Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 174

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Gakuen ni Fuku Arashi! Tenkousei ha Idol
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Guest Characters
  • Summary by Ross TenEyck
  • Additions and editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.08
Usagi is on the roof of her school, looking up at the sky; her ring flashes in the sun. In a montage, we see Usagi looking out a window at the rain; she writes "Mamo-chan" in the mist on the window. Then Usagi is with the other four girls, laughing; then we see the Three Lights.

At school, Usagi is writing a letter to Mamoru. As she signs it, Minako, Makoto, and Ami look over her shoulder. Usagi tries to cover up the letter, but they look at it anyway. Ami says, "Did you forget the kanji that you studied for the exam?"


At school, Makoto hurls a javelin with incredible force. A member of the track and field team is impressed; he says that Mako will be able to go the Interhigh (national championships). But Mako says that she wants to join the cooking club.

Ami is working on a computer in the PC club, while a large crowd of older students watch. She prints out some information that she got from Columbia University via the Internet. The boy says that he's not good at English, and Ami says, "Should I translate?"

Meanwhile, Minako spikes a volleyball, then goes off on a Minako-style over-the-top speech about becoming the Japan champion.. Minako thinks she is the best high school player in Japan.

Usagi is leaving school when she runs into Luna. Usagi want to join some club like the others, but she want to take it too easy, and Luna gets a giant sweat drop.

Later, Usagi is walking down the street with Luna draped over her shoulder; Usagi says, "Ne, Luna..." and remembers the fight with Iron Mouse, the monster, and the Sailor Star Lights from last episode. Usagi doesn't know how to tell the other girls about it.

As she walks thus abstracted around a corner, she bumps into Seiya.
Usagi says, "Oh, it's you again," and gets mad.
Seiya says, "Normal girls are very happy to bump into me."

Then the other two Lights walk up. Seiya pats Usagi on one of her odango and walks off, saying, "Ja ne, Odango Atama..." Usagi is less than pleased.

In a large TV studio building, in a cluttered office, Iron Mouse is sitting at a TV editing console, wearing her pinstripe duds. She zooms through several clips of people doing various athletics, then goes back to a large guy in an American football uniform (number 13) and decides that he's the next target. As she's admiring his physique, the phone rings. She walks over to a desk with a phone on it, opens the file drawers, revealing a second phone, and answers that. The voice at the other end says, "Nezu producer, the president is calling for you."

Iron Mouse walks through several abandoned hallways and storage rooms (the building appears empty, except for her.) She comes to an elevator with boards nailed across the opening; she ducks under the boards into the elevator, which takes her to...

Outer space. Iron Mouse comes out of the elevator and bows to Galaxia, who is sitting on a throne. Galaxia asks if Iron Mouse has found the star seed. Iron Mouse answers, "Soon."

Usagi, Makoto, and Ami are walking to school, when they see a crowd of girls gathered out front, with Minako starry-eyed front and center. They ask her what's up, and she says the the Three Lights are coming to their school. The four girls watch a van pull up, and suddenly Rei pops out from behind them. "Rei-chan!..." Needless to say, they are surprised to see her at their school.

The three lights get out of the van, and Rei rushes up and shows them her Three Lights fan club card (number 2906). Makoto shoulders Rei aside and pulls out her fan club card (number 1606). Then Minako butts in, and shows her card (number 278). Ami comes up, VERY embarrassed, and shows HER fan club card (number 25), which is colored gold. The others are surprised at Ami, and she whispers, "Sorry..."

Seiya spots Usagi in the crowd, and calls out "Yo, Odango Atama!" Usagi is surprised; evidently, she hadn't made the connection that this annoying person was one of the Three Lights. The other four girls wonder what Usagi has been up to.
"Why do you know Seiya?"
Usagi just says, "He's a strange one.."

In the classroom, the teacher introduces the three new students. Minako enthusiastically points out an empty seat next to her, which Yaten takes. Taiki sits down in front of Makoto, and Seiya takes the seat behind Usagi, and calls her Odango again. Usagi yells that her name is Usagi, and Seiya tells her that she's Odango.

Seiya asks Usagi if she would show him around the school. Usagi says no, but Minako immediately comes and says that they would. Then the teacher yells for everyone to please SIT DOWN.

Meanwhile, Iron Mouse is lurking around outside the school.

[CM Break]

In the gym, Seiya is playing basketball. He steals the ball from one of the players, streaks down the court, and dunks the ball. The LARGE crowd of girls watching is very impressed, especially Minako. Rei pops out again, prompting another round of "Rei-chan! What are you doing at our school?"
Rei says, "I ran here after school."

Taiki and Yaten are watching, and seem less enthusiastic. Minako spots them, and gloms onto Taiki. Taiki seems non-plussed, but Minako drags him off with an arm around his neck. Rei remarks that Minako is incredible.

Seiya calls out, "Oi, Odango Atama!" and Usagi yells back that her name IS NOT Odango Atama. Seiya apologizes, and asks, "Where should we go next?"
Usagi coldly answers, "I don't know," and the other girls get upset at Usagi.

Outside, Seiya and Usagi are watching the American football team practice. The ball is knocked out of one of the players' hands, and lands in front of Seiya. He picks it up, and tells Usagi to watch him make a touchdown. Seiya takes off down the field, dodging player after player. But just as he's getting within reach of the endzone, number 13 (the captain of the team, Kayama) runs up behind him, and knocks him over -- much to his surprise.

Usagi runs up to see if Seiya is all right, and yells at the player for going all out against someone who wasn't wearing any pads. Seiya says it all right, and that he's a really good player.

Later, Kayama is cooling off under a faucet, when Iron Mouse appears, still in her civies. She admires him, asks him for an interview, and rubs up against his muscles, much to his consternation. Then she changes into her Mouse outfit, and attacks him. Inside, Usagi is at the shoe locker, and hears the screams.

Outside, the flower has appeared on Kayama's forehead, and a crystal comes out of it. However, the crystal turns black, and Iron Mouse is disappointed. "That's not the star seed that I'm looking for."

Sailor Moon transforms, and goes through her speech. Iron Mouse turns the football player into the Monster-of-the-Day, steps into her phone booth, and vanishes.

The monster (Sailor Guts) is... basically, the football player, turned pink, and dressed in a miniature version of Sailor Moon's outfit, complete with little wings. Sailor Moon is taken aback. The monster prepares his attack, which is hurling globs of sweat. Sailor Moon dodges this rather smelly attack, and is about to be hit by a second one when a Jupiter Oak Evolution knocks the sweat-glob out of the air.

The other Senshi appear, and the monster starts hurling dozens of globs of sweat. The Senshi all dodge the attacks, holding their noses. Then they hear finger-snapping, and the Sailor Star Lights appear and introduce themselves.

"Even with the five of you, is this your strength? Are you still sailor senshi?"

The monster throws a sweat thing at them, but Sailor Star Maker does her attack (star gentle uterus) and reflects it back at him. Then Sailor Moon does her "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss" attack and heals the football player.

Later, at the cafe, Usagi is drawing some manga, as she has joined the manga club. The other girls appear behind her, and look at the manga.. "That's a pig." "No, that's a tasmanian devil." Usagi says that it's Luna..

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