Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 182

Episode Title
Uchuu kara no Shinryaku! Siren Hirai
[The invasion from space! Siren comes flying]
Air Date
New Characters
Sailor Aluminum Siren (Inoue Kikuko)
Sailor Lead Crow (Suzuka Chiharu)
Chibi Chibi (Mitsuishi Kotono)
police chief (Matsuo Ginzou)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.08.11
Usagi was writing a letter to Mamo-chan. She told him that they got a new member in the family, Chibi Chibi. But they also got two new enemy..

[OP song]

Usagi sent a letter to Mamoru. It was the 30th letter that she had written. Then Usagi recalled her date with Seiya, and became red.

Usagi: Mamo-chan, I want to see you..

Then a little girls comes flying down from the sky, holding an umbrella (floating down with the umbrella).

[title screen]

Galaxia was holding three star seeds in her hands. She called for the Anima-mates.

The Anima-mates said that they already had 80% of the galaxy. The only planets left were the ones in this solar system.

Galaxia ordered Sailor Aluminum Siren to get the rest of the star seeds. She told her that she won't tolerate failure like Sailor Iron Mouse.

Usagi was telling her friends about Galaxia. (They were all eating ice cream cones.. double dip.) Galaxia came from outside the solar system, as did the Sailor Star Lights. They wondered if the Star Lights were the enemy too. Usagi recalled the past times when the Star Lights helped her out, and she insisted that they weren't the enemy. But Minako said that they were aliens, and they might take Usagi away and do weird experiments with her. Rei quickly added that Minako had been watching too much weird TV shows.

Usagi said again that she couldn't believe that they were bad. Then Setsuna came and said that they couldn't trust others so quickly. She added that there was a strange evil energy all over the galaxy. It was an energy that took away the glitter of the stars. Setsuna said that they had to be very careful. (Setsuna was eating an ice cream bar..)

Usagi was with Luna in the park. Luna told her that Usagi trusted people too easily.

Then the cute little girl with the heart shaped odango red hair, and white umbrella appeared in front of Usagi. The wind blew her umbrella away, and Usagi caught it for her. Usagi returned the umbrella to the girl, and Usagi said that the girl was very cute. Then Usagi and Luna went off.

Later Luna noticed that the little girl had been following them. Then Usagi went to her and tried to find out who she was. The little girl could only keep saying, "Chibi.." But when Usagi took her eyes off of the girl for an instant, the girl disappeared.

Aluminum Siren (dressed in normal human clothes) was packing Nezu's stuff. She was feeling very sad for Nezu.. which made her hungry. Then Sailor Lead Crow (dressed in normal human clothes) came. When Aluminum Siren called her name, Lead Crow told her to call her Karasuma, as that was the name she was using on Earth.

Siren had been told to use Nezu's desk, but it was too dirty for her, so she was trying to clean it up.

Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren had been rivals for the top among the Anima-mates. Lead Crow had come to Earth to check up on Aluminum Siren because she was worried about her.. but Siren was too boke. (^_^;)

Karasuma told Aluminum Siren to hurry and go look for the target, so she wouldn't be erased like Iron Mouse. But Aluminum Siren took out her bento (wrapped in a fish design cloth!) and said she would eat first.

When Usagi got home and opened the door, Usagi fell over. Usagi saw the little girl standing in her house. Then Usagi's mother came and scolded Usagi for going out without her little sister, Chibi Chibi. Usagi and Luna were shocked.

[CM break]

Usagi and her friends were looking at Chibi Chibi, as Usagi's mother and Chibi Chibi were in a store shopping. Minako said that Chibi Chibi was cute. Ami wondered if Chibi Chibi was Chibi Usa's younger sister. She also said that Chibi Chibi looked a lot like Usagi. Rei then said that it would mean Usagi and Mamoru had a second child.. but then Setsuna came and said that that wasn't possible. Setsuna said that the Queen's only child is small lady. She also said that they should be careful of Chibi Chibi.

Then Usagi's mother came out of the store calling out for Chibi Chibi, as she had gotten lost. Usagi and the others split up to look for Chibi Chibi.

When Usagi was walking around, she spotted a policeman. But when Usagi got closer, she found that it was Seiya wearing a police uniform, talking to Chibi Chibi. Seiya had to be a policeman for one day, as it was part of his work as an idol.

Then Seiya carried Chibi Chibi on his shoulders as he and Usagi walked back to the police station. When Seiya said that Chibi Chibi looked a lot like Usagi, enough to be her child, Usagi blushed. Then Seiya said that Usagi must be hiding things. But Usagi also said that Seiya was hiding more things than her. Seiya admitted that he had some things to hide..

Usagi's mother had arrived at the police station, to pick up Chibi Chibi. The three lights and Usagi were also there. The chief of the police department came and said that Seiya did very well.

Meanwhile Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow (both in human clothes, wearing sunglasses) were spying on them. Lead Crow said that the police chief was the owner of the star seed. Aluminum Siren was munching on a rice cracker. (^_^) Lead Crow said that she had found the target for Aluminum Siren.

Usagi just realized that Rei-chan and the others must still be looking for Chibi Chibi, so she rushed outside.

After the police chief went outside to his car, Aluminum Siren went up to him and asked for an interview. The police chief thought that Aluminum Siren was a little too suspicious, and tried to get away, but Aluminum Siren kept following him. Then Aluminum Siren got the chief up against a wall, and she changed into her Sailor Senshi outfit. She got his star seed, but it wasn't the real star seed that they were looking for. Aluminum Siren said that she was very disappointed, and became hungry again..

Then Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto appeared. Karasuma also changed into her Sailor Senshi outfit. When Sailor Moon asked who the two new senshi were, Aluminum Siren went up to Sailor Moon with her business card and introduced herself. Lead Crow got upset at Aluminum Siren. Then Lead Crow introduced herself as the number one Anima-mates.

Sailor Pluto used her dead scream attack, but Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow easily avoided the attack. Then they both got into the telephone box and disappeared.

The police chief turned into Sailor Cop.. (just like Robocop ^_^;;) Sailor Cop fired at Moon and Pluto. Then Sailor Star Fighter came and blasted Sailor Cop, "star serious laser!" Then Sailor Moon used her starlight honeymoon therapy kiss attack to turn Sailor Cop back into the police chief.

That night Usagi was trying to write a letter to Mamoru.. She wanted to tell him about the new enemy, and the new addition to the family, but she couldn't. Usagi was feeling very depressed. Then Chibi Chibi came into the room.

Usagi and Chibi Chibi slept together. VERY cute!

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