Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 184

Episode Title
Futarikiri no Yoru! Usagi no Pinch
[Just the Two at Night! Usagi's Pinch.]
Air Date
  • Summary by Jason Huhn, 1999.06.15
Usagi, Minako, Mako and Ami were all at school this morning talking about the break in crimes in Tokyo. Ami heard about a old lady being threatened with a knife. Usagi said she'd be home alone tonight. But just then Seiya comes up to the ladies. He was dressed in a football uniform saying he'd be a bodyguard and telling them if someone breaks in, he'd knock him out. (Nice guy eh?) Seiya would be staying at Usagi's house for the evening so she wouldn't be home alone tonight. Ami thought it was unfair to take advantage of the situation. But Usagi replied, "Oh, please." as she doesn't want to be lectured by her.

[title screen]

Back home, Usagi checks the place to make sure everything is all clean. The living room, bathroom, kitchen and suddenly remembers that she needed to do the hallway. Luna was also in the house with her when suddenly, Usagi slips and falls on the floor. Luna was concerned about having Seiya coming over.

Luna: A reliable policeman might suddenly turn into a wolfman!
Usagi: No way!
Luna: Usagi!
Usagi: Yes?
Luna: A man is like a wild animal that lives on instinct!
Luna: Don't forget it, okay?
Usagi: Okay... is that right?

The doorbell rings and Seiya opens when Usagi told him to enter by saying "Yes?" Seiya enters and looks at Usagi on the floor in a strange way. Seiya said "What are you doing, aerobics?"

Usagi gets up and shows Seiya to the living room and told him to sit down as she makes some tea. Seiya walk over to a picture and sees a picture of Usagi and Mamoru. He looked at the picture and Mamoru. Seiya said "Don't make her so sad." to the picture of Mamoru. Usagi arrives with some tea and gives a cup to Seiya. Then offered him a choice of short cake or Mont Blanc?

Seiya: Whichever!
Usagi: Then, I'll take the short cake... No, I can't do that.
Usagi: Don't be indecisive! It's not like you, Seiya!
Seiya: Then I'll have both!
Usagi: No way! Be considerate! Otherwise, girls won't like you!
Seiya: That's fine. It doesn't matter if anyone else likes me.

Seiya said he'd only sing for one lady. Usagi was wondering who this lady was he'd sing to. Seiya ask if she could listen. Luna gets a little nervous as she overhears their conversation saying it's not good. Usagi hesitates but Seiya tries to make her listen but Usagi refused. Seiya tried to plead again when a cake was thrown in his face. Not by Usagi, it was Chibi Chibi. Usagi tries to make her stop. Seiya tried his best, and he leaves the room to take a shower.

The door bell rings and Chibi Chibi runs up to open it but Usagi told her not to open it without checking. Luckily, it was Mako, Ami, Rei and Minako with Artemis. All unexpected invites and Usagi lets them all in. They didn't want her to be lonely so they all came by to see how she was doing. Seiya comes out in a towel around his waste. He needed some clothes to wear because the other ones were too sticky from the cake. Then Chibi Chibi runs up to Seiya trying to grab the towel off Seiya! Yikes! Seiya quickly runs back in the bathroom.

The girls were all cooking in the kitchen and Chibi Chibi was watching TV in the living room. But then the girls got scared when they saw a cockroach up on the ceiling. Seiya came tot he rescue and the girls loved this weird bravery. You don't see how they got rid of the roach though. But just then, the door bell rang again and Chibi Chibi jumped up this time to see who it was then opened it. It was Taiki and Yaten. They wanted to know if Seiya was around. The girls came out of the kitchen a little relieved and happy they came. So they all played some cards together.

Seiya: I believe somebody is holding out on the Three of Hearts!
Rei: Oh! It's me! I'll discard it!
Seiya: Thank you!
Usagi: Pass! Rei, discard the Five of Hearts next!
Rei: Usagi, the world of gambling is very severe!
Usagi: Rei, you're a small guy!
Ami: It's my turn, isn't it?
Ami: Taiki, you were holding out on this one, right?
Taiki: I admire you, Miss Mizuno!
Taiki: But, I think you're also holding out the Five of Clubs!
Ami: Well, I don't know what you're talking about!
Taiki: All right. If you insist!
Seiya: Taiki, relax!
Usagi: It's just a game!
Rei: Let's have fun!
Makoto: Pass!
Yaten: Pass!
Minako: I'll pass!
Yaten: You didn't discard even though you could!
Minako: I'll discard them if you'll go on a date with me!
Yaten: What are you saying? Discard them!
Minako: No way!
Luna: It seems I was too worried.
Artemis: Eight young men and women playing cards?
Artemis: It's so healthy that I'm scared!

