Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 181

Episode Title
Seiya to Usagi no Doki Doki Date
[Seiya and Usagi's Heart Pounding Date]
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.29
The Three Lights were going to have a day off. Minako found out about it and faced Taiki with a pair of tickets to a movie. But Taiki said that he wanted to write some lyrics.. alone. Then Minako ran off to find Yaten, although Usagi and Mako volunteered to go with her.

Usagi was walking home, when Seiya met her on the street.
Seiya: Come with me tomorrow, you have nothing to do right?
Usagi: What are you talking about! I have to eat breakfast, and watch TV, and read manga, and eat snacks, and play games..
Seiya: So you're free. Come to Ichinohashi Park at 11:00.

Then Seiya went off, as Usagi kept yelling at him. Just then, Ami came up to Usagi and told her that she didn't see or hear anything.

[title screen]

The phone kept ringing for Nezu, but she was trying to escape. Nezu was in the train, and everywhere she went, the phones followed her. Then Nezu answered the phone, and when she heard Galaxia's voice, she hung up on her. Nezu immediately realized that she had made a mistake. But she saw a sign of the Three Lights from the train. She laughed and said that she should have realized earlier.

Usagi was waiting in the park. Seiya was late, and Usagi was getting upset. Luna was there and couldn't believe that Seiya would ask Usagi out on a date.

Then Haruka and Michiru came up and saw Usagi. Haruka asked what Usagi was doing, but Michiru said that the only ones who would be in the park would be someone on a date. Then Usagi told them that Seiya had told Usagi to come here. Haruka told Usagi to be careful of Seiya, but Michiru pulled her away.

Usagi was about to leave, when a bunch of little kids ran by her. One of the little boys fell down and started crying. Usagi cheered him up, and after he ran off, Seiya came.

Seiya: Sorry, did you have to wait?
Usagi: Of course!

When Usagi was walking toward Seiya, she stepped on a can, and fell down. She hit her knee and started crying. Then Seiya said that same words that Usagi had said to the little boy just a while ago. "If you keep crying, you won't be able to have fun." Then Usagi got up.

Meanwhile, Yaten got a call from Nezu. Yaten (in his usual mean tone) said that he had no intention of going out. He also said that Taiki was busy writing lyrics and Seiya was out. Then he hung up before finding out who had called him.

Nezu got another call from Galaxia. But she just ignored it and ran away.

Usagi and Seiya played around a lot (with Usagi eating a lot). They both were having a great time.

When Usagi and Seiya went to a keychain catcher machine, Usagi spotted a cute bear. Then Seiya played the game and got the bear. Usagi was very happy, but that happiness only lasted for a moment.

Usagi: Thank you.
Seiya: For what?
Usagi: The bear.
Seiya put the bear on his own shirt.
Seiya: If you want one yourself, catch it yourself.

[CM break]

Usagi and Seiya rode the ferris wheel together. Seiya asked about Usagi's boy friend. Usagi said that she wrote letters to Mamoru every day, but she never got any response. Seiya said that Mamoru must be playing games with Usagi, but Usagi said that it wasn't so.

Then Seiya stared at Usagi, who was looking out the window, and had a very sad look in her eyes. Seiya felt (for an instant) that Usagi felt like the princess that they were looking for. Then Seiya told Usagi to cheer up, as he was going to take her to a fun place.

Nezu was waiting for the Three Lights in a disco. She had done her homework, and had found the place that the Three Lights usually hung out at when they didn't have to work.

Then Nezu saw Seiya and Usagi enter the disco.

Usagi and Seiya went into a private room.
Usagi [to herself]: It's dangerous, just the two of us in this room.

When Seiya went close to her, Usagi sat down on the floor, with her face getting red.

Seiya: What are you getting so nervous about?
Usagi laughed.
Seiya: Oh, this is your first time.
Usagi became a little bit more red.
Seiya: It's ok, I'll lead you.
Usagi couldn't say anything.
Seiya: It feels great.

Then Seiya grabbed Usagi's hand.. and they went out to dance on the dance floor.

While they were dancing, the lights suddenly went out. Then Seiya took Usagi in his arm and said that everything would be all right. Usagi felt something, just like when Mamoru was holding Usagi.

Usagi: This a warmth like Mamo-chan, but it's different. It's a different kindness from Mamo-chan.

Then Iron Mouse appeared and said that she was going to take Seiya's star seed. Seiya immediately told Usagi to escape. Usagi ran off and looked for a place to transform.

Iron Mouse fired her fireballs, and they converged on Seiya. There was a bright flash of light, but when the light cleared, Seiya wasn't there. Seiya had jumped out of the way.

Seiya then transformed into Sailor Star Fighter. Iron Mouse was shocked that Seiya was Sailor Star Fighter. Then the other Sailor Star Lights appeared. Then Eternal Sailor Moon appeared. During Sailor Moon's speech, Iron Mouse was starting to cry.

When Sailor Moon walked forward, she spotted the keychain bear on the ground. She picked it up and said that it was Seiya's. Sailor Star Fighter wondered why Sailor Moon knew about the bear. Then an image of Usagi appeared and overlayed Sailor Moon. [Star Fighter thought that Usagi might be Sailor Moon.]

Moon: What happened to Seiya?
Fighter: He's all right. I'll guarantee it.
Iron Mouse: Oh, you don't know anything. I know it. Do you want to know Seiya's identity?

Fighter fired the star serious laser at Iron Mouse. Iron Mouse got into her telephone box just in time.

Iron Mouse: If you don't want me to talk about your identity, give me your star seed.

But then Iron Mouse got another phone call. Iron Mouse was shocked and VERY scared. She slowly picked up the phone.

Galaxia: I'm very disappointed in you, Sailor Iron Mouse.
Iron Mouse: Are you mad at me?
Galaxia: I have no use for you any more.

Then Galaxia appeared. Iron Mouse begged for her life, but Galaxia took Iron Mouse's bracelets, and Iron Mouse vanished.

Galaxia [to the Sailor Senshi]: The galaxy belongs to me, Sailor Galaxia. If you don't want to be like this, don't disobey me.

Then Galaxia disappeared.

The Three Lights knew about Galaxia.

Healer: Galaxia.
Maker: The real enemy that destroyed our planet.
Fighter: You have to be careful too.
Moon: We're going to fight together right? If we fight together, we can defeat anybody.
Fighter: Don't act so spoiled.
Maker: We didn't come to protect the earth.
Healer: You have to protect your own planet by yourself.

Then the Sailor Star Lights went off.

Later, Usagi was walking around, holding the bear keychain, thinking (and worrying) about Seiya. Then she ran into Seiya, and Seiya told her that he was all right. Seiya gave the bear to Usagi, to thank her for spending the day with him.

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