Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 190

Episode Title
Akasareta Shinjitsu Seiya Tachi no Kako
[The Truth Revealed, Seiya's Past]
Air Date
New Characters
Shiro Takeo (Ishii Kouji)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.11.04
Usagi: Haruka and the others won't let me see the three lights. But I believe in Seiya.


Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto called Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Star Healer to the top of a building at night. Uranus and the outer senshi didn't want the three light to see Usagi any more.

Outer senshi: We have to protect this planet from outside invaders.
Maker: She's getting in our way too.
Healer: But we'll use whatever means to fulfill our goal.

The senshi faced off. Then an injured Seiya struggled up to them.

Seiya: Stop it! I won't go see her any more.

[Title Screen]

Usagi was wondering if Seiya was all right. After school, Usagi, Ami, and Mako were walking home. Ami said that there was going to be a new cake a Crown. Ami and Mako asked if Usagi wanted to go eat it, but Usagi was just feeling disappointed.

Then Minako came running with a phone number. It was the phone number of the place where the three lights were rehearsing for their concert. Usagi took the number and ran off.

Usagi called, and Taiki picked up the phone. He told Usagi that Seiya was doing fine, but Usagi wanted to go apologize in person. But Taiki said that she wouldn't be able to see Seiya. Yaten took the phone and told her (in a very mean tone) that Seiya didn't want to see her.

The five girls were at Rei's shrine, and Usagi was feeling very disappointed. Minako said that Usagi would be able to see Seiya again, but Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna came by and told them that Seiya said that he wouldn't see Usagi any more.

Then Usagi got upset at Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna, and yelled at them. "Don't do such unnecessary things!" But Usagi quickly apologized after saying it.

Haruka: They are invaders from space.
Usagi: I know, but they are sailor senshi.
Setsuna: The enemy are sailor senshi too.
Michiru: This is a battle between sailor senshi. You have to be careful.
Haruka: We have to protect our planet by ourselves. We can only believe in ourselves.
Setsuna: Please understand.
Usagi: But Seiya is Seiya. If we talk, we can understand each other.

Then Usagi ran off.

Nyanko was sitting in the TV station polishing her nails. Crow (with a very mean look on her face) came. "Don't interfere any more!" Nyanko said that she just tried to help.

Then Crow noticed a magazine on the table and saw something about an amusement center. She said to herself, "Siren used to like amusement centers.." and picked out her next target (a person at the amusement center).

Usagi was crying on her bed, and Luna came to her.

Usagi: Am I wrong?
Luna: No, but please understand what Haruka is saying.

Then Usagi got a phone call. It was from Seiya who said, "Tonight we have a live a Megalopolis. Listen to my song.." and hung up.

As Seiya returned to the stage, he collapsed. Taiki asked if they should cancel the concert, but Seiya said that he was all right.

[CM Break]

Usagi went to the amusement center (Megalopolis), but they were all sold out of tickets. Usagi then spotted a large ferris wheel, and decided to ride that. (The concert stage would be visible from the ferris wheel.)

The concert started, and Seiya wondered if Usagi was there. Then he spotted a glitter of light in a ferris wheel (Usagi's compact was reflecting the light).

Usagi noticed that Seiya's song was different. Then Seiya's message went out to Usagi.

"This is all due to Galaxia. She wants to destroy all of the stars by getting all of the star seeds. When she gets all of the star seeds, the galaxy will be hers. Our planet was destroyed by Galaxia. But our final hope, the princess, escaped and came to earth. We followed her and came to earth too."

As the song ended, Seiya wondered, "Did you get my message, odango.." and fainted on the stage.

Meanwhile Karasuma Akane (Lead Crow in disguise) was trying to introduce herself to Shiro Takeo (the person who ran the amusement center). But Takeo got the news about Seiya fainting, and ran off to check on the concert.

Crow attacked Takeo and tried to get the star seed, but it wasn't the one she was after. Crow got upset and left in the telephone box right away.

The ambulance arrived, and Taiki and Yaten went to get Seiya, but he wasn't lying down (like he was supposed to be).

Seiya was struggling outside. Usagi spotted Seiya, as Seiya collapsed. Then the fuzzy (the monster) appeared. Seiya took out his transformation item (star with wings) but he felt faint again.

Usagi: Leave it to me!

The monster attacked Sailor Moon with balloons, and Sailor Moon got hit. Sailor Moon was carrying Seiya, to protect him from the attacks. Then just as the balloons were going to hit Sailor Moon and Seiya, Sailor Uranus came and blasted the balloons away. Then Sailor Neptune used her deep submerge on the monster.

Sailor Moon: Thanks for coming to help.
Sailor Uranus: Don't get us wrong. We didn't come to help him.

After Uranus blasted the monster with her space sword attack, Sailor Moon finished him off with her silver moon crystal power kiss.

After the battle, everyone was back in their human form. Taiki and Yaten had come for Seiya.

Setsuna: You promised not to see her.
Yaten: She's the one who came.
Usagi: Yes, it was me.
Haruka: Anyway, we'll protect this planet ourselves.
Taiki: Please do that.

As Taiki and Yaten were carrying Seiya away, Seiya said, "Odango, thanks for coming today."

Usagi was going to run to Seiya, but Haruka grabbed her arm and stopped her.

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