Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 192

Episode Title
Yume Icchokusen! Idol Minako Tanjou!?
[Going for the Dream! The Idol Minako is Born!?]
Air Date
New Characters
Moroboshi Takuya (Hayami Sho)
girl (Uwagawa Emi)
girl (Enomoto Mikiko)
emcee (Kazama Nobuhiko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.01.01
Minako got a letter that said that she was accepted to the second round of an idol audition. She and Artemis became very happy. But then that happiness turned to sadness, as Minako put the letter away.. deciding to give up on the audition.

[title screen]

The five girls and two cats were at Crown. They were saying how the three lights were trying very hard. They were too busy to come to school. But Minako said that school was important too. She said that one should study when one was young. The four other girls were shocked at Minako's words. Then Minako ran off to go study. The girls wondered if something was wrong with Minako. Then Artemis told them about the idol audition that Minako had entered. He said that the winner would have a song written for her by Moroboshi Takuya, a very popular producer. Artemis told everyone that Minako was going to give up and not enter.

The three lights were saying that the princess must be near. Taiki said that he sensed the fragrance of the princess. Seiya wondered if there was some reason why the princess couldn't appear.

Ami, Usagi, and Mako talked to Minako on the roof of their school. They told Minako to go for it.

Minako: But at a time like this..
Usagi: It's because of this that I want you to go. No matter what, you shouldn't forget your dreams. Dreams, love, friendship, hope.. because we have a lot of things that we want to protect, we can fight together.

Mako and Ami said that they would be able to cover for Minako. Then Minako said that she would go for it.

Karasuma was in the office looking at a book. Nyanko (in normal clothes) came and asked if she had found the real star seed. Karasuma said that she would, and left. Nyanko looked at the book that Karasuma had been looking at, and spotted Moroboshi Takuya. Nyanko thought that he might have the star seed.

Minako was at the idol audition. There were a lot of other cute girls too. When Moroboshi came, lots of girls chased after him. Then Yaten came, and spotted Minako.

Yaten pulled Minako and talked to her.

Yaten: What are you doing? Does everyone know about this?
Minako: Yeah, they know.
Yaten: Do you know what kind of situation you're in? Don't you care about your planet?
Minako: We know.
Yaten: Then what are you doing here? I've given up on you. You're no good.
Minako: This is my dream!
Yaten: Is your dream more important than your duty as a senshi?

The audition competition started. Yaten, Moroboshi, and Karasuma were the judges.. but Karasuma hadn't arrived yet. Then Suzu (Nyanko in normal clothes) came, and said that she was taking Karasuma's place.

Meanwhile, Karasuma was tied up in a warehouse.

[CM break]

It was Minako's turn in the audition, and she came out to sing Route Venus. She couldn't sing well at the beginning, but Minako did get better as the song went on. When Minako got off the stage, Artemis yelled at her.

Usagi and Chibi Chibi were in the studio. Usagi told Chibi Chibi to stay close, as it was easy for one to get lost in the studio.

It was the dance contest portion of the idol audition. Minako and another girl bumped into each other, and fell down. Minako got up, and remembered Usagi's words to her. After getting up, Minako danced brilliantly.

Meanwhile Usagi and Chibi Chibi were getting lost in the studio.

The idol audition was at the swimsuit and questions portion. Each contestant wore a swimsuit, and they had to answer questions by the judges. Minako was contestant number 5.

Yaten: Number 5, why did you enter this audition?
Minako: Singing, dancing, acting, and giving a lot of dreams to everyone, that's what I want to do, just like the three lights.

Meanwhile Usagi and Chibi Chibi were lost, and circling around in the same place.

Later, Yaten was with Minako.

Yaten: Why can you try so hard?
Minako: Because I want to answer to everyone's feelings. Usagi told me to give it my best. My dreams are everyone's dreams. Everyone's dreams are my dreams.
Yaten: Maybe we have lost our composure. She's so close but she doesn't appear. I don't know what we are missing.
Minako: You're not missing anything. You're shining brighter than anyone.
Yaten became happy with Minako words.

Nyanko attacked Moroboshi in the dressing room. Usagi and Luna heard the scream, and Usagi rushed off to help.

When Eternal Sailor Moon reached the dressing room, Moroboshi's star seed turned black, as it wasn't the real one. Then Sailor Venus arrived. Then Lead Crow arrived. Crow went to Nyanko and yelled at her for stealing her target. But Nyanko told Crow that her target was wrong, and they both left in the telephone box.

Moroboshi turned into sailor musician and attacked the Sailor Senshi. Yaten was watching and decided to help. Yaten transformed, "Healer star power, make up."

Sailor Star Healer used her star sensitive inferno attack. Then Sailor Venus used her venus love and beauty shock attack. Eternal Sailor Moon finished off with the silver moon crystal power kiss attack.

Later Minako was with Usagi waiting for the audition to end. Chibi Chibi was running around chasing the two cats. Yaten told Minako that he was very strict with the judging, but he also said that Minako was the one who was shining the most brilliantly.

Then when Chibi Chibi ran past Yaten, he sensed the fragrance of the princess.

A few days later, Minako got a letter from the audition, saying that she got accepted for the final round.

Minako: This proves my ability. I can be an idol any time I want. But right now, it's important to be with the others.

Minako put away the letter and went off happily.

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