Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 180

Episode Title
Yobiau Hoshi no Gagayaki! Haruka tachi Sansen
[The glitter of the stars that call each other! Haruka and Michiru join in the battle.]
Air Date
Guest Characters
Mr. Garayan (Ishimori Tatsuyuki)
Conductor (Shiga Katsuya)
Announcer (Uwagawa Emi)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.29
Ami, Rei, Minako, Usagi, and Mako went to the public phones, and started the call some number. But they all got a busy signal, and tried over and over again. Eventually Minako got through.. but she just got the recording informing them that the tickets of the Fantastic International Music Festival were sold out. Minako was very disappointed.

Just then, Haruka and Michiru walked by. Michiru pulled out some tickets, and said, "Is this what you were trying to get?"

[title screen]

The five girls and Haruka and Michiru went to Crown coffee shop, and Michiru gave the five girls the tickets. Rei and Minako were very happy that they would be able to listen to the Three Lights live.

Mako asked why Michiru had the tickets. Usagi thought that Michiru was a fan of the Three Lights too. But Haruka told them that the event was a joint concert of the Three Lights and Kaiou Michiru. The other girls were shocked.

Meanwhile, Galaxia blasted Iron Mouse. Galaxia said, "You understand what I'm after. Then you know that you only have a couple chances left."

Later Nezu was going around town wondering who had the star seed. Then she saw a poster of a famous conductor. Nezu thought that such an old man might have the star seed.

The three lights were in their dressing room wondering what kind of person Michiru was. Yaten didn't want to do a join concert with anyone.
Taiki: Don't worry about it. We should just do our performance for that person.

Ami, Rei, Mako, and Minako were outside of the concert hall waiting for Usagi. They wondered if Usagi had gotten on the wrong bus..
Ami: She's already a high school student..

Meanwhile, Usagi got off a bus in a distant wooded area..

The joint concert started and Michiru played the violin next to the Three Lights performance. Michiru felt some message in the performance of the Three Lights. Seiya felt some strong planetary power in Michiru. They both wondered who one the other really was.

Usagi arrived at the concert.. after it was all over.

Haruka went up to Usagi, and Usagi immediately started crying because she had missed the concert. Haruka asked if she wanted to go to Michiru's room, and Usagi grabbed onto Haruka, even though she was still very sad.

Meanwhile, there was a knock on Michiru's door. It was Seiya. He came to greet Michiru. Seiya said that he was a fan of Michiru, but Michiru laughed and said that he didn't look like a person who would listen to classical music.

Michiru: I wonder who you really are..
Seiya went up to Michiru, and put his face right next to hers.
Seiya: I want to find out more about you.
Michiru stood up and lifted up her hair.
Michiru: Then, would you please help me change?

Just then Haruka and Usagi came in..

Usagi was surprised to see Seiya. Seiya was surprised to see Usagi with a nice "guy". Usagi was going to say that Haruka was a girl, but Michiru quickly said that Haruka was her "special" person.

Seiya introduced himself to Haruka and they shook hands. Haruka cooly said, "Get out."

Then Seiya left.

Haruka: Don't let people like that into your dressing room.
Michiru: Are you jealous?
Usagi: Haruka-san, he might seem a little rude, but he's a nice person. Please forgive him.

Then Usagi left to go see the Three Lights.

[CM Break]

On the way back to the dressing room, Seiya thought to himself that he felt some strong planetary force in Haruka too.

Then Usagi caught up to Seiya. When Seiya asked if Usagi didn't have to be with Haruka, Usagi told him again that Haruka was a girl. Then Usagi told Seiya that Haruka and Michiru were very important people to her, and Seiya said that Usagi had a lot of very strange people around her.

Usagi was walking backwards, and came to the stairs. She lost her balance and fell over backwards. But instead of falling to the ground, Usagi hit another person, who was on his way up the stairs. Both Usagi and the other person went crashing down the stairs.

The person Usagi had crashed into was Mr. Garayan. Usagi didn't know who Garayan was, but he was the very famous conductor. Garayan told Seiya that noticed the message that the Three Lights were emitting from their performance. Then Garayan said that he was all right and went on alone.

Usagi said that she was worried, and went after Garayan.

When Garayan got outside, Nezu was waiting for him. When she was going to introduce herself, she couldn't find any more of her name cards. So she just turned herself into Iron Mouse and fired her fireballs at Garayan. Then Garayan's star seed popped out of his head.

Usagi caught up and saw what was going on. She immediately transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Iron Mouse thought that she finally had the star seed, but eventually Garayan's star seed turned black. Then Eternal Sailor Moon arrived on the scene.

As Sailor Moon was making her speech and doing her poses, Iron Mouse walked off. When Sailor Moon told her to wait, Iron Mouse said that she was too busy to play with her, and went off in her telephone box.

Then Mr. Garayan turned into a monster, Sailor Conductor. The monster kept attacking Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon finally got cornered. The sticks that Sailor Conductor threw trapped Sailor Moon against a wall. But then there was the sound of finger snapping, and the Sailor Star Lights appeared.

Sailor Star Fighter used her Star Serious Laser attack.

Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker helped Sailor Moon.

Then Sailor Moon used her Starlight honeymoon therapy kiss to turn the monster back into Mr. Garayan.

As the Star Lights were going to leave, Sailor Moon tried to stop them.
Sailor Moon: Wait, let me thank you today. You'll fight with me from now on won't you?
Sailor Star Maker: We seem to have common enemies.
Sailor Star Healer: If you don't slow us down, it's ok.
Sailor Star Fighter: That's how it is.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Star Fighter were going to shake hands. But then the world shaking attack came at them.

Sailor Uranus: Get lost, I won't miss you on purpose the next time.
Sailor Moon: Please stop it.
Sailor Uranus: They are invaders who came from outside the solar system. We can't trust them.

As Uranus and Neptune got ready to attack the Sailor Star Lights, Sailor Moon got in between them.

Sailor Moon: That's not true. They aren't bad.
Sailor Neptune: Move.

Then the Star Lights went off.

Sailor Moon: Why can't I fight with them?
Sailor Neptune: To protect you from invaders from the outside. That is our duty. Please understand, Sailor Moon.

Later Usagi was still worried about the confrontation. Seiya came up to her.

Usagi: Do you think that one can't be friends with someone who came from very far away?
Seiya: I'm a transfer student who came from far away. I think of myself as your friend.

Then Usagi became relieved.

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