Meanwhile, Haruka and Michiru stopped by Usagi's house for a while. The reason was that their car's fan belt snapped and needed repairs. But they were lucky it happened near Usagi's house, so they can kill some time there. It was Haruka's idea and Michiru answered, "I'm not bored when I'm with you." Usagi comes up to open the door and was happy to see Haruka and Michiru. However Haruka also spotted Seiya. Seiya asks, "Why are you here?" and Michiru said, "It's true. I'm not bored!" Haruka and Seiya meet again.

[CM break]

Seiya claimed that Usagi was just Usagi's bodyguard. Usagi told the Starlights that Haruka didn't like men. But Michiru cleared it up a bit saying Haruka didn't like popular men. It made sense to the other girls, but not to Haruka. And then, the doorbell rings again. Usagi opens it up and sees Jun Godai's "Oishinbou Banzai" and Jun asked if they could have an interview at the dinner table.

Usagi: No, so...
Jun: Are you having dinner?
Usagi: What? Well, not yet...
Jun: What's the menu?
Usagi: Take-out pizza...
Jun: Pizza! That sounds good! Thanks for inviting us!
Usagi: Hey! W... Wait! (Closes the door)
Usagi: What shall I do?

Well the girls suggested that they hide Seiya with Chibi Chibi in a compartment before she lets them in. Usagi goes in with them for a while. Usagi bumps her head as she gets inside Seiya also tried again on when she wanted to tell her.

Usagi: R... Right here?
Seiya: Right... just between us!
Usagi: Between us? Chibi Chibi is here too! Besides, I have Mamoru...
Seiya: I think you've misunderstood.
Usagi: That's you! You're thinking of something erotic, aren't you?
Chibi: ...erotic, aren't you? (Usagi bumps her head again)
Usagi: Seiya, please take care of Chibi Chibi!
Seiya: Where are you going?
Usagi: Don't worry! Stay here!

(Usagi bumps her head for the third time when she exited the compartment.)

Jun entered the house as did Siren and Crow. Jun didn't know what they were talking about but Crow and Siren used their bracelets to get the star seed out of Jun. Usagi runs out to see what was going on. Seiya came out too but Usagi asked why he left the compartment and Seiya said he was her bodyguard and didn't want anything happening to Usagi. But Usagi said she'd be all right and told him to quickly hide. She was about to transform, when Rei interrupted and told her to come to the living room. They all see the star seed that was just a blank as it turned into dust. It wasn't the star seed Crow and Siren were looking for. They also squabbled for a bit and later, they begin to see Uranus and Neptune on the dinner table and Siren said they even had their shoes on. But Siren and Crow entered the phone booth and disappeared. Then Uranus and Neptune saw Jun turning into a Farce.

Usagi transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon, and Jun becomes Sailor Sommelier. Sommelier attacks with some red wine in a bottle. Sailor Neptune uses her Deep Submerge attack with no affect, as the saltwater was deposited in to the wine bottle and loved the refreshing taste. Sailor Sommelier also used hors d'oeuvres to attack Minako but Eternal Sailor Moon used Moon Tiara Action with a pizza pie right in Sailor Sommelier's face. Also the other girls arrived as Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter. And the Starlights came as Sailor Star Fighter, Maker and Healer. It got a bit off topic with the next lines.

Uranus: Sailor Moon, how big is this room?
Moon: 12 mats size. I thought it was quite big, but when I look at it now...
Neptune:'s a bit small...
Maker: Star Gentle...
Mars, Jupiter, Mercury: Just a moment!
Maker: What are you doing?
Jupiter: If you use that attack here...
Healer: Shut up!
Fighter: That's right! Don't bother us!
Sommelier: Excuse me...
Fighter: Shut up!
Mercury: Sailor Moon! Hurry!

Eternal uses her Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to heal Sommelier. But instead of saying "Beautiful", he said, "Thank you for treating me." and returned as Jun. The starlights departed and so did Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. The rest all did their cleaning up as Seiya returned and helped out with the others. Then they hear a sudden noise coming from the closet. Usagi thought it was a thief, but Seiya took care of it as opened the door on the count of one, two, three, and it was Chibi Chibi pigging out on cake and making a mess. Usagi was upset that she had to clean up again!

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