Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 185

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Taiki Zesshou! Shinjiru Kokoro wo Uta ni Komete
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  • Summary by Jason Huhn, 1999.06.15
The Starlights were performing a song called "Search For Your Love" live in concert, and was also live on the television at the Tenth Secondary General Hospital were a girl named Misa was very ill and was is bed drawing a picture on what happens to be a Princess of some sort. Misa's mother came to her room to serve her some food in bed. Misa also looked at the calendar with the date September 3 circled around it in red. It was the date for Misa's surgery. There was a knock on the door and it was Ami that came in saying, "Hello" to Misa. Ami saw that Misa loved the Starlights as Misa was watching them on TV.

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Ami was at the cafe with Usagi, Mako, Minako, and Rei telling her about Misa's illness, saying that no doctors in Japan could cure her. So a doctor from America would be coming to Japan to perform surgery on her. Misa was a patient at the hospital where Ami's mother works. Ami also said that Misa is a bit scared to have surgery. Ami doesn't even know what she could get Misa as a get well gift. Usagi knew that Misa was a fan of the Starlights, so she had an idea.

Meanwhile, back at school, the Starlights were surrounded by hundreds of girls that wanted an autograph or wanted to kiss them but they Starlights just wanted some time alone for a while, so they managed to dodge the crowd and head for their lockers.

Taiki was upset about who the female fans saying that they were only interested in their looks, and love to shout at their concerts and only listen to half their music. So Taiki walks down a hall and up a set of stairs. Seiya and Yaten follow. Usagi appears at the top of the stairs and wanted to ask Taiki a favor for Ami. Taiki listened, since he and Ami are the best students in the class. Taiki was with Ami and Usagi in the hospital over to Misa's room. Ami and Taiki wanted to surprise her as they asked Misa to close her eyes for just a second and Taiki enters then Misa was allowed to have her eyes open again.

Taiki: Hello, Misa!
Taiki: Thank you for always watching us!
Misa: Thank you... for coming to see me...
Misa: I shook hands with Taiki!
Ami: Good for you, Misa! It was Usagi who invited him here!
Usagi: Well, actually, I was trying to get a set of three, but the other two got away...
Usagi: Since this is such a great opportunity, would you give Misa an autograph?
Taiki: Actually, I don't feel comfortable about that...
Usagi: Or should I take a picture of the two of you?
Taiki: Miss Tsukino, would you stop that, please?
Usagi: Let's see... That's it!
Usagi: Would you like to sing a song for her, Taiki?
Taiki: Please stop it!
Taiki: Sorry, but I came here as Kou Taiki, an individual.
Taiki: I would like to excuse myself.
Misa: I'm happy already, just to see Taiki.
Ami: Oh, I have an idea! This is a great chance to show your drawing to Taiki, Misa.
Misa: N... No!
Usagi: Oh? What? What kind of drawing?
Ami: To be honest, she hasn't shown it to me at all!
Misa: No, not yet! I'm not finished yet!
Taiki: Then, will you show me after you've recovered from your operation?
Taiki: I have to confess that I am a bit fussy about drawings, okay?

Misa agrees she would show the picture to Taiki later on. Taiki thought Usagi and Ami were different from other fans. But to him, he said "It's unfortunate..." Later that night, Misa continue to color in her picture and also watches the Starlights "Search For Your Love" video on TV and has a strange feeling inside her...

Also, the Starlights were recording their "Search For Your Love" and Taiki was wondering why that song isn't getting any response from a princess. The recording people decided to call it a night after the song was over. Seiya was wondering why Taiki sung a bit out of tune. Taiki said he was a bit exhausted. But Seiya didn't worry because tomorrow was the real thing for the concert. But back at the hospital Misa, just couldn't color any more and she collapsed. Misa's mother entered and witnessed her collapse as she dropped a vase that shattered with red roses in it.

Seiya didn't believe what Taiki said to him. Taiki said he wanted to cancel the concert because he wasn't feeling well and couldn't make contact with the princess. Seiya and Yaten didn't want that to happen. But just then Usagi ran to Taiki saying that Misa just got worse.

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It was September 3, the date of Misa's surgery. Taiki went to the hospital with Usagi to see Misa. Misa told him that she couldn't draw any more. Taiki took a look at the picture of Misa's latest drawing and realized it the princess he wanted to make contact too! Misa told Taiki that when she listened to their song "Search For Your Love" she witnessed a vision in her head of the princess. But recently, she couldn't so she stopped drawing. Taiki was fortunate that the song reached Misa. Misa is scared that she'll die, but Taiki told her to believe that her surgery will be successful. The nurse came in to tell Misa that it was time for her operation. They rolled her bed into the operating room. Taiki knows that when they Starlights play their song, Misa will see the princess again in her vision. Taiki decided to get to his concert right away! He had a show to perform!

The concert was about to begin with Seiya and Yaten were on stage. Seiya was going to make an announcement. Seiya said, "The fact is Taiki..." but then Taiki appeared from across the audience and ran up the aisle to toward the stage. Seiya then said, "...takes to long when using the washroom." Seiya helped Taiki on stage and they began their song and he wanted Taiki to make Misa feel better and see that vision of the princess.

Back at the hospital they were still awaiting for the doctor to arrive. A car came up to the main doors and a nurse escorted her down a alley saying it was a shortcut to the operating room. The nurse happened to be Sailor Aluminum Siren and Usagi and Ami noticed it as the doctor screamed with his briefcase being thrown out the alley. So they transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. Sailor Aluminum Siren noticed that it wasn't the star seed she was looking for as it was a blank and turned into dust. Then Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury appear. But she lets the doctor take care to them as her turns into a Farce named Sailor Doctor. Sailor Aluminum Siren exits in the phone booth and disappears to let Sailor Doctor take care of Eternal Moon and Mercury. Sailor Doctor said Eternal Sailor Moon was sick all over and was about to use needles on her. But Sailor Mercury used to Aqua Rhapsody to attack Sailor Doctor. Finally, Eternal Sailor Moon used her Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to heal him back to a doctor again.

Back in the operating room the doctor did the operation on Misa. Usagi wanted Misa to get better. Usagi, Ami, Misa's mother and the Starlights wanted to hear the news. The doctor said it her will that made the operation a success and she was recovering. She was outside in the park near the hospital in a wheelchair happy. Taiki was with Usagi saying that Misa's encouragement made it happen and not himself. Seiya asked Taiki to come over with Misa. Misa said that her picture is done and asked Taiki if he would like to see it the next time he visits. Taiki said "Sure." and back in the hospital in Misa's room, the was Misa's book, which showed the picture of the princess all done and colored.

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