Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 187

Episode Title
Kagayaku Hoshi no Power! Chibi Chibi no Henshin
[The power of the glittering stars! Chibi Chibi's transformation.]
Air Date
New Characters
Ijuuin Sonoko (Narahashi Miki)
three lights fan club member (Uwagawa Emi)
three lights fan club member (Enomoto Mikiko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.09.17
  • Summary version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.09.23
Usagi said that she wasn't good at sports and guts.


There was going to be a sports festival in Usagi's school. [actually sports that use balls]

Mako: Usagi, what are you going to do?
Usagi: I'm not good at ball sports. Minako, are you playing volleyball?
Minako: Of course.. with Taiki.

Then Minako went into her own world, and imagined herself setting up the ball for Taiki, who would spike it (Minako's "love love toss").

Usagi: Mako, what are you doing?
Mako: I didn't choose basketball because Yaten is playing basketball..
Usagi: So you want to do a "love love dunk".. You better not let Ami-chan hear this.

Then Ami (with her glasses on) popped up.

Ami: Usagi, what are you doing?
Seiya (who just came): Odango is playing softball with me.
Usagi: Hey!
Seiya: I told the teacher myself.
Usagi: Wait!

Ami, Minako, and Mako looked at Usagi.

Seiya: You hadn't decided right?
Usagi: I'm not good at softball!
Seiya: I'll teach you.


After school, Usagi and Seiya were getting ready to practice.

Rei was there too, with all of the other girls. Chibi Chibi was there too. Rei was upset that Usagi was doing this.

The girls didn't understand why Seiya was practicing so hard. Then Yaten and Taiki came. Yaten said that Seiya hated to lose. The girls all said that there was no way that they would win. Yaten didn't understand.

All girls: Just watch and you'll know.

Seiya hit some balls to Usagi, to practice her fielding. But Usagi didn't come close to catching anything. Then one ball hit Usagi in the face. The girls didn't know that Usagi was that bad. Yaten and Taiki laughed.

Seiya: Are you all right?
Usagi: I'm not fine.
Seiya: You've played softball before haven't you?
Usagi: I did, but I forgot.

Then a girl with long green hair came by with a group of girls, and laughed. It was Ijuuin Sonoko, the captain of the softball team. She was also the head of the Three Lights fan club, being member number 1. Ami, Rei, Minako, and Mako got down on the ground and bowed to her.

Sonoko said that she couldn't allow Usagi sticking so close to Seiya. Usagi shouted back that she had a boy friend that was much better than Seiya.

Sonoko: Much better?

Immediately, Minako and Rei rushed to Usagi and trapped her to the ground. They told Usagi not to make Sonoko and the fan club mad.

Sonoko challenged Seiya to a match. If Sonoko wins, Seiya would never see Usagi again. But if Seiya wins, Sonoko would let Seiya go out with Usagi.

Then Sonoko and the others left.

Usagi got mad: We're not going out!

Then Rei and Minako pulled Usagi away.
Rei: Even if you try your best..
Minako: You're not going to win.
Mako and Ami appeared.
Mako: Then you'll have to say good-bye to Seiya.
Ami: After that, you can leave it to us.

Meanwhile Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow were in front of Galaxia.

Galaxia: Sailor Aluminum Siren, can't you find the real star seed yet?
Siren: Not yet.
Galaxia: Not yet?
Crow: Galaxia, Siren is trying her best.
Galaxia: Shut up! I don't need any incompetents.
Siren: I know. I'll try my best.

Usagi and Seiya kept practicing until late at night. After they finished, they sat on a bench (Usagi, Chibi Chibi, and Seiya). They looked up at the stars.

Seiya: Every living thing on this planet has a glittering star inside their bodies.
Usagi: A glittering star?
Seiya: They say this in a place far away. Everyone has it. The stronger the star is, the brighter it glitters. Yours is glittering exceptionally bright.
Usagi (slightly embarrassed): Is this how you always pick up girls?
Seiya: I'm serious.
Usagi: Is this how you seriously try to pick up girls?
Seiya: Listen carefully! I like the glitter that you have. I don't want to lose this game.
Usagi: But she's the ace and number four batter. Even I know how great that is.
Seiya: Don't give up. I don't give up easily.

