Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 193

Episode Title
Ubawareta Ginzuishou! Kakyuu Princess Shutsugen
[The Silver Crystal that was taken! Kakyuu Princess appears]
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.01.01
Usagi was writing a letter to Mamoru. She was telling him that they were going to have the school festival soon, and that Usagi's class was going to open a classroom snack store.

The day before the school festival, Usagi and her classmates were all working very hard to set up the classroom for the festival. Then Minako came in wearing a black and white apron outfit that Mako had made. Everyone said that it was cute, and Minako said that that model was good. Then Usagi wore it too, and it looked cute on her too.

Usagi: But the waist is too big.
Mako: I made it Minako's size.

Minako got upset..

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Karasuma was looking at Siren's things on her desk. There was a picture of Siren and Crow together, that Siren had been keeping.
[very cute picture of Siren.]

Then Karasuma found Siren's secret diary and looked in it.

Meanwhile Galaxia felt the princess (pink butterflies).

Galaxia: I feel her. No matter how many star seeds I get, I can't take over the galaxy if she exists.

Then Galaxia called for Nyanko, and asked if she had the star seeds. Nyanko said that she had some leads, but then Crow came and said that she had found the owner of the star seeds. Nyanko was upset at Crow's confidence.

Seiya was practicing the drums very wildly. He was feeling upset because the princess hadn't appeared yet. Then he went out for a walk. When Seiya was gone, Yaten and Taiki both said that they had sensed the fragrance of the princess near Chibi Chibi.

Seiya was taking a walk and went to Usagi's house. Usagi was in her room and saw a pink butterfly fly to the window. She went after it and went out on the balcony. Then Usagi saw Seiya. Usagi asked Seiya to come to the school festival the next day, because they would have Mako's delicious cake. Seiya said that he would.

When Seiya was walking away, she sensed the fragrance of the princess, and it flowed toward Usagi's room.

It was the day of the school festival. Rei and Chibi Chibi were customers at Usagi's class store, and they were eating cake. It was very crowded, as many people had come to Usagi's class to see the three lights.

The girls were saying that the three lights wouldn't come, but then Usagi said that they would. Usagi told the others that Seiya had promised her, and the other girls got jealous of Usagi.

Then Seiya came. He asked for the cake, but Mako said that they were out now, and rushed to make some more.

Meanwhile, Chibi Chibi was outside. She spotted a butterfly, and ran after it. Chibi Chibi chased it, and eventually sat down by a tree. She opened her bag and took out her censer. Then two dark shadows came over her. It was Taiki and Yaten who were after the censer.

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Mako and Rei were walking with the hot cakes for Seiya. When they looked down out the window, they saw Yaten and Taiki. Then they saw that Yaten and Taiki were going after Chibi Chibi. Mako rushed to Chibi Chibi, and Rei went to get the others.

Chibi Chibi was running away from Yaten when she tripped. She flew threw the air, but she landed in Mako's arms. Mako got mad at Taiki and Yaten. She started to fight Yaten, but Yaten was too quick for her. Then Seiya and the other girls came to the scene.

After a short discussion, Yaten, Taiki, and Seiya left.

Then Karasuma came. She said that she got the information from Siren's notebook. She knew that Usagi was Sailor Moon, and that she had the star seed.

"Jupiter crystal power.." "Mercury crystal power.." "Mars crystal power.." "Venus crystal power.." "Moon eternal.." Then all together, the girls transformed, "Make up!"

Yaten and Taiki told Seiya that they felt the fragrance of the princess around Chibi Chibi. Seiya then realized that he felt it the previous night too. Yaten said that Chibi Chibi had the censer too. Seiya said that they should talk, but Yaten said that he couldn't wait. Then the pink butterfly flew by them. Seiya felt something, and ran off.

Meanwhile, Lead Crow was whipping the Sailor Senshi. She was much too strong for the senshi.

Then the sailor star lights appeared. But Crow said that she knew that they were the three lights.

Then Crow pulled out a capsule from her bracelets. The capsule contained a small black hole, and she asked Sailor Moon for the star seed. The other senshi (all beaten up) told Sailor Moon not to give it, but Sailor Moon didn't want anyone else to get hurt.

Sailor Moon: Don't come near.

Sailor Moon let Crow blast her for star seed. A brilliant star seed came out of Sailor Moon, and she turned back into Usagi.

Then a blast hit Lead Crow, and she dropped the capsule onto the ground. The capsule broke, and the black hole was released. Tin Nyanko came out from behind the tree. The black hole engulfed Lead Crow.

Sailor Star Fighter used her star serious laser, but it didn't do anything against the black hole.

As Nyanko was going to take the star seed, Chibi Chibi came in between her and Usagi. But the black hole swallowed both Usagi and Chibi Chibi, along with the star seed. Nyanko gave up and was about to leave, but an explosion came out from the black hole.. destroying the black hole.

Chibi Chibi was holding the censer, and there was a powerful light shooting out from it. Usagi was floating in the air. Then the princess appeared (floating in the air), and was holding Usagi in her arms.

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