Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 177

Episode Title
Hoshi ni Takusu Yume to Roman! Taiki no Henshin
[The Dreams and Romance Entrusted to the Stars! Taiki's Transformation]
Air Date
Guest Characters
Amanogawa Wataru (Tanaka Hideyuki)
child (Uwagawa Emi)
child (Nakamura Keiko)
young boy (Noda Junko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.09.21
They posted the results of the test, and Ami and Taiki tied for first place again. Then Minako ran off to Taiki for help with school work. Taiki said that it was ok for her to copy his notes. Then Usagi and Minako both pulled at his notebook, and tore it in half.

Meanwhile, Ami (wearing glasses) was sitting by herself, and thinking that Usagi didn't come ask her for help recently.

[title screen]

In the hallway, Ami went up to Amanogawa Wataru (a science teacher), saying that they would be able to see the comet that he discovered soon. Ami said that she calculated the exact time when it will be visible. Just as she was going to say it, Taiki came by and said, "9:15 PM, in the southern sky. We'll be able to see it for 10 minutes."

Taiki said that he was going to be on a TV show that evening with Amanogawa-sensei. Amanogawa had been invited by Cambridge, but he stayed to teach physics at Juuban High School.

Taiki: Why don't you go to Cambridge?
Amanogawa: I just like looking at the sky. I feel relaxed.
Ami: Sensei, you're a romantic.
Amanogawa: Space is filled with dreams and romance.
Taiki: There's no need for dreams and romance in academics.
Ami: That's not so. He was able to discover the comet because he had his dreams.
Taiki: I can't believe that's the opinion of someone who shared the top score in the school with me.

Then Amanogawa asked both of them to his house to look at the comet.

Later, the five girls were at Fruits Parlor Crown. Ami told everyone that they were invited to Amanogawa's to look at comet Wataru. [The comet was named after Amanogawa.] Minako found out that Amanogawa was going to be on TV with Taiki, and she wanted to go watch.

Nezu was reading a newspaper and found out about comet Wataru.

At the TV studio, they were recording a kids TV show, and they were taking questions from the audience. One boy asked, "Do people become stars when they die?"

Amanogawa: Maybe. There are many stories in legends where people have become stars.
Taiki coldly snapped: A person who died cannot become a star. The power of people who are alive make the stars.

After the TV show ended, Taiki came down to meet Ami and the other girls. Ami asked Taiki to go to Amanogawa's house, but Taiki said that their dreams and romance couldn't defeat the rain. He said that the weather forecast was 100% rain.

Ami: We'll be able to see it!
Taiki: Are you going to be able to stop the rain with your dreams? I'll go if it becomes clear.

[CM break]

The next day it was raining all day, and Ami was feeling sad.

Nezu went to Amanogawa's house, holding a picture of Amanogawa. [Nezu's umbrella had a cute white mouse on it.] Amanogawa went to greet Nezu, but Nezu asked for the real Amanogawa. The picture that Nezu had was 15 years old, so she didn't recognize Amanogawa. Nezu was disappointed that he wasn't the handsome guy, and when Amanogawa reassured her that it was him, Nezu turned into Sailor Iron Mouse.

"Give me your star seed!" Sailor Iron Mouse attacked Amanogawa, and Ami heard Amanogawa scream out. Ami rushed to Amanogawa, and faced Iron Mouse. But Amanogawa turned into Sailor Teacher, and attacked Ami. Ami didn't want to transform and attack her teacher, so she was just getting attacked.

Taiki had come to Amanogawa's house and heard Ami's scream. Then Taiki transformed. "Maker star power, make up!"

Sailor Star Maker used her star gentle uterus attack, but Ami dove at Sailor Teacher and tried to protect her teacher.

Ami: Please stop, this is my teacher that I really respect.

Ami and Sailor Star Maker argued for a while, and Sailor Teacher recovered and attacked.

Usagi and Luna were walking to Amanogawa's house. When they got near, they heard Ami's voice. Then Usagi transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon tried to fight Sailor Teacher, but Sailor Teacher just kept attacking, and Sailor Moon just tried her best to avoid the attacks. Sailor Star Maker used her star gentle uterus and blasted Sailor Teacher.

Then Sailor Moon used her starlight honeymoon therapy kiss attack and turned Sailor Teacher back into Amanogawa.

Just as Amanogawa recovered, the rain stopped and there were breaks in the clouds.

The five girls went to Amanogawa's telescope. Then Taiki came and they all looked at the comet through the telescope.

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