Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 191

Episode Title
Hikari no Chou ga Mau Toki! Atarashii Nami no Yokan
[When the Butterfly of Light Dances! The Premonition of a New Wave]
Air Date
New Characters
Ohbayashi Yukihide (Kouno Yoshiyuki)
announcer (Uwagawa Emi)
Reiko (Hiramatsu Akiko)
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Usagi: There is a game event where we can play all the games we want for free! But I can't get into it. Mamo-chan, please give me some energy.


Chibi Chibi was walking in the city. She noticed a pink butterfly flying around, and went chasing after it. Chibi Chibi chased the butterfly into the forest.

At a lake, many more butterflies appeared and beckoned Chibi Chibi into the lake. (Chibi Chibi was walking on top of the water..) Then the butterflies created a censer [a container for burning incense], and turned Chibi Chibi into a Sailor Senshi.

[title screen]

Meanwhile, the three lights sensed the pink butterflies. They said that it was the energy of the princess, so they thought that the princess was near.

Also Galaxia sensed something too.

Usagi was sitting by herself in her room, listening to some three lights songs. She was thinking about what she had learned about Seiya's planet.

Minako called Usagi and told her about a game event where they can play all of the games they wanted. Minako and the other girls wanted to cheer up Usagi. But Usagi didn't feel so good, so she refused.

The girls and Luna were saying that Usagi was feeling depressed recently because the three lights wouldn't try to understand Usagi. Ami said that she even sent e-mail to Taiki's home page, but she still didn't get any response. Minako accused Ami of sending a love letter, and Ami got all red.

The girls went to Ami's house to check mail, but there wasn't any reply from Taiki. Then Minako noticed that Taiki was going to be a guest at the game event. So the girls decided to go.

At the game event, Minako, Rei, and Mako cosplayed as game characters. Taiki and Reiko (an idol) were on stage, but the girls couldn't get close to talk to Taiki. Minako, Rei, and Mako told Ami to dress up, but Ami refused.

There was an announcement. A game tournament was going to begin, and the winner was going to get the prize from Taiki directly. Since this would give the girls a chance to talk to him, they decided to enter the contest.

Ami had never played a fighting game before, but she studied the moves by watching others play. Minako, Rei, and Mako entered the contest, but they lost very easily. So Ami was determined to win.

Eventually Ami reached the finals, and she appeared on the stage (where the championship match was going to take place) in a cosplay outfit! Ami introduced herself as "Mizuno Ami, first year high school student. Today I want to talk to Taiki."

Ami's opponent was a college student, Ohbayashi Yukihide, who said that he had never lost to a high school girl before. But Ami won the match.

Taiki handed the prize to Ami, and Ami said that he wanted to talk to him.

[CM Break]

Ami and Taiki talked in private in a back room.

Taiki: What do you want to talk about?
Ami: Usagi.
Taiki: Then there's really nothing to talk about. Leave.
Ami: I won't go until you listen to me.
Taiki: Do as you please.
Ami: Taiki, please understand Usagi. She's not a bad omen. She's a very kind girl who makes everyone happy.
Taiki: Even if she is that to you, she's not to us. You can see that Seiya got injured because of her.
Ami: Is that do. I don't think that's your true feelings. I want you to look more closely at Usagi. You should know how Usagi's warmth flows onto everyone. I understand why Seiya protected Usagi at that time. What would you do if someone important to you was in danger?

Then there was a scream. In another part of the game center, Lead Crow had attacked Reiko, and tried to get her star seed. But it wasn't the real one, and Crow turned her into sailor gamer.

Ami transformed into Sailor Mercury, and she fought against sailor gamer. But sailor gamer was too strong, and Sailor Mercury got thrown into a pillar. Taiki was watching, but he just walked away.

Meanwhile Chibi Chibi was with Usagi. There were pink butterflies flying around, and it eased Usagi's heart a little. Usagi noticed that Chibi Chibi was holding the censer. Usagi then asked Chibi Chibi if she wanted to go to the game event.

Meanwhile, Sailor Mercury (with her visor) was fighting sailor gamer. Sailor Jupiter came and tried to help out. Rei and Minako came and fought in their cosplay outfits instead of their normal sailor suits.

Taiki went to Seiya and Yaten. Taiki told them about what was happening, and Seiya got mad at Taiki for leaving Ami alone. Seiya ran off, and then Taiki ran after Seiya.

Sailor gamer was beating up the Sailor Senshi, and she was going to unleash the final blow against Sailor Mercury. But the star gentle uterus attack came and blasted the monster. Then the sailor star lights were going to finish off the monster, but Sailor Mercury told them not to, because the monster was actually a human who got turned into a monster.

Star Fighter: They haven't given up. When Galaxia attacked, we gave up on our own home planet. Was that really the right thing to do?
Star Maker: Did you want to get annihilated with the planet?
Star Fighter: If one gives up, everything is over.

Then Eternal Sailor Moon came. After saying her line, she used the silver moon crystal power kiss to return sailor gamer into Reiko.

After the battle, the girls and the three lights talked.

Taiki: It doesn't mean that we totally trust you.
Ami: But I think someday you will believe in us.
Usagi [to Seiya]: How's your injury?
Seiya: I'm all right now.

When Chibi Chibi and Usagi went home, Taiki felt the fragrance of the princess coming from Chibi Chibi and Usagi.

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