Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 178

Episode Title
Luna ha Mita!? Idol Yaten no Sugao
[Luna Saw It!? Idol Yaten's Real Face]
Air Date
Guest Characters
Okamachi Noriko (Takada Yumi)
trimmer (Kazama Nobuhiko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.09.21
Luna was missing for one week. Everyone was worried and they put up signs all over, to try to find out something about her. Then as they were walking down the street, they saw a TV screen in a store window, and there was an interview of Yaten, and Yaten was holding Luna!

At school, the girls were in the bushes spying on Yaten. Just when Usagi was going to go ask what was up, a girl went up to her and handed her a love letter, for Yaten.

Usagi went to Yaten and handed him the love letter. But Yaten just threw it away without reading it. Usagi got very upset, but Yaten just went off.

The five girls and Artemis were at Rei's shrine. They were thinking of a way to see if it was really Luna, who was with Yaten. Then Luna came.

Luna: I'm back.
Artemis: Where were you?
Luna: I was with Yaten-kun.

Then Luna explained what happened.

The three lights were going to go on a pet TV show, so they had to get a pet. They bought a chameleon, but it escaped. Since the three lights didn't have much time, they had to find another pet quickly. Luna didn't want to do it, but when Yaten smiled and reached for Luna, Luna's eyes turned to stars.

Luna told the girls that she even took a bath with Yaten.

At a TV studio, Okamachi Noriko went up to Yaten after work and asked him to come over as she was going to cook for him. [Okamachi Noriko was an idol star.]

Yaten: You're not my type, and I have no intention of being with you, except for during work.

Luna went to Yaten, and Yaten took her with him.

The three lights were in a taxi. Seiya called Luna "Kurosuke". Yaten said that he would think of a better name. Seiya found out that Yaten had scolded Noriko, and also that he was tossing out the letters without reading them. Taiki said that they shouldn't be doing anything that would reduce the number of fans.

Yaten reminded the other two that they only had one person that they were looking for. "We have no need for anyone who doesn't have the true glitter of the stars." Luna was listening, and was puzzled.

Yaten: The only one we need is that person.

[CM Break]

Yaten took Luna to a pet shop for a bath. He dressed her up in a fancy dress and hat. The five girls and Artemis were watching. Then Noriko came with her cat.

Noriko: I'm sorry I invited you the other day. I didn't know that you were a homo.

Then Luna slapped/scratched Noriko. Just when Noriko was going to slap Luna, Nezu appeared. Nezu interviewed Noriko about her relationship with Yaten, and Yaten just walked out. Then Nezu turned into Sailor Iron Mouse.

Yaten and Luna were in the back parking lot when they heard Noriko's scream. Luna ran back into the store. The five girls followed, but they all tripped over Noriko's fat cat, and crashed into the bird cage.

Luna and Yaten saw Iron Mouse talking Noriko's star seed. But Yaten said that he didn't want to help out.

Yaten said to himself: It's no good. No matter what we do. If we don't find that person, it's the end of the universe.

Luna went and attacked Sailor Iron Mouse. But Iron Mouse blasted Luna through a window, causing her to crash into a wall.

Noriko's star seed became black, so Iron Mouse was going to leave in her telephone box. But the Sailor Senshi appeared. As Sailor Moon was making her long speech, Iron Mouse took off.

Noriko turned into Sailor Ojou. She took out a whip and started beating the sailor senshi.

Yaten was with Luna, who was injured. A very worried Artemis came to Luna. Yaten said that Luna was just unconscious, and ran off.

"Healer star power, make up!" Yaten transformed into Sailor Star Healer.

Sailor Star Healer used her star sensitive inferno attack and blasted Sailor Ojou. Then Sailor Moon used her starlight honeymoon therapy kiss attack.

The next day at school, Yaten had lots of love letters in his shoe box.

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