says, "If it was me, I couldn't live alone. I can't stand being alone like you."
Neherenia says, "How can you feel what I felt."
Usagi says, "If you want revenge, you should take it out on me. Return everyone else. It's all right, everyone will understand your situation. They'll become your friends. Take your revenge on me."

Usagi gets up, and Mamoru's eye glows brighter than ever, and the shard comes out and shatters. As it does, the mirrors imprisoning the other Senshi also shatter, and the Senshi appear as Mamoru stands up. A shower of lights appears next to Mamoru, and Chibi-Moon re-materializes, and takes Mamoru's hand.

Usagi whispers, "Chibi-Usa... Mamo-chan... minna [everyone]..."

Neherenia looks up at the eclipsed moon, then shrieks and attacks wildly, blasting all the Senshi one after another. When she attacks Chibi-Moon, Mamoru shield her with his body, and turns into Prince Endymion. The Senshi seem unhurt by the attacks, and Neherenia is stunned.

The Senshi begin to glow with energy, and they tell Neherenia to believe in Usagi. Usagi transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. Her moon rod grows into a tall staff, and a beam of energy shoots from it up to the eclipsed moon.

Usagi says, "Remember your real dream."
Neherenia says, "I wanted a friend, that I can talk to. Can I really start over?"

Neherenia simply watches, not knowing what to do. The moon slowly uneclipses. Neherenia begins to cry, and then THE mirror breaks... Neherenia disappears into a brilliant wash of white light. Chibi-Neherenia wakes up from a bad dream in her throne room.

Chibi-Neherenia has to go off to sleep, but she stops and asks someone to sing her a lullaby. One of the people says that she will, and Chibi-Neherenia becomes happy.

The Senshi are standing in what remains of the evil Neherenia's palace, looking up at the sky. Sailor Moon holds out her hand to Sailor Jupiter, and opens it to reveal Jupiter's rose earring. "Arigatou..." she says, quietly; and everyone smiles.

Somewhere in space, there is evil laughter...

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