Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 186

Episode Title
Chibi Chibi no nazo!? Osawagase Daitsuiseki
[The mystery behind Chibi Chibi!? The troublesome pursuit.]
Air Date
New Characters
Kiriyama (Watanabe Takeshi)
older girl (Uwagawa Emi)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.09.13
Before the OP, Usagi was writing a message to Mamoru. She asked, "Have you ever gone to a world of candy?"


On the way home from school, Usagi passed by a pizza deliverly store and realized that she was very, very hungry. She rushed home and yelled to her mother, "I'm hungry!" But mother wasn't home. Luna told Usagi that mother was out shopping.

Chibi Chibi was holding a fancy doll and eating snacks. Usagi asked her about the doll, but Chibi Chibi only repeated "ningyou" (doll) in her very cute way. Luna told Usagi that Chibi Chibi was holding this doll all the time recently.

[Luna spoke in front of Chibi Chibi, so I guess they aren't trying to hide Luna's abilities from Chibi Chibi.]

Usagi: What about my snacks?
Luna: There isn't any.

Usagi became sad and started to have a lot of tears in her eyes. She stared at Chibi Chibi, who was eating a lot of donuts. Then Chibi Chibi noticed Usagi and gave one to her.

[title screen]

When Usagi's mother came home Usagi was waiting for her at the door, on her knees and she bowed to her mother. Mother was shocked!

Usagi: Please give me my snacks.
Mother: Oh, I forgot.
Usagi: How can you? You gave Chibi Chibi so much snacks!
Mother: What are you talking about? I didn't give any to Chibi Chibi. I don't want her to have a lot of cavities like you!

Then when Usagi looked for Chibi Chibi, she was gone.

Later Usagi was with Luna wondering about Chibi Chibi. Chibi Chibi disappeared from time to time. Luna didn't know where Chibi Chibi goes either.

Usagi: We don't know much about Chibi Chibi.
Luna: We don't know if she is your child, or Chibi Usa's child.. Don't you know about your own child?
Usagi: Luna, you didn't know that Diana was your own child!

Usagi was hungry. She was rolling around on the floor. Then Chibi Chibi came with some candies. Usagi wondered where Chibi Chibi was getting all of these snacks.

When Chibi Chibi went out, Usagi and Luna followed her.

Usagi: There must be a world of candy.
Luna started crying: She's a high school student and she still thinks like this..

Then Usagi and Luna lost sight of Chibi Chibi. Usagi wondered around, thinking that Chibi Chibi couldn't have gone too far. Then Usagi was walking backwards and bumped into Rei and Mako. They all fell down and Rei had to twist her neck back into place.

Rei spotted Chibi Chibi walking on top of a fence. Just as they were saying that it was dangerous, Chibi Chibi slipped and fell. But she used her umbrella, and gently floated to the ground. Then Usagi, Mako, and Rei kept following Chibi Chibi.

When Chibi Chibi went through some bushes, Usagi poked her head through too. Then she spotted Artemis. Minako and Ami also came and joined the group.

The five girls saw Chibi Chibi crossing a busy street. They were shocked, but Chibi Chibi didn't get hit by the cars.

Chibi Chibi then kept walking and passed by a very mean looking bulldog. The bulldog then licked Chibi Chibi's face. The girls were surprised that Chibi Chibi wasn't scared of the big dog. Mako said that Chibi Chibi didn't judge others by appearances, just like Usagi. Then Ami wondered if Chibi Chibi was Usagi's child.

When the five girls passed by the bulldog, thinking that the dog wasn't that mean after all, the dog got very angry and chased the girls. The girls ran and finally climbed a telephone pole to escape from the dog.

Then the three lights came walking by. They also joined the group and they all followed Chibi Chibi.

Chibi Chibi found a 500 yen coin on the street. The girls wondered what she was going to do with it. Chibi Chibi went to the police station and turned the money in. Rei commented that Chibi Chibi was a very good girl, just like Chibi Usa. Minako wondered if Chibi Chibi was Chibi Usa's child.

Then Chibi Chibi went into a very large mansion. The sign on the wall said that it was the Kiriyama residence.

[CM break]

Usagi and the others also went into the Kiriyama residence. There were lots and lots of expensive antiques in the yard, and all over the house.

Then they heard Chibi Chibi's voice. Chibi Chibi was inside the house with an old man. Yaten recognized the doll that Chibi Chibi was holding as a very expensive antique doll [10,000,000 yen]. The tea cup that Chibi Chibi was playing with was also an expensive brand name item [100,000 yen]. Usagi became worried and prayed that Chibi Chibi wouldn't break anything.

The three lights recognized the old man as the head of the Kiriyama group.

Then Chibi Chibi dropped the tea cup that she was playing with. Usagi screamed out, and Kiriyama spotted everyone.

Everyone went inside and sat down at a large table for tea. Usagi said that she was Chibi Chibi's older sister, and the other girls were Usagi's friends. Kiriyama didn't recognize the three lights, although they had met earlier at a party. Yaten was disappointed that they weren't as famous as he had thought.

Chibi Chibi broke another tea cup. Usagi was worried, but Kiriyama didn't care about it.

Kiriyama: You're just like Chibi Chibi. I felt the warm feeling around Chibi Chibi in you too. I noticed right away.
Seiya: They are sisters.
Kiriyama: But it's more than that. It's identical, it's very strange.

Then the butler came and told Kiriyama that he had a guest. Then the girls and three lights left. But before leaving, Kiriyama gave Chibi Chibi some snacks.

While they were walking back the girls and the three lights were talking.

Rei: What were we doing?
Minako: We were following Usagi.
Usagi: Sometimes, Chibi Chibi disappears. When she comes home, she has a lot of snacks. So I thought there was a world of candy..
Everyone was very disappointed in Usagi. Yaten called her stupid.

Then when Usagi looked for Chibi Chibi, she was gone. [Chibi Chibi had forgotten her doll, so she went back to the Kiriyama house.]

Usagi ran back for Chibi Chibi. Then Usagi heard a scream.

Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow attacked Kiriyama. But Kiriyama's star seed wasn't the one that they were looking for.

Eternal Sailor Moon appeared [no transformation scene]. But Kiriyama turned into Sailor Antique and Siren and Crow left in their telephone box.

Sailor Antique was going to attack Sailor Moon, but Chibi Chibi came by and dropped some marbles. Sailor Antique stepped on the marbles and fell down.

Sailor Antique started throwing the expensive things around. Sailor Moon went around diving to catch the antiques before they hit the ground. Then Chibi Chibi got into it too and threw up her antique doll. Sailor Moon caught the doll, but dropped one of the vases.

Sailor Antique got upset at Sailor Moon, and called a white horse. [He went into a prayer pose, just like when Chibi Usa was calling Pegasus.] Sailor Antique rode the horse and attacked.

Sailor Star Healer came and used her "star sensitive inferno" attack. Then Sailor Moon used her "starlight honeymoon therapy kiss" attack, and Sailor Antique returned to Kiriyama.

Sailor Moon: It was good that the doll was ok..

Then Chibi Chibi tossed her doll and broke it.

On the way home, Usagi walked with Chibi Chibi.

Usagi: He says we are very similar. Maybe we are related.

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