Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 176

Episode Title
Fighter no Shoutai! Shougeki no Chouhenshin
[Fighter's identity! The shocking super transformation]
Air Date
Guest Characters
Gushiken Akane/Sister Angela (Shimamoto Sumi)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.21
The three lights were rehearsing for a musical. The director kept yelling at Seiya, saying that everything he did was wrong.

In school, Usagi was taking a test, and she was struggling.. In the seat behind her, Seiya was also struggling. But Seiya was struggling because his mind was full of what had happened during the rehearsal for the musical.

Minako and Usagi both did poorly on the test, but were happy that they would accompany each other in the additional test. Then Mako and Ami came up to them. Mako said that they should just take it easy and do the school year over again.

Then the three lights came up. Seiya was upset over the musical rehearsal, so he did poorly on his test too. Everyone was looking at his test and saying he was in danger.. If he did poorly on the additional test, he would have to do the school year over again.

Then Rei came and said that they should hold study sessions, at her house. She invited the three lights, but they said that they had to go to the rehearsal. Then Usagi, Minako, and Mako followed the three lights. Ami and Rei were left behind.

At the rehearsal studio, the three lights were rehearsing, and the five girls were watching. After the dance finished, the director told Seiya to do it over again.

Seiya: What's wrong?
director: Everything?
Seiya: Why don't you tell me. What part is wrong?
director: Everything! The song, dance, acting..

Then the three lights took a break. The five girls were with them and they were saying that the director was too harsh.

Seiya: She hates me.

Then the director (Akane) came and yelled at the girls and the three lights.

director: Are you doing this idol thing so you can have all of these girls follow you?

When she took off her glasses, Rei recognized her as Sister Angela.

Meanwhile Nezu was looking at a magazine. There was some information about the musical, and about the mysterious director Gushiken Akane. Nezu chose Akane as her next target.

Later, Usagi and Seiya were sneaking around Rei's school. They spotted Sister Angela, who was one of the teachers there.

Seiya went into the prayer hall where Sister Angela was praying.

Seiya: Akane-san, you're not a director?
Sister Angela: There are many things that I want to do. I don't want to choose just one and give up on the rest.
Seiya: Isn't that called going halfway?
Sister Angela: I'm always going all out. You're the one who is going halfway.
Seiya: I'm going all out too!
Sister Angela: Is that so?

[CM Break]

Sister Angela: I saw your concert. I felt it right then. You wanted to send some message from your hearts. I thought you were very good. But as an actor, you're no good.

Seiya got mad.

Sister Angela: Are you saying that you can't send your message in my musical? I won't give up on you.

Usagi had been listening to Sister Angela and Seiya. She was surprised that Seiya was still willing to go to the rehearsal after what Sister Angela had said.

As they were walking back from Rei's school, Seiya asked Usagi.
Seiya: Do you have a boy friend?
Usagi: Yes, in a distant land, across the ocean.
Seiya: Then I have a chance too. Bye.

When Seiya got the the rehearsal studio, Akane was sleeping on the chair.

They started the rehearsal, and Usagi was peeking in. Rei came and pulled Usagi away, saying that she had to study for the additional test which was the next day.

When Akane went out to get some coffee, Nezu showed up and started talking to Akane.

Akane: I don't want to appear on TV. You can watch my musical and you'll get the message that I want to say.

Then Nezu turned into Iron Mouse, and Akane screamed. Seiya went out and saw Iron Mouse getting the star seed out of Akane's head. But it wasn't the right star seed.

Seiya was shocked and just watched, as Akane turned into a monster. Then Seiya transformed, "Fighter star power, make up!" and turned into Sailor Star Fighter.

Sailor Star Fighter used her star serious laser attack and blasted the monster. Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars came to the scene and yelled out, "Stop it!"

Sailor Star Fighter: This is our way of fighting.

Sailor Mars got her fire arrow and aimed it at Star Fighter.

Mars: If you're going to fight, I'll be your opponent.

Then Sailor Moon used the starlight honeymoon therapy kiss attack to turn the monster back into Akane.

After the battle, Sailor Star Fighter was going to leave.

Sailor Moon: Can we meet again?
Sailor Star Fighter: I'll pray that you're not our enemy.

The next day, Seiya got a 98 on his additional test, and Usagi and Minako were shocked.

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