Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 189

Episode Title
Shimei to Yuujou no Hazama Sailor Senshi Tachi no Tairitsu
[In between the mission and the friendship. The Sailor Senshi's confrontation.]
Air Date
New Characters
DJ Jack (Kanemaru Jun'ichi)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.10.22
Usagi: Rei-chan became a fortune teller and she's trying to see what's going on between Seiya and me. Who does my heart belong to? Just watch and see.


Usagi was thinking about what had happened [in last week's episode].

[title screen]

After school, Usagi, Minako, Ami, Mako, and the two cats were in the coffee shop. They were talking about the three lights, but Usagi was quietly thinking to herself. The three lights didn't go to school that day. Minako said that she was shocked that the three lights were female. Her heart was broken again. But Mako said that they were male in their normal appearances.

Usagi: It was a shock. We were good friends, but we didn't know anything about each other.
Ami: We didn't tell them anything about ourselves either.

Meanwhile Seiya was sitting in the dark by himself, thinking about what had happened. Then Taiki and Yaten came. They told Seiya to shape up.

Taiki: You know what he have to do.
Seiya: To find the princess.
Taiki: Ok.

Taiki: The more those Sailor Senshi move, the more Galaxia will look toward them.

Seiya got upset at Taiki's words.
Seiya: They are fighting to save their own planet.
Yaten: You're worried about her.

Seiya grabbed Yaten, and they almost got into a fight.

Meanwhile Galaxia was with Lead Crow and Tin Nyanko. Nyanko said that she was going to cooperate with Crow to get the star seeds. But Crow pretended like she didn't know anything. Nyanko got VERY scared of Galaxia, but Galaxia didn't do anything to her.

Galaxia said that she felt a strong fluttering on Earth, and told Nyanko and Crow to hurry up and get the star seeds.

Nyanko went to earth and was cleaning up the desk that Siren had been using at the TV studio. Nyanko saw a cute little toy cat, and tossed it away. Then Crow came..

Crow: What are you doing?
Nyanko: Cleaning up.

Crow picked up the little toy cat and put in on her shirt.
[I think.. as this isn't visible on the screen.]

Nyanko: You better be careful too.

Crow said that Siren did her duty well, even though she got killed..
[flashback to Siren getting killed by Galaxia.. (;_;)]

Crow: I'll defeat you in the end.

Rei was working as a fortune teller in a department store. Her grandfather had signed her up for the job. Rei was wearing a fortune teller's outfit, complete with veil.

Seiya (wearing sunglasses) walked into the fortune telling booth, and Rei was slightly happy to see someone handsome. But as soon as she recognized Seiya, she was disappointed, because it was someone she knew. She didn't want anyone to know that she was working there.

Seiya talked about a girl that he liked. He had been keeping a secret from her, and before he could tell her, she found out. He was worried about what the girl was feeling. He wasn't sure if the girl would forgive her. Also Seiya said that his friends didn't like the way he was acting recently. Then Rei said that Seiya should be truthful, and start by apologizing. Seiya thanked Rei and left. [Seiya didn't know that it was Rei.]

Then Rei had another customer. It was Usagi!

Usagi: There's a guy that I'm thinking about..

Rei was shocked.

Rei: Isn't there someone else that you already like?

Usagi said that this guy wasn't like a boy friend, and Rei was relieved.

Usagi wanted to talk to this guy, but he didn't come to school. Rei told her to go look for him, but Usagi said that she didn't know where he was. Then Rei told Usagi to stop making excuses for herself. Rei took off her veil and gave Usagi a ticket for a three lights event. [The event ticket was dated September 28.]


The three lights were guests on a radio show, which had a DJ called DJ Jack. It was a public recording event, and Usagi was in the crowd.
[It was very hard to get tickets for this event, as the number of people who applied was 40 times the number of people who got in.]
Seiya was still thinking to himself. Then he spotted Usagi in the audience. The DJ asked Seiya to read a postcard. Instead of reading the correct name, Seiya made up a pen name, and gave a message to Usagi. Yaten and Taiki noticed and got angry.

After the recording event, Seiya went to see Usagi.

Seiya: Thank you for coming today.
Usagi: Thank you for that message. Even if you can't tell me now, later we can tell each other everything..

Taiki and Yaten came and scolded Seiya. Then there was a scream. Usagi rushed off immediately, and Seiya was going to go after her. But Taiki and Yaten stopped him.

Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. Sailor Lead Crow was trying to get the star seed from DJ Jack, but his wasn't the one they were looking for. Then when Sailor Moon arrived on the scene, Crow told Sailor DJ to attack Sailor Moon. Sailor DJ attacked Sailor Moon by throwing his CD bombs.

Sailor Moon ran to avoid the CDs. But she slipped and fell. Just when Sailor DJ was going to finish off Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars' mars flame sniper came and blasted Sailor DJ. The other senshi arrived too. Sailor Moon used her silver moon, crystal power kiss to return Sailor DJ to normal.

Then Sailor Lead Crow faced the Sailor Senshi.

Crow: Because of you, Siren...

Tin Nyanko was watching this battle from around a corner. She said that Crow was stupid for trying to fight, and pulled out a bazooka (in the shape of a cat paw). Nyanko aimed the bazooka at Sailor Moon, and fired.

Sailor Moon realized something was coming at her, but too late. Just then, Seiya came running and took the hit. Seiya crashed at Sailor Moon's feet, with blood on his head.

Then the star sensitive inferno and star gentle uterus attacks went at Crow and Nyanko. Both Crow and Nyanko dodged the attacks, and they went into the telephone box to escape. It was crowded in the box..

Nyanko: Your hip is too big. Why don't you go on a diet.
Crow: Do something about your big tits.

Then Sailor Star Maker carried Seiya.

Maker: You can defend your planet, but don't get us mixed up in it.
Healer: Don't come close to us.

Star Maker and Star Healer walked away.

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