Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 179

Episode Title
Teki? Mikata? Star Lights to Sailor Senshi
[The enemy? An ally? The Star Lights and the Sailor Senshi.]
Air Date
Guest Characters
Yoshinokawa Tetsurou (Ishizuka Unshou)
secretary (Uwagawa Emi)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.09.21
In the library, Usagi was writing a letter to Mamoru. Usagi was thinking that she never got any replies from Mamoru.

Then Michiru and Haruka came by. They asked how Mamoru was doing, but Usagi couldn't tell them that she hadn't received any letters.

Haruka and Michiru sensed that Usagi was hiding something.

[title screen]

The three lights were in their room rehearsing. Seiya said that Sailor Moon reminded them of their princess. But Taiki said that Seiya was totally off. Taiki said that they didn't know if Sailor Moon was the enemy or not.

Mako and Usagi were in a strawberry garden. Usagi wanted to keep the strawberries for herself, but Mako was going to make a strawberry cake for everyone. Then Mako noticed someone else in the green house.

In the next room, Taiki was looking at the roses.

Taiki [thinking to himself]: Sailor Moon, who is she? She doesn't know anything about the real fight. She doesn't know what we went through to get here.

Mako went to the next room and found Taiki. Taiki said that he wanted to be alone.. but the Usagi came. Taiki's hand was bleeding because of the rose, and Usagi tied it for him.

Taiki said that he was going to be on a TV program, and he had to bring a friend. He asked Mako to go with him.

Meanwhile, Nezu was in a park. She didn't feel like working, and she was looking at a magazine. She spotted a cooking expert, Yoshinokawa Tetsurou, in the magazine. Nezu chose him as her next target.

Then Nezu got a call telling her that Galaxia was calling for her. Nezu went to Galaxia, and Galaxia asked if she had gotten the star seed. Nezu said that she had her next target chosen. Galaxia blasted Nezu, and said, "I don't like to wait."

[CM break]

Minako and Ami were at Rei's house. They turned on the TV to watch Yoshinokawa Tetsurou's cooking program. They saw Taiki on TV. Then they also saw Mako. Mako was very nervous, as she was supposed to help Taiki cook a short cake. Rei and Minako got very upset, as that cake was supposed to be for them.

They started the cooking, and Taiki asked Mako for the eggs. But Mako couldn't find it. Usagi, who was watching in the studio, went and got the eggs for Mako. Usagi brought the eggs to Taiki, and cracked them herself.. putting the shells into the bowl too! Then Usagi did the cooking, as Mako explained the directions.

Usagi had mixed up the flour with something else, and there was a big explosion. They had to hurry up and stop the live broadcast. Taiki laughed at Usagi. Seiya and Yaten said that they had never seen Taiki laugh this much.

Nezu was in the TV studio too.

After the broadcast, Usagi and Mako heard Yoshinokawa's screams. Usagi and Mako transformed.

Sailor Iron Mouse got the star seed, but it wasn't the real one. Then Yoshinokawa turned into Sailor Chef, and Sailor Jupiter used the Jupiter Oak Evolution attack against Sailor Chef.

Sailor Moon was going to finish off Sailor Chef, but Sailor Chef acted very innocently and asked her to help him. Sailor Moon stopped her attack. Then Sailor Chef took out a chocolate cake and gave it to Sailor Moon.

Sailor Jupiter: You just ate a strawberry cake.
Sailor Moon: The place [in my stomach] where the strawberry cake and chocolate cake goes is different.

Sailor Moon ate the chocolate cake, and Sailor Chef took a swing at her with a knife. But just at the last moment, Sailor Star Maker came and carried Sailor Moon away.

Then Sailor Star Maker used her star gentle uterus attack, and Sailor Moon finished off with her starlight honeymoon therapy kiss attack.

Later Taiki didn't understand why he had helped out Sailor Moon.

Later everyone was at Crown, and Usagi treated Rei and Minako, as a penalty for taking the strawberries for the TV show. (Usagi's purse was empty.)

In a different place, Michiru and Haruka were together.

Michiru: Another wave is coming.
Haruka: It's a bigger wave than what we have seen.
Michiru: Is our fighting ever going to end?
Haruka: It doesn't matter, as long as I'm with you.

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