Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 175

Episode Title
Idol wo Mezase! Minako no Yabou
[Become an idol! Minako's ambitions]
Air Date
Guest Characters
Itabashi Saki (Kataishi Chiharu)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.20
Minako pulled Seiya to the grounds of the school. She said that there was something that she wanted to talk to him about, and they had to be alone. Just when Minako was about to say something, she said that something went into her eye. [of course Minako was just acting]

Then Seiya went to take a closer look at Minako's eye, and Usagi (who was in the bushes waiting with a camera) started taking pictures.. But Usagi got so excited that she came out of the bushes and went right up to Minako and Seiya.

Later, Ami, Mako, Rei, and Usagi were in Crown dessert parlor. They were looking at the pictures that Usagi had taken. They were all bad.

Ami: I can feel Usagi-chan's excitement, but..

Minako was planning on selling the pictures of her and Seiya together to the press, so she can become famous. The other day, Minako had done something similar, as she fed lunch to Yaten. Rei got upset when she heard this. But before that, Minako got her picture taken with Taiki, and Ami immediately stood up. The girls were wondering who Minako's real target was.

Then Minako came into the store. The other girls all asked Minako who her real target was. Them Minako said that she gave up on that strategy, as she figured out a new strategy. She announced that she had become their assistant.

Mako: What is your goal? To debut, or become the girl friend of the three lights?
Minako: Of course, both.

Everyone was shocked.

Then Minako took off as she had to go attend to the three lights. When Ami looked around, Usagi was gone too.

The three lights were sitting and practicing.

Taiki: Will we really find her?
Seiya: We'll find her. That's why we're doing this idol thing.
Yaten: If we work, she'll spot us. We have to work harder.

Nezu was looking through a magazine. She spotted Itabashi Saki, a 24 year old camera woman. Then Nezu was called up to see Galaxia.

Galaxia: Get the real star seed, so we can take over the galaxy.

The three lights were doing voice training. Usagi had followed Minako and was peeking in with her. Then some woman started taking pictures of the three lights. [It was Itabashi Saki.] Minako thought it was a fan, and tried to get her to stop. But Saki kept taking pictures.

Saki: You're in the way.

Later the three lights had a signing session. Saki was taking some more pictures. She spotted Minako, who was busy trying to help out, and also passing out her own signatures. Saki went to Minako and pulled her away.

Saki: This isn't fun and games.

After the busy work day was over, the three lights returned to their dressing room, and found Saki waiting for them. Saki took a picture of Yaten yawning. She introduced herself as being assigned to take the pictures of the three lights. But Yaten got angry and took the film out of Saki's camera.

The next day the three lights were out in the country filming a commercial for a drink. Minako and Usagi were there too. Usagi was surprised at the amount of juice that the three lights were drinking. She thought that the juice didn't look too good, and tasted some herself. It was awful.

Usagi: How can they drink it?
Minako: An idol has to always have a smile in front of the camera. It's tough isn't it.

Then Saki came and said to Minako: You sound like you know. You want to be a pro, right?
Minako: Yes.
Saki: You'll find out.

[CM Break]

The three lights were taking pictures in a photo studio. Saki was taking a lot of pictures. Usagi and Minako were watching, and Usagi's stomach grumbled.

Usagi: I'm hungry. When can we eat?
Minako: An idol can only eat after the work is finished.
Usagi: There's no way I can do that. I'm going to the convenience store..

Then Usagi went off.

The time limit of the studio was up, so they finished the shooting. Minako came and brought cold towels for the three lights. Just as Minako and the three lights were going to go eat, Saki said: Wait, can you stay a little longer? It's starting to get good now. Please let me take pictures until I'm satisfied.
Minako: The time is up.
Saki: This isn't school.

Minako and Saki started to argue, but the three lights went back to the studio to get their picture taken. Saki explained to Minako that this was the severeness of a being a pro.

At night, as Saki came out of the studio by herself, Nezu faced her. Nezu transformed into Iron Mouse and attacked Saki. Minako came outside looking for Usagi and saw Iron Mouse.

Minako transformed into Sailor Venus.

Iron Mouse got Saki's star seed, but it wasn't the real one that she was looking for. Sailor Venus and Iron Mouse started fighting. Then Usagi came walking down the street as she came back from the store. She saw the fighting and transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Sailor Venus fired the venus love and beauty shock, but Iron Mouse dodged it. Sailor Moon arrived on the scene. Then Iron Mouse turned Saki into a monster, Sailor Gekisha, and left.

Sailor Gekisha used a camera attack at Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon dodged it, but Sailor Venus got hit. Then the Sailor Star Lights appeared. Sailor Star Healer used her star sensitive inferno attack. When the monster was down, Sailor Moon used her starlight honeymoon therapy kiss attack to turn her back into Saki.

After the battle the Sailor Star Lights went off, although Sailor Moon wanted them to stay.

The next day, Ami, Mako, Rei and Usagi were at Crown. They were wondering how Minako was doing. Then Minako came with a lot of pamphlets for auditions. She said that she was going to try to become a star through auditions. Then after drinking Usagi's juice, she ran off.

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