[CM break]

Usagi's class (1st year, class 1) and Sonoko's class (3rd year, class 2) made it to the finals of the softball tournament.

Just as the game was going to start, Minako and Rei beat up the announcer and took over the announcing.

Meanwhile, Siren and Crow (in their human clothes) came to Juuban High School.

Siren: Is there really an owner of the Star Seed here?

Crow said that the star of the softball team was here. Siren was eating potato chips. Crow got upset at Siren for eating while she was talking. But Crow said that she would go get the star seed for Siren.

During the softball game, Usagi played right field, and kept making errors. But both Seiya and Ijuuin were pitching and kept each other scoreless. Before the start of the 7th inning (the final inning), it started raining.

While they were waiting for the rain to stop, Usagi was feeling depressed and apologized to Seiya for making all those errors. But Seiya told her not to worry about it. Minako, Rei, Ami, and Mako came and told Usagi to try her best. Then Chibi Chibi wanted to go to the toilet, so Usagi took her.

While Usagi was waiting for Chibi Chibi, Sonoko came to her.

Sonoko: In the final inning, I'll bat again. I've read Seiya pitches. I'll hit the ball at you.
Usagi: I don't think I can catch it. Even if Seiya helped me a lot, I'm no good. Also I think you think of Seiya much more than me. But I don't want to lose. For Seiya, who helped me a lot, and also for myself.
Sonoko: Let's try our best.

Chibi Chibi finished, so Usagi and Chibi Chibi left. But then they heard Sonoko's scream right away. Usagi told Chibi Chibi to stay put, and ran back to help Sonoko. Usagi grabbed her compact and started to transform.

Aluminum Siren was walking down the hall, and her blue suit was all wet because of the rain. Then Siren saw the glitter/flash/light of Usagi's transformation.

Siren: That glitter.. can it be the real star seed?

Eternal Sailor Moon came to face Lead Crow, who had found out that Sonoko's star seed wasn't the real one. But Crow left in her telephone box, and Sonoko turned into Sailor Leaguer.

Sailor Leaguer threw baseballs at Sailor Moon, but Sailor Moon luckily hit one back at her. The ball hit Sailor Leaguer and knocked her down. Sailor Moon pulled out her eternal tier and was going to use her attack to turn Sailor Leaguer back into Sonoko. But a ball of light came and blasted Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon dropped the eternal tier and it went rolling away.

Sailor Aluminum Siren: Someone such as you had the star seed. I'll take your glittering star.

Aluminum Siren jumped on Sailor Moon, and attacked her. She tried to forcefully take the star seed from Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon looked at the tier that was on the ground. Chibi Chibi came from the building and ran to the tier. But Sailor Leaguer came and stood in the way. Sailor Leaguer was going to attack Chibi Chibi, but Chibi Chibi jumped over Sailor Leaguer!

Then when Chibi Chibi touched the eternal tier, a beam of light came out and went up into the sky. The other girls all felt something. Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki also felt something. They thought that it was the princess. Sailor Galaxia also felt it too.

Sailor Moon felt a warm feeling in her heart. In a dreamy sequence, Chibi Chibi (with Sailor Senshi tiara and ornaments in her heart odango) floated to Sailor Moon. Then they touched, hand to hand.

Sailor Moon: A new power. A gentle undulation. Chibi Chibi, what are you?

Then Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi returned to "real time". (Chibi Chibi returned to normal.) Sailor Aluminum Siren told Sailor Leaguer to attack Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon's tier flashed and a new, longer stick grew out of it. [probably called the moon power tier]

Then Sailor Moon used her new attack, silver moon crystal power kiss. Sailor Leaguer got hit and returned to Sonoko.

Sailor Aluminum Siren was going to attack Sailor Moon. But then the Sailor Star Lights came. Since it was 4 on 1, Aluminum Siren went into cute/boke mode, smiled, and went into her telephone box to disappear.

Sailor Star Lights: What happened?
Sailor Moon: I don't know..

In the top of the 7th inning, Seiya hit a homerun and Usagi's class took a 1-0 lead. In the bottom of the 7th inning, Sonoko's class had runners on second and third with two outs. The batter was Sonoko. Seiya pitched, and Sonoko slammed the ball, into deep right field. Usagi ran back as hard as she could, and dove for the ball. When she got up, the ball was in her glove!

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