Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 173

Episode Title
Wakare to Deai! Unmei no Hoshiboshi no Ryuuten
Air Date
Guest Characters
Itsuki Arisu (Itou Miki)
  • Summary by Ross TenEyck
  • Additions and editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.14
Three mysterious figures are walking down a dark hallway.

"Can we find it?"
"We can. That's why we came."
"We'll find it for sure."
"No matter what."

Then the door opens into a blinding light..


A sign says (in English) "Live Tour -- Three Lights." Inside a packed auditorium, a crowd of mostly young girls is screaming in Beatles-like mania. The three mysterious figures we saw earlier appear on the stage; they are the music group "Three Lights." They throw roses into the air and begin to sing.

As the cafe, the girls are talking about the "Three Lights" group. Minako likes Seiya Kou; Makoto agrees. Rei likes Yaten Kou; Minako and Makoto agree. Ami likes Taiki Kou; Minako, Makoto, and Rei agree, then are startled that Ami "likes" someone in a band. They ask Usagi who she likes, and she says, very quietly, "Mamo-chan.."

Usagi tells them that Mamoru is going to America to study, as his paper was accepted at some university. Artemis says that it's great, and is promptly squished by Minako. Flashback to Usagi and Mamoru on a bridge... Mamoru says, "One year, maybe more." and Usagi replies, "It's ok."

Later, Usagi is walking home, and the other four girls are a little worried about her. Ami mentioned that Chibi Usa had returned to the future.

That night, Usagi (in pajamas) is sitting on Chibi-Usa's bed; she's holding a picture of herself, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa. Luna comes in, and sees that Usagi is really broken up over being left by everyone.

Luna says, "Cheer up."
Usagi says, "I can't. I really wanted to say don't go. I'm not that strong."
Luna says, "Do you remember when we first met. Since then, I think you've really grown up. Let's send him off cheerfully."

Elsewhere, Mamoru is packing; he picks up a picture -- it's the same photo Usagi was looking at, but without the cute bunny frame. He puts it in his suitcase.

The next day, Mamoru is at the airport waiting for his flight. He hears his name, and turns to see Usagi. She says, "Mamo-chan..." He says, "Usako..." She's crying, but wipes away the tears and tells him she'll be OK. Mamoru pulls out a small box and gives it to her. She opens it to find a ring; Mamoru puts it on her ring finger. Usagi is very, very happy; and she and Mamoru kiss.

The tender moment is interrupted by shrieks and mayhem; they look over to see a huge crowd of young girls waiting for the Three Lights. The Lights force their way through the crowd, and somehow manage to shake off the followers. Mamoru and Usagi walk down the terminal; as they pass one of the Lights -- Seiya -- Seiya feels something from Usagi. Later, Mamoru's plane takes off, and Usagi watches it fly away.

In space, we see several galaxies, and then an evil-looking woman wearing a gold-colored costume (Galaxia). She says, "There are many star seeds on the blue planet. Find it, get the star seeds to take over the entire galaxy."

Then we see glowing lights hurdle through space and towards Earth. A light approaches an airplane; inside, Mamoru is looking at the photo of his happy family, when he is startled to see the light outside. From above, we see the light enter the plane; energy shoots out through all the windows, and the plane disappears in a wash of golden light.

The Three Lights are sitting in a room. Yaten feels that something had just happened.

[CM Break]

Usagi and the other girls, minus Minako, are in the cafe; Usagi is looking at her ring. Mako and Ami are embarrassed that it's that.

Usagi says, "What's that?"
Rei says, "You really don't know? You're a girl, right? Even Luna knows."
Luna says, "I'm a girl."

Then Usagi and Rei started arguing, as Usagi still doesn't know what that is supposed to be. But it got interrupted by Minako bursting in to tell them that the Three Lights are filming something in the park.

At the park, there is a large crowd gathered to watch. The girls are excited, especially Ami, until the others call her on it. They try to see what's going on by jumping up and down behind the crowd, but with little success. [Ami even jumps up.. very funny.]

Finally, they decide to force their way to the front of the crowd; Rei, Minako, Makoto and Ami disappear into the crowd, but Usagi is left behind. Behind them, unnoticed in a tree, is a small, white-haired girl wearing a Chicago gangster-style pin stripe suit and sunglasses.

Disconsolate, Usagi wanders off; then sees some TV trucks in a roped-off area, with a sign that says, "Authorized Personnel Only". She begins to sneak in that direction, although Luna is dubious about this plan. As she passes a park bench, a voice speaks sharply, "You're not supposed to go there," and Usagi is startled.

Seiya Kou gets up from the bench, and is startled to see Usagi, as she remembers her from the airport.

Seiya says, "You don't remember.."
Usagi says, "Have we met somewhere?"
Seiya says, "You don't know me?"
Usagi says, "No."
Seiya says, "Oh.. Maybe I'm not as famous as I think I am."

As Seiya leaves, she calls Usagi "Odango" and Usagi gets mad. Usagi says that Mamo-chan is the only one allowed to call her that.

Back where they're filming, the other four girls are watching; they notice Usagi is missing, but don't feel compelled to go looking. The actress Itsuki Arisu walks away from the filming, towards the trucks.

Usagi is sneaking around the trucks when Arisu comes out of one. As she starts to walk away, the pin stripe-suit-woman appears. She whips off her suit to reveal a moderately silly skimpy white outfit, complete with tail. She says, "Give me your star seed!" and hurls a couple of balls of light at Arisu, who is held motionless. A flower appears on the victim's forehead, and opens to reveal a small, shining crystal.

Usagi has seen this all from behind a truck; now she transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon (a full-blown transformation sequence this time) by saying, "Moon eternal, make up!"

The crystal that had appeared turns black, and the villainess is disappointed, as the star seed was not the one that she was looking for. Sailor Moon appears, and says, "I don't know who you are, but I won't forgive you for attacking the idol Itsuki Arisu." She finishes off her speech, "Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!"

The villainess is unimpressed; she tells Sailor Moon that her name is Sailor Iron Mouse. Iron Mouse turns the victim into the Monster-of-the-Day, a woman in a silly costume with a microphone; and then a phone booth appears and Iron Mouse gets into it and vanishes (can anyone say "Tardis"? I knew you could...)

The microphone grows spikes, and the monster begins swinging it on the end of its cord, trying to hit Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon dodges several attacks. Luna tells her to attack, but Sailor Moon says, "I can't. That's Itsuki Arisu. I can't attack her."

Then there are finger-snapping sounds, a la "West Side Story," and three figures appear on top of a truck. They are the Three Lights (of course), wearing abbreviated black-leather versions of the Sailor Senshi costume. They say that their names are "Sailor Star Fighter" (Seiya), "Sailor Star Maker" (Taiki), and "Sailor Star Healer" (Yaten), and together they are the "Sailor Star Lights".

The monster attacks, and Sailor Star Fighter hits her with her Star Serious Laser attack. The monster seems badly hurt by the attack, and the Star Lights are about to hit it again when Sailor Moon jumps in between them. They tell her to get out of the way, and she yells, "No! No way!" Then Sailor Moon uses her attack, Starlight Honeymoon therapy kiss, and the monster returns to being human. Sailor Moon turns around, but the Star Lights are gone.

Later, the filming is finished, and the four girls are walking off, wondering what became of Usagi. They see her sitting on a bench, thinking hard. (^_^;) [The enemy is sailor senshi, and the ones who helped me are sailor senshi..]

The girls ask Usagi where she was. Rei and Usagi get in another fight, as Usagi couldn't explain any of what had just happened. Then the camera pans up to the sunset, to the gentle sound of their bickering.

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