Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 183

Episode Title
Shiryou no Sakebi? Kyoufu Camp no Kaijin
[The scream of a ghost? The frightening monster of the camp.]
Air Date
New Characters
Kengo (Asou Tomohisa)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.08.17
Ibuki Kengo made some pottery got upset and destroyed his own creation, saying that it was a failure. Then Aluminum Siren appeared from the window and immediately attacked Kengo for his star seed. But it wasn't the right one again, and Kengo turned into a monster.

[title screen]

Usagi and her friends were on a train, and they were going to the countryside. Chibi Chibi was running around on the train, and Usagi was chasing after her. This was supposed to be a fun camping trip, but Usagi had to take care of Chibi Chibi.

Minako said that she was trying to find romance during this trip. The girls were going to stay near one of Rei's relatives. Kengo was Rei's relative who made pottery and other clay things. Rei was wearing a pendant of a bird, which was one of the clay items that Kengo made. Everyone said it was so nice, and Rei thought so too. But Rei told everyone that Kengo thought it was a failure.


Kengo was going crazy breaking all of the pottery that he had created, saying that it was all a failure. Chibi Rei was watching, and was very scared. Then Kengo picked up the little bird pendant and was going to break it. But Chibi Rei cried out, "Stop it! Please don't break it." Then Kengo stopped and regained his composure a little. He said, "I'll make a better one. Please keep this until then." and gave the bird pendant to Rei.

[end of flashback]

The girls were walking in the forest toward the camp grounds. A mail delivery person who was riding a bicycle came by and warned the girls that there were stories of a monster going around.

Meanwhile, a monster with a chain saw was going around a campsite. The girls screamed and tried to run away. But one of them fell down, and the monster was going to attack her. Then a beam of light came and hit the monster. Chou Red, Chou Yellow, and Chou Blue (three super heroes) came and saved the girls.

Then the director yelled out, "Cut!" It was actually the three lights making a movie.

It was very hot in the sentai outfit, so the three lights decided to go swimming while they were waiting for the next scene.

Rei went to Kengo's house. The door was open and since there was no answer, Rei went inside. She saw lots of broken pottery all over the floor. Rei started to get a bad feeling about this.

Usagi, Minako, Mako, Ami, and Chibi Chibi were swimming in a lake. Usagi and Minako started splashing each other. Chibi Chibi was standing next to Usagi. Then something came swimming up behind Usagi. Ami saw the shadow and tried to warn her, but Usagi was too busy splashing Minako. So Ami rushed over to try to save Usagi. But it was too late. The three shadows reached Usagi and they came out of the water. But it was just the three lights.

The three lights told the girls about the movie that they were making. Then Minako and the others told the three lights that there seemed to be a monster in the nearby camp too. Minako said that she was very scared, and wanted Yaten's attention, but Yaten just ignored her.

Later Usagi and Chibi Chibi were out in the forest gathering some firewood. Suddenly somebody came out of the woods, and Usagi was shocked. But it was Rei. Usagi asked about Kengo, but Rei said that he wasn't there.

Meanwhile, the three lights were fighting the monster (for the movie). Then they finished the filming.

Later Seiya grabbed the monster outfit from the costume truck. He said that he got a great idea..

[CM Break]

The girls had set up their tents. Ami and Mako were cooking. Chibi Chibi was running around, with Usagi chasing her. Then they heard some running footsteps approaching them. It was Taiki and Yaten, who said that a monster had appeared.

Rei wondered if Kengo had gotten attacked by the monster too. Then the girls heard screams from other nearby campers.

Then the monster appeared. The monster went around destroying the girls' tent and food. Usagi got upset and yelled at the monster. But when the monster glared at Usagi, the girls all ran away. The monster kept destroying everything for a while before going after the girls.

Meanwhile, Seiya (in the monster outfit) was walking toward the girls' campsite. Seiya arrived and was disappointed that the girls weren't there. Taiki and Yaten told Seiya that it was enough, but Seiya said that he had just come and didn't do anything yet. Then Taiki and Yaten realized that the previous monster was a real monster.

The real monster was going after the girls. Then Rei tripped and fell down. The monster took a swipe at Rei, but Rei jumped out of the way. But Rei dropped her bird pendant. Then Usagi and Rei transformed to fight the monster.

The monster created clay vases and such from his stomach, and fired them at the Sailor Senshi. The monster then picked up the pendant that Rei had dropped. Sailor Mars realized that the monster was actually Kengo.

When the monster was going to fire another clay vase, Sailor Mars used her mars flame sniper attack and neutralized the attack. Then Sailor Moon used her starlight honeymoon therapy kiss attack to turn the monster back into Kengo.

The Sailor Star Lights had been watching the battle from the nearby trees. They saw that Sailor Moon had beaten the monster, so they just took off.

Later the girls were at Kengo's house. Minako was trying to make a clay vase, but failed miserably.

Usagi was talking to Seiya outside. When Usagi asked him where he had been, Seiya said that he had passed out because he was scared of the monster. Then someone opened the door and hit Seiya. Seiya fell down on top of Usagi, and everyone saw Seiya on top of Usagi. Usagi yelled out, "Ecchi!" and threw Seiya.

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